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June Strength & Conditioning Research Questions


  • michael says:

    Can you do a emg testing on double crunch, bicycle crunch,lying windshield wiper, hanging windshield wiper, swiss ball fall out,suspension trainer fall, side crunch

  • Jill says:

    Hi bret,
    First I apologize if this is not the appropriate place to post this, I couldnt figure out how else to contact you!
    Second, Im a big follower of Bret Contreras! THANK YOU HEAPS for all your time in research and for sharing it so freely with the rest of us!
    I have a question on your STRONG CURVES book. On page 60, under “How Often and When To Sculpt Those Curves”
    It says
    DAY ONE: workout A
    DAY TWO: Workout B
    DAY THREE: Active Rest
    DAY FOUR: workout A
    DAY FIVE: Workout C
    DAY SIX: Active Rest
    DAY SEVEN: Rest

    But in the section for Gluteal Goddess for advanced lifters is says to :
    Workout A (perform on day one of workout week)
    Workout B (perform on dat 3 of workout week)
    Workout C (perform of day five of workout week)

    Im confused as to which program to follow. I thought you were not supposed to work glutes on back to back days, which is just what is says to do on page 60.

    Let me know asap. Ive been on this programs now for 3 weeks, doing it 3 days per week like i understood it to say in Gluteal goddess 12 week program. I like to be at the gym 4 times per week, so I feel like im underworking myself. Your book says ill see gains with this program. Im doing a lot less upper body this way and Im afraid i wont sculpt arms shoulders and back like i want with the gluteal goddesss program. Also theres virtually zero exercised to build calves. i have very skinny calves and need some shape badly. theres so much differing opinions on how to work calves idk which is best for me yet. So I just add in my own workout for calves at the end of each workout, i hope that okay.

    I want BIG ROUND GLUTES, small tummy, medium to thick tight thighs, but not so thick that is takes away from my bum bum. Im a 37 yr old mother of 4, been training for 1 year on my own and got your book about 2 months ago.

    Hope to hear back soon! My main question is on the confusion i have for the 12 week schedule and the schedule given on page 60. Thank you! I sure appreciate all the info your have available on the web about glute building!


    • Bret says:

      Jill, I think the best approach (which I’ve realized since writing Strong Curves) is to do the three proposed workouts and just add in a fourth workout consisting of: 3 sets of hip thrusts in the 8-12 rep range, 2 sets of any single leg exercises such as deficit reverse lunges in the 8-12 rep range, and 2 sets of any lateral band exercise in the 20-30 rep range. With regards to upper body, most of the girls see gains in upper body strength and mass because they’re setting PRs and training full body three times per week. With regards to calves and other body parts, remember that you get 10 minutes of “free-time” at the end of each workout to add in some isolation work if you’d like. Perfect time to add in some calf raises per your goals. Best of luck! BC

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