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Good Reads for the Week

By November 6, 2010January 2nd, 2016Good Reads for the Week

I didn’t have time to post last week so this is actually “good reads for the fortnight.” Lots of great stuff out lately. Amazing podcasts, great articles, videos, and blogposts. Keep up the great work fitness community!

Bret Contreras Articles

1. The Hypertrophy Specialist – This is an interview I did with Brad Schoenfeld on T-Nation on hypertrophy training.

2. Here’s Part I of a S & C Coaches Roundtable that I did with Jim Kielbaso on his Ultimate Strength& Conditioning site. This was a great roundtable! The best part is that it included expertise from actual strength coaches (not just posers like me). For the entire article, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial on the site and access the entire roundtable by clicking here. There’s a lot of great information on this site for strength coaches. I’ve spoken to Jim on the phone and find him to be extremely intelligent and well-versed. I highly recommend that you check out this site.

3. This is a guest-blog I did for Tony Gentilcore – I might have gone a bit overboard 🙂 I just don’t like when people dis on certain exercises, especially the mighty squat! Here’s part I and here is part II.

4. Here’s a free PDF of a Men’s Health article that I (along with many other great coaches) was featured in. Check out the single leg hip thrust on page 154 and mention of my name on page 155. This is the first time my name has appeared in Men’s Health so I’m pretty excited about it.

New Blogs

Bryan Krahn

Article of the Week

1. Smitty – Hamstring Training. Smitty re-engineers the glute ham developer to give the exercise constant tension on the hammies. If you don’t realize how great of an idea this is then you are a silly jackass! Smitty just made a great exercise much better, which requires innovation. Seriously, I’ve been doing both variations all week long and there is just no comparison. The constant tension glute ham raise rocks! Manufacturers take notes.

Honorable Mentions

1. Frontal Plane Instability by Jeff Cubos – Jeff does a great job of discussing research behind Valgus Collapse, and describes the trends employed over the years. I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic lately and have some of the same thoughts as Jeff.

2. Martin Berkhan Throws Down Some Serious Knowledge in this Myth-Busting Article

3. Goldilocks Variables by Mike Young. This is a Great Read!

4. Nick Tumminello shows the Push-Back Push-Up Exercise

5. Free Video by Mike Robertson on Single Leg Training

6. Awesome Craig Liebenson article – Can Speed be Trained?

Video of the Week

1. Chinese Gymnastics – Simply Amazing!


1. StrengthCoach Podcast With Dr. Mark Cheng

2. Fitcast: – Fitcast is Always Fun and Informative!!! Sometimes I feel like Kevin, Jonathan, and Leigh are my siblings, and that Kevin, Leigh, and I just don’t have the heart to tell Jon that he was adopted and isn’t our real brother.

3. Stop Chasing Pain Podcast with Dewey Nielsen

4. More Fitcast – Great stuff as usual!

5. Awesome Strength Coach Podcast with Ben Shear and Jeff Banaszak!

6. Stop Chasing Pain with Eric Cressey

7. Superhuman Radio with Joe Dowdell

8. Superhuman Radio with Brooks Kubik (author of one of my favorite strength training books of all time – Dinosaur Training)

9. Superhuman Radio with Mike Mahler

10. Yet another Fitcast – this one with Nick Tumminello. This is a Great Listen! Nick, Kev, JFass, and Leigh kick around some serious knowledge on this one

11. Superhuman Radio – Peter Rouse on the Core

12. In the Trenches Fitness with Lee Taft


1. World Massage Conference Nov. 15

2. NSCA Southwest Regional Clinic (Patrick “P-Dub” Ward is presenting on Stress)

3. Pavel Tsatsouline KB Workshop in La Jolla Jan. 11

4. NSCA Coaches Conference in Dallas Jan. 7-8

5. Juan Carlos Santana Webinar Nov. 17 on Metabolic Training

6. Accelerated Strength Seminar Nov. 13 in New Hampshire

More Good Reads/Views

1. The Paleo Diet – Fad, Religion, or Solution by Leigh Peele

2. Weighted Carries by Craig Weller (Wannabebig Article)

3. One of the greatest quotes I’ve ever seen in fitness by Vern Gambetta…took the words right out of my mouth

4. Six concussion myths by Men’s Health

5. Lee Taft on What We’ll Look Like in 40 Years

6. Carl Valle offers training templates through his Valencia Project

7. Types of Muscle Contractions by Rob Orr

8. Awesome Gray Cook video on Chapter 2 of his new book Movement

9. Great Lyle McDonald article on Hypertrophy (Categories of Weight Training part III)

10. Breathe Better by Core Performance

11. Good article on Cholesterol by Jonny Bowden

12. Vern Gambetta on Highlight Play Syndrome

13. Nia Shanks wants some videos of beautiful badasses (women training hard). Send in some clips if you’ve got the juevos!

