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July Strength & Conditioning Research Questions


  • George says:

    “Which hamstrings – lateral or medial – are better at protecting the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and stabilizing the knee, and do they change depending on the degree of knee flexion?”

    I would sincerely hope the lateral is more vital to knee stability and protecting the AC considering they generally harvest the semitendinosus and or gracilis tendons when doing a hamstring graft ACLR. That is what they did with mine and I have noticed some definite weakness in any knee dominant hamstring exercise on the reconstructed side.

  • Chris says:

    Hey Bret, love the research that you and your partner do and I have purchased a few of these. I am not a coach or personal trainer, just someone looking for researched based knowledge. One suggestion I had is I think you would have an additional market if you created a subset of your monthly reviews and targeted specific types of people. You could take all your reviews and once a year create a product for these people. One for Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Sprinters (this may be quarterly since so many studies seem to focus on this), Football players, etc. There would be overlap within the products but for myself I always check what is in the issue and for some there are only 1 or 2 studies that are particularly interesting to me and I do not purchase for that reason. If there was a Powerlifting issue and/or a Bodybuilding issue I would definetly pick that up in order to see studies specific to my area of interest.
    Just a thought, again really appreciate all the free content you put out there. You have helped me in my journey to get strong

  • Joel Denis says:

    Hi Bret,
    My name is Joel.
    I am a massage therapist and I work with Dr. Tanguay who is a Chiropractor in Montreal Canada.
    We are looking at putting an re-hab exercise manual together for our clients and I am just wondering where you got
    your nice definition picture of the glutes.
    This is exactly the type of pictures we are looking for.

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