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Good Reads for the Week

By August 27, 2010December 22nd, 2015Good Reads for the Week

I’ll say this until I’m blue in the face. If you have a blog then get on Facebook and Twitter! If you believe in your work then you have nothing to hide! If you believe that your work will benefit people then you’re doing everyone a disservice by not utilizing free social networking to promote your free articles and expertise. If you’d like for your work to be showcased in my “Good Reads for the Week” blogposts, then make sure you’re my friend on Facebook. I scroll through FB every day and click on fitness-related links. If they’re good, I link them up. Furthermore, make sure you have a regular Facebook profile. I don’t click on fan-pages; I just don’t have the time. I look at regular newsfeeds and get my links that way. I think there are around 115 links for this week.

This article shows that fish oil improves metabolic syndrome

In this blog Vern Gambetta discusses experience vs. experiences.

In this blog Tim Eagerton talks about using a super treadmill in Frappier Acceleration training and shows a cool video.

Here’s a great read called “What’s wrong with the fitness industry.” I don’t know who wrote it…the guy goes by “relentless pt” and is obviously part of the RKC crowd and from Australia. I get annoyed when I can’t find who the damn author of a blog is, but this guy seems to know his stuff. The title should really be, “what’s wrong with the way people workout.”

In this blogpost Ben Bruno goes over inverted row progressions.

This article requires a membership to, but if you’re a member it’s a great read by Kevin Neeld on the importance of leadership in coaching.

Here’s a great Elitefts article by Joe Kenn on “time.”

In this blog Alli McKee relays some good advice given by Martin Rooney.

Here’s a Mark Reifkind video that discusses the importance of the lats.

In this article Charlie Weingroff discusses whether dynamic neck training is necessary.

In this blog Charlie Weingroff tells us what he learned in 2010.

Here’s part II of Howard Gray’s excellent article on the responsibilities of a good coach.

Here’s a unique article by Ryan Johnson about tackling a tough talk.

In this blog Vern Gambetta talks about the specificity trap.

This website is dedicated to Gray Cook’s new book entitled Movement.

Here’s a good interview with Mike Young.

Here’s a quick and easy set up for a homemade wrist roller courtesy of the Diesel Crew.

In this blog Nick Tumminello provides a video that describes hip thrust technique with yours truly.

In this blog JRod talks about the push up and shows progressions and variations.

In this blog Mike Robertson discusses negativity and life.

In this blog Ben Bruno discusses his experience at the TPI seminar.

In this video Joe “I am not a Robot!” Bonyai shows how to progress to overhead pressing.

In this blog Chris Beardsley reviews Mike Boyle’s Functional Training for Sports book. Mike has since written two more books and has evolved in his methodology but if you want to know Mike’s philosophy it’s important to start here.

In this blog Vern Gambetta talks about the repercussions of dishing out false praise.

In this blog Mike Boyle advises writers to do their research before jumping to conclusions and uses a recent story involving creatine supplementation and rabdomyolysis as an example.

In this blog Vern Gambetta shows a cover of a brochure he used in 1992 (eighteen years ago) and discusses how it still represents his overall philosophy and how it’s stood the test of time.

Here’s a video of Jay Cutler, current Mr. Olympia holder, training quads eight weeks out from the Mr. Olympia competition.

In this video Joe “I move like a Gazelle” Bonyai shows some t-spine mobility drills.

Here’s Chuck Vogelpohl performing a 1,175 lb squat.

In this blog Eric Cressey discusses barefoot training and barefoot running.

In this blog Charlie Weingroff discusses post-shoulder rehab.

In this blog Robbie Bourke discusses low back rounding in deep squatting and offers some theories as to why it so frequently occurs.

Martin Rooney scores a slam dunk on this Elitefts article that talks about acceleration and deceleration. Must read!

Here is an awesome Mike Reinhold blog that talks about the 5 habits of top rehab professionals. These same habits apply to strength coaches. Another must read.

Here’s a good Men’s Health article on running.

Here’s a clip of James Toney preparing for his Randy Couture fight this weekend.

In this TMuscle article Dave Tate talks bulking and cutting. Freakin’ hilarious; especially the ending. How can you not love Dave Tate?

Here’s a good Keith Scott article on keeping long-term vision in mind.

In this blog Carson Boddicker talks about back to back workouts (two days in a row).

Here’s a Mark Young blog where he provides four cool links. First, he links three additional articles that deliver death blows to the “Systemic Hypertrophy from Compound Exercise Induced Hormone Surges” myth. Here’s the first one, here’s the second one, and here’s the third one. Finally, he links an article describing the steps to getting brainwashed.

The guy who’s blog Mark Young linked is named Anthony Colpo, and he’s smart as shit! I recommend reading his blog. In addition to the brainwashing article, here’s an article that you should read; it exposes the HCG diet scam.

Here’s a good Bruce Kelly article on (a membership site) that talks about reasons why you should lift free weights.

