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Good Reads for the Week

By September 25, 2010December 23rd, 2015Good Reads for the Week

Tons of great stuff this week! The “Internet Whore of the Week” award obviously goes to Eric Cressey – unless you’ve been in hiding in a cave then you know he released his new eBook called “Show and Go.” Somehow Eric conducted dozens of interviews and kicked ass in every one of them. Eric is the real-deal. Smitty from the Diesel Crew created a cool exercise index based off of his numerous Youtube videos. Surprisingly I picked an article off Dr. Mercola’s site as the “Article of the Week.” Here are 126 links for your reading/viewing/listening pleasure.

1. Free eBook consisting of Youtube links to exercises by Smitty from the Diesel Crew (this is really cool)

2. Article of the Week: 12 Myths by Dr. Mercola

3. T-Nation article by Bret Contreras: 10 Manliest Exercises (People really seemed to like this article!)

4. New StrengthCoach Podcast with Eric Cressey

5. Dorian Yates puts Ron Harris through a leg routine

6. Josh Bryant does deficit deadlifts

7. Here’s a potentially cool new website: All about the deadlift!

8. Random stuff by Harold Gibbons

9. It’s great to see women training hard. In this video, Kellie Davis does: 135 lb 5 rep front squat, 90 lb 20 rep walking lunges, 155 lb 20 rep deadlift, 245 lb 5 hip thrust, 60 lb 10 rep back extension, 26 rep ab wheel roll out (I told Kellie to get her arms outside of her legs when she deadlifts and she’ll be even stronger and reduce the load on her low back)

10. Cool article on how to be awesome

11. Building quads by Charles Poliquin

12. New Fitcast episode with Eric Cressey

13. Some ideas behind the joint-by-joint approach by Charlie Weingroff

14. Fourteen fitness fallacies by Eric Moss

15. Hilarious (as usual) random post by Tony G.

16. Since when did hard work become a bad thing by Ben Bruno (I really like this one!)

17. Charlie Weingroff on where to start in regards to barefoot training

18. Charlie Weingroff on the FMS

20. Jeff Cubos on injury

21. Mark Young on Facebook etiquette

22. Charles Poliquin on neglecting overhead pressing

23. Rog Law on “clean vs. unclean” eating

24. Vern Gambetta on the father of interval training

25. Mike Reinhold’s Essential Reading List

26. Explosive Push-Pull by P.J. Striet

28. Nick Tumminello on producing, reducing, and transferring force

29. This video is sickening!

32. Ben Bruno’s blog rocks! You definitely need to follow his work. Here’s one on concussions and neck training

33. Dewey Nielsen on timed sets

34. Jason Ferruggia on fat loss

35. Metabolism-Induced Asthma?

36. Charlie Weingroff on compartment syndrome

37. Control Estrogen with DIM

39. Double KB RFESS by Ben Bruno

40. Is it in you by Eric Moss

41. Big booty girl squatting

43. Five Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Stronger by Eric Cressey (this is a great one)

44. Twitter Etiquette by Mark Young

45. Joe DeFranco trains Brian Cushing

46. Nutrition Basics by Chris Beardsley

47. GPS to study soccer players?

48. Cool new evidence for massages

49. Recap on the Prep, Competition, and Photoshoots by Alli McKee

50. Good Cressey interview by Chad Waterbury

51. Ten signs you need anti-estrogen support by Poliquin (this is pretty funny)

52. Cool interview with a CEO that applies to everything (including fitness)

53. Long Term Athlete Development by Jeff Cubos

54. Great post for those looking to get an RKC certification by Diesel Crew

55. Good Cressey guest blog on Jason Ferrugia’s site

56. Better bladder control and less low back pain through better breathing by Leon Chaitow

58. Alternatives to the Olympic lifts by PJ Striet

59. The Power Clean – exercise of the week at Stack Magazine

60. The Rotational Lift – exercise of the week at Core Performance

61. A brave announcement by Rachel Cosgrove

63. Chest crush sled dragging by Diesel Crew

64. This guy belongs in a cage!!! He needs to train with some powerlifters and records will be set

65. Awesome thought-provoking Elitefts article on weighted sled work by Ken Vick

66. Great quick Elitefts read: 9 ways to prevent overtraining by Josh Bryant

67. Recent Mike Boyle StrengthCoach blog

68. Vern Gambetta on being “sprinty”

69. Great Tony Gentilcore blog on blaming deadlifts

70. Brendon Rearick on the joint by joint approach (this blog contains a cool Gray Cook video)

71. When you train hard over the years, you know when I writer comes along and does the same. Ben Bruno is an up and comer who really “gets it” as far as strength is concerned. For any individual training for general strength, Ben’s blog is a huge resource. Every blog he writes I find myself nodding in agreement. Here’s one on “not sweating the small stuff.”