14. Core Performance Exercise of the Day – Knee Hug to Forward Lunge – Elbow to Instep

15. Chris Beardsley on Anaerobic Respiration (Energy Systems Part II)

16. Mark Young Learns 24 Things in 34 Years (he’s actually serious…in thirty-four years my friend Mark Young has only learned 24 things…he’s kinda dumb!

17. Great Article/Slideshow by Core Performance – 7 Foods to Stop Freaking Out About

18. Nick Winkleman: Train Movements, Not Muscles

19. Chris Beardsley – Book Review – Scrawny to Brawny

20. Hilarious as usual Tony Gentilcore blogpost on Deadlifting

21. Dewey Nielsen Showing the Sandbell Single Leg Squat

22. I stumbled upon this Youtube video with Bas Ruten. Years ago my friend lent me the actual Lethal Street Fighting DVD that Bas made and it was amazing. I freakin’ love Bas!

23. Recent Mike Reinhold Newsletter. Sign up Mike always puts out great stuff!

24. Bodybuilder Cedric McMillan trains his chest

25. Seven Steps to Youth Programming by Brian Grasso on Eric Cressey’s Site

26. Carl Valle on Heavy Sleds

27. Mike Reinold gives us a new stretch for the Pec Minor

28. Cressey Performance gets a new mascot – Tank!

29. Rear-Foot Elevated “Speed Skater” Squats by Ben Bruno

30. Be Strong and Be Real by Aaron Schwenzfeier

31. The Right Way, The Wrong Way, and The Best Way by John Izzo

32. Plank with Arm Lift by Core Performance

33. Top Ten Lyle McDonald Articles by Chris Beardsley

34. Six Muscle Building Exercises

35. Random Thoughts by Leigh Peele

36. TRX Lower Body Challenge!

37. Vern Gambetta on Quick Fixes and Crash Programs

38. Great Links from Chris Beardsley

39. Burpees with Push Up by Core Performance

40. Aaron Schwenzfeier on Pogo-Hops

41. Metabolic Overcompensation by Mike Roussell

42. Great Read by Tracy Fober on the Shoulder

43. Mike Mahler on Why We Make Mistakes

44. JCD on Counting Calories

45. How to Stop Procrastinating by Leigh Peele

46. Don’t Forget to Breathe by Peter Baker

47. Jeff Cubos on Yoga

48. Spilling the “Beans” by Marco Sanchez

49. How Kevin Carr Increased His Vert

50. Rethinking Core Training by Jason Shea

51. Dan John imparting wisdom in a T-Nation article

52. Greatest “Fail” ever….I put fail in quotations because this is a “Win” in my book.

53. Best Abs Workout from Men’s Health (cool little video with Joe Dowdell and Adam Bornstein)

54. Perfect Butt Workout? Sorry Zuzana, I think you’re beautiful, sincere, and you have a sexy accent, but The Glute Guy rates this butt workout a 6. I like that you’re using sandbags but I could create a much better workout with just bodyweight and sandbags. It’s still fun watching you train!

55. Free Functional Movement Screen (FMS) PDF

56. Strong and Balanced Arms by Charles Poliquin

57. Charlie Weingroff gives a Joint-by-Joint Quiz

58. Eric Cressey shows a Bulgarian Split Squat from a Deficit

59. Eric Cressey talks about the Importance of Manual Therapy for the Adductors

60. This is Pretty Damn Impressive – Cressey is the Man When it Comes to Baseball. Check out this Library of Baseball-Exclusive Info.

61. Five Things Mike Reinhold wished he’d Done Earlier in his Career Part I and Part II

62. Charlie Weingroff discusses pain in the Shoulder Mobility Screen

63. Ben Bruno Provides 18 Great Youtube videos for your Viewing Pleasure

64. Charlie Weingroff discusses the FMS to Valgus Collapse

65. Charlie Weingroff discusses Snapping Hip Scenario

66. Arnold Secrets to Success Part I and II

67. This is cool, Leigh Peele renovates her workout room into a dance room. I hear that John Fass is currently doing the same thing to his bedroom.

68. Random stuff with Kevin Carr

69. Eric Moss on Combining Kettlebell Exercises

70. Great read by Bryan Krahn on the Essential Six

71. Brendon Rearick with a Motivational Video – this one’s with Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday. I love this Speech!