Here’s a great blog on the Major League Strength website that talks about acceleration vs. maximal speed. Lots of great articles this week on this topic (my Matt Brughelli interview, Martin Rooney’s article, and this article).

This is a great John Izzo blog about excuses, handicaps, and motivation. He links this Rocky motivational video which is freakin’ awesome. John consistently comes out with unique stuff. Great job John!

In this blog Mike Boyle reviews a book called “Rework.”

In this blog Mike T. Nelson discusses the “Contreras Hip Thrust” and questions whether it’s an activation or a strength exercise.

Here’s part II of a three part series where Franz Snideman discusses the Turkish Get Up. Great video!

In this blog Ben Bruno offers his thoughts on nutrition.

Here’s an interesting article that shows that head trauma and concussions may contribute to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) – like symptoms.

Here’s a hilarious Tony Gentilcore blog that talks about “everything Pallof press.”

Here’s another hilarious Tony Gentilcore blog that includes two videos. First, a video on stretching by Professor Doug Richards. I actually posted this same video on Facebook in November of last year I believe, then on a blog a while back, and then on But of course Tony the Tiger just swoops in, steals my thunder, and gets all the glory. That self-righteous bastard! 🙂 The video is 45 minutes long but is well worth the time. If you can find the Random blog that I posted the video on from months ago I took listed notes that I took while watching the video. The second video is freakin’ hilarious, which I will post directly below.

In this blog Josh Henkin talks a little bit about his L.I.F.T. certification program and innovative training.

Here’s an oldie-but-goodie by Eric Cressey on destabilization torque, kinetic chains, and functional training.

Here are 15 facts that you didn’t know about your Willy, courtesy of Men’s Health. I get a kick out of these Men’s Health articles! Who doesn’t want to know more about their Johnson?

In this blog Tony Gentilcore talks about symptoms vs. cause, and provides another hilarious Youtube video. I don’t know where he finds these.

Here’s yet another hilarious Tony Gentilcore blog that involves random stuff. Tony is one of the most popular fitness bloggers in the world because he knows his shit and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Everyone in the fitness industry seems afraid to talk about their personal life, afraid to poke fun of themselves, and afraid to stray from the norm. Tony took some good advice from TMuscle editor TC Luoma many years ago and it has definitely paid off.

Here’s Joe Bonyai’s corresponding blog that incorporates the two videos shown above on progressing to overhead training.

Here’s a blog by JRod on nutritional tips.

Here’s a good blog by Dr. Anthony Close on Lombard’s paradox (hamstrings causing knee extension). Here’s a link to Lombard’s paradox in case you don’t know what it is.

In this Jason Ferruggia blog, he gives us 44 muscle building tips. I freakin’ love reading Jason Ferruggia’s stuff. You can tell when a writer trains hard himself by the type of specific advice they offer. Jason’s the real-deal!

Here are 5 forgotten veggies courtesy of Core Performance.

Here’s a blog by Performance EDU on barefoot training.

Here’s a recent study on auto-regulation; the wave of the future in strength training.

Here are two articles on Vitamin D; which definitely wins the “Vitamin of the Year Award” for 2010. Click here and then click here.

In this blog Vern Gambetta discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here’s a Men’s Health link to stretching basics.

In this blog David Lasnier discusses core training and provides some great videos.

Here’s a random glute video, sent to me courtesy of one of my Facebook followers. I believe it’s for a Reef girl contest. I guess if you have nice glutes then this is how you move.

Here are ten random weird Physics facts from relativity to quantum theory for all you geeks like Jonathon Fass.

I didn’t realize that ACSM has a bunch of podcasts on random topics. Here’s a link:

In this blog Chad Waterbury talks about a faster way to burn fat. While it’s a great read and definitely worth reading for the content, I also recommend clicking on the link just to see the picture. Aye caramba!

In this blog Vern Gambetta talks about rising above people telling you that “you can’t do that.”

In this blog Smitty talks about odd object training.

In this excellent blog Mike Robertson talks about unstable surface training. Mike’s been going all out on his blogs lately. This is a good read.

Click on this link and scroll to #566. It’s an interview with Ian King on Superhuman Radio and he talks about functional training and some problems he sees in the fitness industry.

Here’s a good TMuscle article that talks about power clean form.

Here’s part III of Howard Gray’s 3-part series on the responsibility of an elite coach.

In this blog Carson Boddicker discusses synergy in training.

Here’s a blog by P.J. Striet about compound lifts and set/rep schemes.

Here’s an Elitefts article on triple extension.

Here is a Chris Shugart article on the media’s vilification of creatine.

In this article Kevin Carr talks about recovery.

In this article Kelly Baggett talks about busting vertical and speed plateaus.

In this article Dewey Nielsen talks about the TRX stir the pot exericse.

In this blog Ben Bruno shows 5 unique push up variations.