72. Charlie Weingroff interview on Perry Nickelston’s podcast

73. The Physical Exam – A Dying Art? by Craig Liebenson (Craig is a legendary Chiropractor who has a lot of research experience for those of you who don’t know him)

75. Q & A with Jen Sinkler

76. On being a female fitness coach by pint-sized badass Neghar Fanooni

77. Franz Snideman breaking down the KB Swing part I

78. Eric Cressey, Chuck Norris, and Yoda by Mark Young…hilarious!

79. Great video of 20-rep squats (these are brutal!)

80. Roger Law opens up

81. Why exercise won’t make you thin

82. This is an AWESOME story off of Steven Bubel’s site. A must read.

83. Great review of Dan John’s “Never Let Go” book by Nick Horton

84. Clean Eating is a Scam! by JCD

86. Fitness Olympia contestant Tanji Johnson trains like a warrior! I was impressed

88. Mike Boyle on Evolution of a Strength Coach

89. Chris Beardsley interviews Eric Moss

90. Great interview with Speed Coach Paul Graham on Tim Eagerton’s SprintStrong site!

91. Great new Kelly Baggett article on emphasizing weaknesses (I always love Kelly’s articles…been a huge fan for many years)

92. John Romaniello interviews Eric “The Prodigy” Cressey. How many great interviews can one person do in one week?

93. Another awesome Eric Cressey interview by John Izzo (this Cressey guy is inhuman)

94. Six muscles you can’t ignore (Men’s Health)

95. Airplanes with Mark Young

96. How to Get Better at Training by Tony “The Tiger” Gentilcore

97. Always great to see females training hard and heavy at CP

98. Great interview with Jamie Rodriguez on Robbie Bourke’s site

100. Fitness isn’t luck!

101. Is three square meals better than six mini-meals?

102. Random stuff by Mark Young. I really like his second thought. It’s always important to keep stuff like this in mind.

104. Ben Bruno doing weighted vest GHR’s

105. Gray Cook interview on Dr. Perry Nickelston’s podcast (the intro music automatically puts you in a great mood)

107. The strength training makes women big and bulky myth with Tony G.

108. Mike Arone interviews Jimmy Smith

109. Great links by Chris Beardsley

110. Calf growth and orthotics by John Izzo

111. The squat on StackTV

112. The lunge on StackTV

113. Antioxidant review on Core Performance site

115. Jay Cutler interview right before the Olympia!

116. UFC Fighters training at Joe Dowdell’s Peak Performance facility in NY

118. Martin Rooney shows 3 glute ham raise variations

119. New product – The Core Slider

120. Mike Nelson interviews Will Williams

121. Digestion by Peter Rouse

122. Aaron Schwenzfeier on athletes and alcohol

123. Seven Reasons to buy Show and Go

124. Five Reasons to buy Show and Go

125. Vern Gambetta on Dartfish

126. One Question, Many Answers by Mike Scott


  • Eric Moss says:

    wow…I just went here to see some great links…didn’t expect to see me hear not once but 3 times!

    Thanks for the shout out Bret!

  • Shama says:

    Man just to read all that you have put in there & partially digest them, takes ages! cool trick to keep us glued to the glute guy’s blog site. ha ha seriously there is enough stuff out there to make a book & sell it too. nice work brother

  • Awesome blog, bud! Keep at it – I learn something valuable every time I stop by. -CW

  • Daniel says:

    The Josh Henkin article is very good, I like it when people put some thought in their writing, rather than spreading dogma or alarmist ideas.

  • AHA says:

    WTF?! :p

    126 links??? Are you a machine?