72. Common Sense is not too Common by Dewey Nielsen

73. Is it Safe to Heat Food in Plastic?

74. USA Today article shows bootcamps and strength training as top fitness trends

75. Ben Bruno – Weighted Feet Elevated One Arm Inverted Rows

76. Charlie Weingroff – It’s the Victim that Complains (shin splints, etc.)

77. Great Tony Gentilcore article on how to not be a sucky trainer

78. Brad Pilon on Intermittent Fasting on Jason Ferruggia’s Site

79. Mike Robertson on Developing Your Foundation

80. Great Read by Tony Gentilcore on Whether or Not you Should Wear Orthotics

81. Cool Video of Guys Working Out at a Gym in Congo, Africa!

82. Two Great Videos By Joel Jamieson on Explosive Power. Here’s Video One and here is Video Two.

83. Bryan Krahn on Bulking

84. Ben Bruno – Reverse Lunges from a Deficit

85. Bryan Krahn on Sleep (guest blog for Tony Gentilcore)

86. Coach Kevin Carr workout of the week

87. Eric Cressey on Unstable Ankles and High-Tops

88. Exercising in the Heat may improve Performance in cool and hot conditions (Science Daily)

89. Cool Feldenkrais Video – This looks strikingly similar to a lot of stuff the PT’s advocate these days.

90. Five Minute Shoulder Mobility Warm up by Diesel Crew

91. Great Article by Leigh Peele on How to Hire a Personal Trainer

92. Matt Perryman on Whether or Not we Should be “Keeping it Real”

93. Some Strong Ass Glutes!

94. Do “Power Balance Bracelets” Work? Hell No Says Chris Stankovich. Also Check out this Pubmed Abstract. And this Jeff Cubos Blog.

95. Random Thoughts by Justin Levine

96. Bunny Ears

97. Random Thoughts by Ben Bruno

98. Valerie Waters Interviews Joe Dowdell

99. What Limits Performance?

100. Charlie Weingroff reviews the book “Movement”

101. Charlie Weingroff on TMJ

102. Marcin Dolega

103. How to Develop Killer Speed by Dean Somerset

104. Motivational Story from Ben Bruno

105. Random Thoughts from Eric Cressey
106. How to Improve Your Push Up by Mike Robertson

107. The No Excuses Guide to Getting Things Done by Roger Law

108. Christmas Give-Aways from Mark Young

109. Awesome Blog by My Main-Man Keats Snideman on Training the Master’s Sprinter. I Love When Coaches Put Up Videos of Their Clients’ Workouts. Shows They’re the Real-Deal.

110. Great Blog by Jason Ferruggia on Minimalism

111. Ten Things to Work on by Jeremy Frisch – Great Read

112. PDF of ACSM’s Current Comments on Explosive Exercise

113. Seven Single Leg Squat Variations by Ben Bruno on Diesel Crew Site

114. Dewey Nielsen Shows the Sandbell Bodysaw

115. Vern Gambetta Throws Down Some Knowledge

116. Five Ways to Promote Behavior Changes in Your Clients by Kevin Carr

117. Great Wannabebig Article by Mark Young on Unilateral Hip Dominant Exercise (this is Part 2…Part I was on Unilateral Knee Dominant Exercise)

