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Good Reads for the Week

By July 30, 2010December 22nd, 2015Good Reads for the Week

Here you go fitness friends!!! 50 Good reads, listens, and views for the week.

1. In this audio interview from Dr. Perry Nickelston, Trainer of the Gods Bret Contreras discusses glute training, dynamic transfer, evidence-based learning, coaching the lifts, and making training fun.

2. In this article, Mike Scott compiles advice from a bunch of highly qualified expert advisors (with the exception of some Bret guy) regarding which fitness fads should be forgotten.

3. There’s a video on this link that shows you how to work toward being able to perform a muscle up, taught by the man Juan Carlos Santana himself!

4. This gymnast has some serious skills! Incredible feats of strength.

5. In this blog, Eric Cressey shows us some more functional things to do in place of standard aerobics.

6. In this blog, Mike Robertson discusses the role of the abdominals and training related implications.

7. In this blog, Kevin Neeld discusses grooving new movement patterns. He uses an AWESOME analogy so this is definitely worth reading!

8. In this article Charles Poliquin discusses his “2 percent rule” of progress to make sure your routine is working.

9. In this blog Nick Horton provides a ton of great links to videos that discuss lifting form and protocols.

10. Sitting is slowly killing you (MSNBC article).

11. Sitting is slowly killing you (NY Times article)

12. In this blog Charlie Weingroff discusses the draw in maneuver vs. bracing. This is actually the best article I’ve read on the topic, and here are Charlie’s parting words of advice: “So all in all…Always get fat when you breath, never Draw-In, and Brace if you must.”

13. In this video Joe “Poetry in Motion” shows us how to train for lateral speed despite having a small facility.

14. In these two videos Joe Sansalone shows a TGU with 106 lbs with impeccable form! Most important, he demonstrates that he can do it with both arms and that he has symmetrical strength and coordination!

15. In this video, 49ers strength coach Duane Carlisle discusses his training methodology and shows some workout clips. Uh oh! At 2:30 and 3:21 you’ll see pro NFL players doing crunches and at 7:48 you’ll see a player doing hip thrusts with chains. Chain resistance is a good start for hip thrusts but if you want explosive athletes you have to use a barbell and go heavy! Teach the body to explode!

16. In this blog Jaime Rodriguez shows us five great glute exercises.

17. In this article Mark Young provides more thoughts on intervals.

18. In this blog Patrick Ward discusses “Anatomy Links” and why he feels the creator has much to offer the strength training industry.

19. Here’s a link to the latest Fitcast episode

20. Here’s a link to the latest StrengthCoach podcast

21. In this blog Carson Boddicker cites some great research involving high-heeled shoes and running.

22. In this blog by Mike Young from Elite Track (not to be confused with Mark Young) he dispels some of the myths surrounding lactic acid..

23. This is a good blog from Mike Robertson. He discusses ways to improve your bench press mainly through focusing on your pulling strength.

24. is awesome! Lots of free goodies on this site if you’re a member. Check out this link to see how you can download free PDF’s.

25. In this blog Howard Gray writes about Variation at the Microcycle Level.

26. In this blog Cedric Unholz interviews Robbie Bourke. I felt this was a great interview!

27. In this blog, Jimson Lee offers clarification regarding the fastest 10 meter split ever run.

28. In this article Matt Herold shows three speed exercises that you should be doing.

29. In this article Franz Snideman does an amazing job of telling us all we need to know about the Kettlebell Swing.

30. In this blog on Carson Boddicker’s site Nate Shaw gives us a brief overview of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS).

31. In this blog Nick Tumminello interviews Dr. Jose Antonio (3 minute interview) regarding 5 simple supplement tips for athletes.

32. In this blog, Tony Gentilcore provides a typical hilarious commentary about toning shoes.

33. Holy crap! This guy is intense! I’ve never seen a more vulgar, angry blog. And to tell you the truth I love it. Not sure who this guy is but if you click on the link, consider yourself forewarned. This blog is about deadlifting frequency.

34. In this article Kelly Baggett discusses optimal set and rep schemes.

35. Here’s a blog from Tony Gentilcore on mistakes that trainers make. Best quote: “Bad trainers want to hang out in the gym for a few hours every day, hit on girls, and give each other high fives after each set of leg curls.”

36. In this blog Nia Shanks talks about fractional plates and incremental progression.

37. In this blog Patrick Ward discusses how to avoid losing ideas you learn at conferences and seminars.

38. Here’s another great article on Vitamin D.

39. Here is a great read from Poliquin on chin ups.

40. In this blog Mike Young dispels the myth that stretching reduces soreness.

41. In this blog Jason Ferruggia talks about deloading and gives some very practical tips.

42. This is some seriously impressive female strength!

43. In this interview on Mark Young’s site, Sam Leahey provides us with some insightful answers.

44. In this article Dave Tate shows us more bench press techniques (this is part V of the series).

45. In this video Eric Moss does a spoof on “Shaker Weight” type products. Hilarious!

46. This is an excellent blog by Eric Cressey that shows why there are so many internet badasses!

47. This is an excellent article by Charles Poliquin regarding why people should lift weights. It’s intended audience is women but it applies to everyone.

48. Here’s my friend Nick Tumminello discussing how to do Tight Rotations in a Men’s Health video:

49. In this blog Geoff Neupert discusses movement that matters. Get good at the basics!

50. This USA Today article gives us ten pretty good tips on how to boost our metabolism.


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