  • Lizbeth says:

    Makes extremely good reading! write on.

  • Feeble says:

    Hey Bret,

    I was really surprised that you’d actually linked the 12 Myths article, let alone called it article of the week. Did you not check up on this guy at all? Did you alarm bells not ring with his stance on conventional medicine, cancer and natural cures?

    Hell, mine are ringing hard. Looked at his blog. What do I see? “Twins Die Minutes after Measles Vaccination”. Dear lord, there’s almost an established link between the deaths and vaccines.
    You know what he did not link? This:

    Or this:

    I’m just about ready to kick some Dr. Mercola ass for giving (or trying to give) credibility to stupid shit that leads to death of children. It seems that you haven’t readied your ass kicking leg and that worries me.
    I still respect you and I’d like to keep things that way. Maybe you just didn’t realize the undertones of the article, I don’t know how much thought you gave to it. But still; please clarify just why this guy gets your “article of the week” award.

    • Feeble,

      I initially didn’t like Dr. Mercola but many of my colleagues do like him so I’ve tried to remain on the fence. While I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an expert on all of this stuff, especially the vaccine stuff, I liked the link because it got me to think. I didn’t delve into many of the claims but some of the points about saturated fat, sunlight, etc. were things that I believe to be true. The point that did really bother me was in fact the vaccine point, but I felt that the rest of the article was sound. I am a fan of “natural” methods rather than resorting to pill-popping right off the bat. While I completely recognize the value of medication, I also think that way too many individuals resort to chemical fixes rather than more healthy alternatives. Mercola probably cherry-picks research and sees things through jaundiced eyes, but I try to provide balance in my blog and I felt that this was an opportunity to present alternative views. I completely agree with you about the vaccination issue and after reading the articles you posted, I’d love to hear what Mercola would say regarding that issue. Obviously vaccinations can save many lives in various situations.

      Thank you very much for voicing your concerns and never shy away from “calling me out” as I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know everything.

      • Feeble says:

        Thanks for the response Bret. I figured you didn’t pay that much attention to the bit about vaccination and I also find many of the 12 points agreeable.

        The difference between us is that I don’t forgive this sort of behavior, not now that lives are lost thanks to ignorant people buying into internet quackery. And make no mistake, Dr. Mercola is no stranger to quackery (quackwatch also lists Mercola’s site as untrustworthy).
        With their false promises they’re hardly ones to criticise conventional medicine.

        I understand your plan to offer a balanced view of things and I realize that laying down the law on Mercola/quacks in general could negatively affect your popularity. I don’t ask you to adopt my admittedly harsh stance.
        What I do ask is to steer clear of questionable sites such as Dr. Mercola’s. Ignore them. Do a quick search on sites like Quackwatch and learn to spot hints of quackery. This because quacks just don’t deserve your attention. We can find sources discussing, for example, the benefits of vit D without them having to resort to defamation of conventional medicine and other underhanded tactics.

        Give some thought to it. I know you’re big on reading research and generally going for trustworthy sources so avoiding quacks should come to you quite naturally.

        Oh and to offer some praise too; despite my criticism I really love the good reads of the week -list. I have my set of blogs I follow but damn if I could ever follow as many as you do. The list really comes in handy.

        • Thanks for the advice Feeble. To be honest, I care more about the truth than my popularity. I realized last year that there were two possible roads I could follow; the road that would get me the most popularity, and the path of following the truth. In an ideal world these would be the same paths but I realize that every profession has an element of “sucking up,” and “kissing ass,” and calling people out or exposing mistruths doesn’t always win you popularity points. But I’m a science guy to the bone and am not afraid to go against someone like Dr. Mercola. I’m lenient on people if I believe that in their heart they’re trying to do a good thing, but if I believe they’re scamming, then I have no mercy. If you’d like to do a guest blog in response to Dr. Mercola’s article, and you do a good job of writing it, I’d be happy to post it on my site. I ask that you do a fair job as I believe that some of the claims in the article have merit. In the future I’ll try my best to avoid “quackery.” When I first saw Mercola’s site it reeked of b.s. But months later I saw a thread on where many of my colleagues professed that they are fans of the site. It made me reconsider my first impression. I usually have a good eye for spotting quackery but this article seemed legit in many ways, which is why I’d love to see someone do a rebuttal.

