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Konstantin Konstantinovs

By December 9, 2009March 26th, 2014Powerlifting, Strength Training

Konstantin Konstantinovs is a 31 year old, 6’4″, 275 lb powerlifter from Latvia. He is one of the top three deadlifters in the world, having deadlifted 947 lbs. First is Andy Bolton, a 39 year old, 6’0″, 380 lb powerlifter from England, who is the only man who has deadlifted over 1,000 lbs (1,009 lbs to be exact). Second is Benedikt Magnussen, a 25 year old, 6’0″, 391 lb powerlifter from Iceland, who actually completed a Hummer deadlift of 1,100 lbs in a strongman competition, but strongman rules allow lifting straps and the Hummer’s tires shorten the lift’s range of motion. Benedikt has done 970 lbs officially and 994 lbs in training, but he now concentrates on strongman, not powerlifting.

What makes Konstantinovs so amazing is that he is right up there with the other top deadlifters despite weighing over 100 lbs less than the two individuals ahead of him. Konstantinovs also has the raw deadlift record, as Bolton and Magnusson were equipped when they set their records. On a side note, it is interesting that the top 3 deadlifters of all time all pull conventionally as opposed to sumo.

I am a huge fan of Konstantinovs; he is in my opinion the best deadlifter in the world, he likes to lift raw, he deadlifts heavy twice every 9-12 days, his appearance portrays functional strength and freakishly dense muscularity, and he has very well-rounded strength levels.

Deadlift 939 lbs Raw


Deep Squat 727 lbs Raw


Close Grip Bench Press 551 lbs Raw


Bodyweight Kipping Pull Up 55 Reps


Deadlift 837 lbs Four Reps Raw


Elevated Deadlift 771 lbs Three Reps Raw


Rack Pull 954 lbs Three Reps


Check out his voice at the end of this last video; he even sounds like a badass!



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