118. Great Tip from Mike Boyle on Converting VHS Tapes

119. Good Shoulder Workout Tips from Adam Bornstein

120. Metabolic Flexibility by Mike T. Nelson

121. A Monstrous Back by John Meadows (TNation)

122. Twenty Things Gary Arndt Has Learned From His Travels on Timothy Ferris’ Site (this is a good read!)

123. PJ Striet gives a “Kitchen Sink” Template

124. Great Short Blog by Aaron Schwenzfeier on “Coaching Assumptions”

125. Dr. John Berardi Interview: Food and Mood

126. Carl Valle Provides a Good Tip on How to Make Camera Stabilizers

127. Chris Beardsley on Skeletal Adaptations to Training (this is a great series by Chris)

128. Martin Rooney Travels the World to Show Us Cool Training Tips – This One’s on Explosive Kettlebell Slams

129. Carl Valle on Corrective Interventions

130. Peter Baker discusses Biofeedback Training

131. Mladen Jovanovic on Sport Form

132. Hilarious Video – Massage Therapist for Models

133. Hamstrings, Suboccipitals, and Running Speed by Carson Boddicker

134. Great Vern Gambetta blog on Growing and Learning

135. Amazing Article by Jim Wendler on 5/3/1

136. Tim Eagerton posts a Video on the Front Squat

137. Dean Somerset Interviews Tony Gentilcore

138. Tom Venuto on the See-Food, Reach-Food Diet

139. JRod Heavy TRX Row

140. Awesome Video of Kevin Neeld on the Skating Treadmill

141. Men’s Health – Is Your Office Chair Killing You?

142. Badass Exercise – The One Arm Floor Press with Martin Rooney (from Denmark)

143. Educainment from Mike Scott

144. Top Ten Diesel Crew Articles by Chris Beardsley

145. Sweet Spot in Sprinting by Carl Valle

146. Fundamental Disconnect by Vern Gambetta

147. Random Thoughts by Kevin Neeld

148. Guy Hornsby – the Sport-Scientist Relationship

149. Sean Skahan on the TRX Lateral Line

150. Great blog by Kevin Larrabee on Bodyweight Exercises that will Humble You

151. Workout Stuff from Ben Bruno

152. Survival of the Sexiest by Eric Moss

153. Is Adrenal Fatigue Fake?

154. Mediterranean Diet Great for Cholesterol

155. Stuff to Read by Tony Gentilcore

156. Awesome Eric Cressey Blog About Finding Your Niche

157. Charlie Weingroff Addresses Sports Hernia Rehab

158. Chinese Lifters at the 2008 Arnold!

159. The 25-Rep Rule by Sean Hyson

160. Mark Young on the Psoas

161. Medball Rotational Throws by Stack Magazine

162. Consequences of Adult Inactivity by John Izzo

163. Great Links from Chris Beardsley

164. A Day with Tom Myers by Mike Reinhold

165. Trail Leg Development by Carl Valle

166. Can We Starve Cancer? Great Vid on Robbie Bourke’s Site

167. Stretch Out with Mark Reifkind

168. Anatomy Trains Introduction

169. Rock Solid Abs by Men’s Health

170. Athlete-Centered Training by Vern Gambetta

171. Six Exercise Machines to Avoid by Men’s Health

172. Master the Overhead Squat by Core Performance

173. Half Truths and Lies by Vern Gambetta

174. Master the Kettlebell Swing by Men’s Health

175. Motor Learning and Practice Part I and II by Mike Scott

176. Educainment by Mike Scott

177. Carl Valle on Medballs

178. Zach Even-Esh Gives an Arnold Video

179. Trainers Who Actually Train People by John Izzo

180. Mike Reinold on Soft-Tissue Adhesions

181. The Hard Work vs. Talent Revelation in Training by Martin Rooney

182. The Power of Influence with Zach Even-Esh

183. Lee Boyce on Quick Fixes for Problem Muscles

184. The Texas Method with Mark Rippetoe

185. Are Some Calories More Fattening than Others?

186. PJ Striet on Tabata and HIIT

187. Tighter Glutes by Bill Hartmann in Men’s Health

188. PJ Striet on the Airdyne

189. Good Read from Mike Scott on Rest

190. Vern Gambetta on the Yin and Yang of Training

191. MSNBC – Marathon Runners – Avoid Hitting a Wall

192. Great Tony Gentilcore Blog on Bulking

193. Ben Bruno – Vids for Your Viewing Pleasure – These are Great!

194. Minimalism Part II by Jason Ferruggia – I always love Jason’s stuff

195. Shoulder-Savers/Alternative Movements by JCD

196. Citadel Track & Field Strength Training

197. TC Luoma – Nutsack-Rated Nutrition (hilarious)

198. Build Muscle & Lose Fat Simultaneously by Kelly Baggett

199. Interview with Patrick Ward on Swimming Science

200. Postural Analysis and Program Design by Dana Cavalea

201. Olympic Lifting Considerations by Trey Potter

202. Chaotic Sled Dragging by Smitty

203. Jim Kielbaso Combine Training (Great Vid!!!)

204. Great Read on (pay site) on Trying Something before Formulating an Opinion

205. Heavy Deadlifting!

206. Random Thoughts by Ben Bruno

207. Are You Too Committed by Tony Gentilcore

208. Random Stuff by Kevin Carr

209. The Momentum of Perspective by Gray Cook

210. Good Q & A on Mike Scott’s Site

211. Joe Dowdell Trains Vitor Shaolin

212. Awesome Motivational Video on Mike T. Nelson’s Site. Definitely Worth Watching!

213. Reasons to Go Deep by Ben Bruno

214. How Amanda Latona Gets her Heavenly Glutes


1. Cool New Study on Exercise-Induced Increases in hGH and Testosterone and Their Impact on Hypertrophy

2. Why it’s Okay to Take Fish Oil with Protein Shake

3. Dr. Ralph Carpinelli Challenges the ACSM Position-Stand on Resistance Training

4. What’s New in Orthopaedic Research? I don’t understand most of this but it looks very intriguing!

5. Anabolic Edge by Dr. Jose Antonio

6. Squat vs. Box Squat

7. Thirty-Thousand Year-Old Evidence of Plant Food Processing

8. Response to Weight Training is Very Genetic. Click Here and Here.

9. Influence of Exercise Order on Maximum Strength and Muscle Volume in Nonlinear Periodized Resistance Training


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