  • PolyisTCOandbanned says:

    Too many links. I can’t even skim them all title-wise. Let alone read them all.

    I see you exploring different models and that is all cool and all. I don’t think anyone has totally figured out the darn Internet yet. And here we are 13 years after Burn Rate was published.

    Some articles that might intrigue you on the subject of original content versus aggregation (and even the ethics of different sorts of aggregation):

    • Poly, I’m not exploring different models; when I have time I post as many links as I read. When I don’t have time I narrow it down to 20 or so. I realize that you like the shorter ones, but many of my readers like the longer ones.

      I would think that you’d like to scan through them and click on links that “popped out” at you or links from your favorite authors…

  • PolyisTCOandbanned says:

    I made the mistake of putting two links in a post and am in moderation queueueueue now….

  • Shama says:

    Bret, Please continue to publish whatever you believe is truth or close to truth or has an element of truth. for your kind info since someone was touting quack watch as the ultimate watchdog & even dared to call good doctors like Mercola a quack, just look at this link & decide for yourself. Stephen Barrett is now delicensed & was sued big time. he has harrased more people than you could ever imagine. On the otherhand, if mercola is wrong, he is wrong. Dr. Ellis also provides plenty of evidence about the suppression of all natural medicine & its practitioners from time immemorial in one of his books. all in all, its nice & refreshing to see your stance not only on just building strong glutes but also to support health & wellness. way to go brother.
    this one is even amusing.

    • Feeble says:

      I praised QW as the ultimate watchdog? No, my advice was to check from sites such as QW to see if there’s a reason to believe that someone is a quack. In Mercola’s case there are good reasons to believe he is one, FDA going after his products being one of them. I assume you agree that you wouldn’t want to associate yourself with someone you recognized as a quack.
      And why don’t we like quacks? Because when people are sick it’s deplorable to take their money in exchange for a placebo effect. That’s why it’s not just about “if Mercloa is wrong then he’s wrong” and no harm done. Same with the anti-vaccination stance.

      I also like the way you say Stephen Barrett is “delicensed” when you actually mean he’s retired. Funny how that works.

      Aside from that don’t you think it’s fairly suspicious when you need to defend alternative medicine by resorting to conspiracy theories? It could be just about, you know, the facts regarding the medicine itself.
      If FDA comes knocking on the door saying that a product promises too much then you either admit to quackery or you show that the product actually works as promised.
      No need for conspiracy theories.

      But again, it’s just my stance and I do not require/expect Bret or anyone else to adopt it. I only expect people to remain vigilant regarding these matters.

    • Jesus, I wasn’t even aware of all this controversy out there. I will always try to post links that are fair, balanced, and focused on healthy living and fitness so people can stay off of medications and out of doctor’s care. However, I think the lesson I learned from this is to not make an article the “article of the week” if it’s in an area where I’m not an expert. I didn’t do any research on the Mercola article and just assumed it was correct. I realize that you may appreciate Mercola’s stance while others may not. It seems that the vaccination issue is the big kicker. Anyway, I should stick to what I know best – strength training! Thank you for taking the time to post here.

  • MRob says:

    Dear Brett

    First off I would just like to say that your blog is fantastic and it is the one that I most look forward to reading. I really like the scientific approach to take to exercise and the entertaining way you provide the information. Thanks for the tremendous dedication and work you put into your posts.

    However, I was like Feeble shocked that you would recommend Dr. Mercola post and more so that you would make it read of the week. This is pseudoscience as its worst and in some areas such as that about vaccines it is down right dangerous.

    Note I am a research scientist with over 30 years of experience in this area. What research has Dr Mercola ever done?

    In the areas that you are particularly interested in you have read peer-reviewed publications and you have sought out and interviewed people who are actively involved in the research such as your interview with Dr Mendigutxia on hamstrings. If you are interested in the areas that Dr. Mercola address I would argue you to also seek out experts who have the credentials to back their statements.

  • Thanks for the shout out Bret. Much appreciated as always!

    What would be cool is to maybe add a segment at the bottom of how all the reading has changed you or your clients training and sort of a “this is what I am doing…” type thing.

    rock on
    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

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