Here’s a great Eric Cressey blog that shows a video on the absolute strength : absolute speed continuum. Here’s the video below:

In this blog Tony Gentilcore gives an astrophysicist advice regarding gaining squat/bench/deadlift strength while only being able to train 3 days a week for 30 minutes each session.

Here’s a good Elitefts article on spondylolisthesis.

Here’s a “Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work” blog by Tony Gentilcore.

Here is a great read by Ben Bruno. Ben just started up a blog and I really like this guy. He has a great attitude. This one’s on being open-minded in fitness.

Here’s a JRod circuit called “The Bodyweight 100.” I like that JRod films videos and goes the extra mile in this blog.

Here’s a “Don’t Miss These Great Reads” blog by Chris Beardsley.

In this David Lasnier blog he discusses 3 things he learned from Brian St. Pierre.

For those of you who are members on, here’s a great Mike Boyle article on overreaction/underreaction and aerobic vs. interval training.

Here’s a video on StackTV on resisted starts.

Here’s a blog by Carson Boddicker on local muscular endurance training.

In this Keats Snideman blog, he posts an ISSN statement regarding the latest media frenzy on creatine supplementation.

In this blog Mark Young breaks down another study conducted on the FMS. This is part III of a V part series I believe.

Here’s a blog by Dave Sandel that talks about training goals, auto-regulatory training, and intermittant fasting.


  • PolyisTCOandbanned says:

    It’s my critical/analytical nature..but what about some form of organization of the list?

  • Mark Young says:

    Thanks for the mentions Bret! Love all the nicknames for Joe. LMAO. I’m sure he appreciates it.

  • Kevin Carr says:

    Bret I really appreciate the re-posts of my writing the past couple of weeks. Thanks a lot! Also, the good reads of the week posts are awesome and keep me entertained for days. You the man!

  • jaime says:

    Bret Thanks for all the shout outs on my blog. Your doing a great job. Your making the search for reading good articles easier on my side.

  • PolyisTCOandbanned says:

    More critical side coming out…seems like quantity is winning out over quality.

    “What’s wrong with the fitness industry” was typical bro-complaining from the message boards. Even if I agreed with him, and I don’t completely, his writing was trite. Nothing new on the topic, but a general lament.

    I didn’t see what was so funny about the guy falling into the dumbells, either. I mean even if you like the clip itself, having it explained?

    • Poly, the way I see it, I could offer 10 of the best articles of the week or 70-120 good reads. Some people really like the variety and appreciate the ones that others don’t. There’s usually something for everyone in these. Just skip over the ones you don’t think you’ll like.

  • Lee Remick says:


    I think it takes me longer just to read the links on your “Good Reads” posts than it does for me to read actual posts on other peoples’ websites, hah, hah.

  • Cian Lanigan says:

    Wow, thanks for the list yet again! I love that your including so many articles, especially the ones you might not personally agree with. Having said that, I would love to see a weekly top 10 to start of the blog post.

  • PolyisTCOandbanned says:

    World record iron cross:

  • relentlesspt says:

    Bret – thanks for the link. My name is Andrew Read and while the rep for DD/ RKC in Australia I’ve spent about 18 years prior to that in fitness, mostly in sports performance. I worked with Olympic level athletes for years – volleyball, judo, taekwondo and have also trained two world champ BJJ people. Obviously, like many I also train more than a few “normal” people as well as lecture all around the country plus write for three magazines.

    RelentlessPT is my thoughts that are often quite separate from the DD blog I keep for Australia. If you feel there’s anything we can do together please drop me a line at

    Thanks again for the link.

  • Zach says:

    wow mike robertson and eric cressey both did a really great job of taking an abstract, somewhat complicated topic such as unstable surface training and the strength-speed continuum and breaking it down into really simple terms that us not-so-intelligent folks can understand. those articles were great

    i think the article of the week goes to anthony colpo though. that guy really is a genius, his book about cholesterol was a must-read. i think learning how not to become a brainwashed sucker is definitely a valuable skill that all of us could benefit from

  • Some great stuff in there, even that Nelson clown doing hip thrusts, hehehe. Thanks for the link–really appreciate it.

    I know it is popular to cue and get athletes to really “feel” certain muscles, but I think this is not optimal.

    When you are really in the zone and playing well, do you feel more or less?

    When you are in pain, do you feel more or less?


    The goal is to perform the task and feel LESS. More bar speed, more weight, more performance LESS feeling.

    rock on
    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

    • Mike, I’d normally agree with what you have to say, but when people don’t use enough glutes the synergists work too hard and are therefore at a higher predisposition for injury. Once the glutes are in proper balance, then I’d agree with you. We’re probably on the same page as far as that’s concerned. The goal is to get people in proper balance so they just focus on the movement, not on any muscles.

  • Thanks for the love for my interview with Mike Young! It was a long time ago, before my usage of social media. These weekly posts are always useful for me!

  • You late a little with this.

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