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Good Reads for the Week

By September 18, 2010December 22nd, 2015Good Reads for the Week

This week was pretty crazy; sometimes you submit stuff to people and you have no idea when (or if) they’ll post it on their site. Coincidentally a bunch of stuff of mine came out this week. So the first five in this list are mine; the next twenty three are stuff other people wrote.

1. Fitcast Episode with Bret Contreras (This is a 2-hour episode: I’m on from 1:15 to 1:50…I got a couple of emails from Fitcasters saying that this was the most thought-provoking Fitcast episode they’d ever heard…I credit this to super-genius Jonathan Fass who always makes people sound much smarter than they really are)

2. Directional Load Vectors: A New Paradigm for Describing Movement by Bret Contreras (this is a membership site but I got some really good feedback on this article – if you’re not a member you can sign up for a free 14-day trial for just $1)

3. Weakpoint Fixing: Triceps by Bryan Krahn (includes advice from T-Nation contributors including yours truly)

4. Men’s Health Fitness Tip of the Week (this is a quick 2-minute video of me giving David Jack a tutorial on single leg hip thrust variations

5. One hour Audio With Mike T. Nelson (in this recording we discuss a bunch of general strength-related topics such as periodization, biofeedback, progression, etc.)

6. Form Police by Ben Bruno (I could certainly relate to this one)

7. The Reality of Owning a Business by Dave Tate (a harsh reality but a must read for prospective business owners)

9. Crap Against a Wall by Carson Boddicker (this doesn’t just pertain to endurance programs…it applies to all programs)

10. Get Your Mind Right by Ben Bruno

11. Jeff Cubos on Glute Strengthening

12. Training Footage from Diesel Crew (it’s always great to see people training like badasses!)

13. Interview with Dave Jak by Bryan Grasso on Leadership

14. Good T-Nation article on Olympic lifting pre-requisites

15. Cardiorespiratory stuff by Chris Beardsley

16. Insulin Myths by James Krieger (this son of a bitch is freaky smart! you can click on parts I, II, and III from this link, which is part IV).

17. Plyometric Olympic Lifts by Charles Poliquin


19. Top Training Behaviors by Charles Poliquin

20. DeFranco’s New Gym = Awesome!

21. Arguing for Argument’s Sake by Robbie Bourke (Robbie makes some great points in this one)

22. Train in Groups of Three by Charles Poliquin

23. Mike Young and Colleagues have Started Up a New Track & Field Academy

24. Ben Bruno pistol squats. In the first video he busts out 90 lbs for 15 reps. In the second video he does 209 lbs for 3 reps (he weighs 175 so this means 384 total lbs on one leg!).

25. Children Should Not Have Low Back Pain by Jeff Cubos

26. Counting Calories by PJ Striet

27. Pete Benches 300 by Tony Gentilcore (if I had to train at another facility I would choose Cressey Performance over any other place. The atmosphere there seems really fun. Tony and Eric know how to get people strong and it’s obvious they care very much about their clients)

28. Random Thoughts by Mark Young (this makes it to the “good reads” blogs simply because Mark dug up a picture of me from Halloween 2009, which reminds me that Halloween is coming up soon…time to start thinking up more shirtless costume ideas)

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  • Zach says:

    i think the article of the week goes to James Krieger, those insulin articles were phenomenal and really altered my perspective on how certain foods affect the body

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