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Good Reads for the Week

By October 21, 2010December 23rd, 2015Good Reads for the Week

These blogposts have become increasingly difficult lately as I’ve been super-busy. I picked up a couple more personal training clients, have gained a bunch of new online clients, my Graduate Biomechanics Course is picking up steam, and I’m still trying to write articles, read an occasional journal article, and lift weights 4-6 times per week. And I’ve been slammed working on something else…which I’ll keep as a surprise for now, but I’ll update you in a few weeks (it’s not a product or anything like that). I’m in desperate need of a vacation! Here are the Good Reads for the Week:

Bret Contreras Articles

1. Cure for Cowardly Calves – T-Nation Article

2. How Weight Training Saved My Life – I didn’t mean to sound so shallow in this article, I was trying to be as honest as possible. I started lifting weights because I hated being picked on and I wanted more chicks to like me. Take women off of the planet and I’d probably quit eating healthy, quit shaving, my outfits would cease to match, I’d start training MMA all day long, and I’d get up to 285 lbs with a huge bulk belly (but a strong squat and bench press).

3. Coach Keats Snideman tries to teach the Glute Guy how to do Swings and Get Ups. I really suck at these but Keats was able to get me much better in just ten minutes of instruction. My friend Keats rocks!

4. Men’s Health November (this month’s) Issue – (no link here it’s in the actual magazine) page 154-155 – I recommended single leg hip thrusts (which I believe are the best bodyweight hip dominant exercise in existence).

Article of the Week

1. Choosing the Path Less Traveled by Bill Starr – One Word: AMEN! Bill is a strength & conditioning legend (he wrote Only The Strongest Shall Survive) and this was a passionate article – definitely worth reading.

Blast From the Past

1. Correcting Posture: Myth or Reality – This was actually written in 2006. I read it around a year ago and was recently asked about it by a colleague. It will make you think.

WTF? Moment of the Week

1. Fat Dudes Last Longer in Bed than Lean Dudes. It Seems that Estradial can be a Good Thing

New Blogs/Websites

1. Coach Kevin Carr (Kevin is a S&C up-and-comer!)

2. Coach Jeremy Frisch (not sure if Jeremy plans on maintaining the site but he’s a smart guy and has a lot of strength training experience)

3. Sean Hyson (Men’s Fitness)

4. Brad Schoenfeld – This blog isn’t new but I just learned of Brad via two of his badass NSCA journal articles – one on hypertrophy which was the absolute best I’d ever read on the topic, and another on the squat, which was the best review I’ve ever read on the topic as well. I checked out his blog and it’s really good if you’re interested in bodybuilding. Brad is a freakishly smart dude, and he’s very rare in that he’s an accomplished competitor, trainer, and researcher!

5. Joe Dowdell (trainer of athletes, celebrities, and the Gods above) – Joe is very smart (and one of the rare trainers who has a superior understanding of Biomechanics) so I expect good things when he starts blogging regularly. There’s a non-flash, I-pad version of the site coming soon.

6. Ergo-Log (I just stumbled upon this site and it’s awesome!)

New Products

1. The Truth About Quickness by Kelly Baggett

Upcoming Events

1. The 3rd Annual Performance Conference at Sacred Heart University on December 11th

2. Starting Strength Seminar on November 12-14 in Cleveland, OH


1. Fitcast – Karabee, Jon “International Man of Mystery” Fass, and Cassfass

2. Nick Tumminello on “Stop Chasing Pain Podcast” on Fascia – This is a Great Listen!

3. StrengthCoach Podcast with Kevlar on Body by Boyle Online Training Program

4. Awesome Interview with Mike Boyle on BlogTalk Radio

5. Glial Cells with Dr. R. Douglas Fields (they make up 85% of the cells in the Nervous System)

Good Reads

1. Awesome two-part guest blog by Kelly Baggett on Eric Cressey’s site on Speed, Quickness, and Explosiveness. Click here for Part One, and click here for Part Two

2. Tony Gentilcore provides you with “Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work.”

3. GREAT read by Nick Tumminello on disc pressure measurements on exercise selection (this is a must read)

4. Mike T. Nelson – 8 Random Things

5. Charlie Weingroff on Structural Supinators

6. Great read by Charlie Weingroff on the feet

7. NSCA article on the role of the core during tennis swings

8. Heavy resistance or high reps for six-pack abs?

9. General, special, and specific core exercises for baseball players

10. Charlie Weingroff on whole-body-vibration causing stingers

11. Tony Gentilcore on trainers who dis heavy things

12. Muscular man boobs scare Planet Fitness Worker

13. Franz Snideman breaking down the swing part III (this is an amazing 3-part series…probably the best I’ve seen on the swing)

14. Random Thoughts by Matt Johnson

15. Random Thoughts by Mike Robertson

16. Charlie Weingroff on vertical tibia specifics

17. Brandon Alleman rants about some things that piss him off

18. Franz Snideman on lessons learned from Pavel Tsatsouline’s seminar (sounds like it was a great seminar!)

19. Holy crap this is a great read by Alwyn Cosgrove – a tale of two people

20. Weighted slideboard bodysaw

21. Great video of Coach Todd Wright and some of the exercises he employs

22. Real life Friday workouts from Jaime Rodriguez

23. Workouts for the week by Ben Bruno

24. Master the overhead squat with Core Performance

25. Seven ab exercises that actually work by Steven Morris

26. The genius dumbbell workout by Men’s Health

27. Five clients that drive you crazy by John Izzo

28. Ricochet push up by Nick Tumminello

29. One minute muscle-builders by Nick Tumminello on Wannabebig

30. My Single Leg Experiment by Ben Bruno on

31. Implementing the FMS in a Team Setting by Bruce Kelly on

32. Five Obstacles for Dominant Speed and Quickness by Kelly Baggett

33. More on insulin by James Krieger – this article series is unbelievable

34. How Do You Recover by Kevin Carr on Elitefts

35. Five Simple tips for Better Squatting by Ben Bruno – this is a great read! I love reading Ben’s stuff…he is a thinking man who formulates his own opinions.

36. Excellent Chad Waterbury article on Bigger Arms

37. A great read by Eric Cressey on parents who say, “Make My Kid Run Faster”

38. This is a great video!!! Celebrities getting strong! Good to see C-Dub (Chad Waterbury) talking shop.

39. Eric Moss on “The Situation” and alcohol-infused vodka

40. Although speckled with “Broscience,” this was one of my favorite articles of the week to read simply because the author injected some good humor. It’s a T-Nation article called “The Best Damn Cardio Article Period.”

41. Another Great T-Nation article by Mike Roussell – Does Your Fat Math Add Up?

42. How do you Measure Success as a Strength Coach by Brijesh Patel

43. Overtraining and Overreaching by Lyle McDonald, Part I

44. Overtraining and Overreaching by Lyle McDonald Part II

45. How is Your Restoration Program Going by Mike Mahler

46. Four Random Exercises by Mike T. Nelson including Pendlay Rows, Kettlebell Presses, Suitcase Deadlifts, and Round-Back Deadlifts

47. Awesome read by P.J. Striet on Exercise and Calorie Burning. This one will Surprise You! It’s a Must-Read

48. Sculpt Rock-Hard Abs in Five Easy Steps by Adam Bornstein

49. Giggling and Powerlifting by Ginger Vieira

50. One Arm Hang Snatch to Split by Core Performance

51. Great Links by Chris Beardsley

52. Business Books for the Fitness Professional by Carson Boddicker

53. Rachel Cosgrove on Butt Shaping – 1-Leg SLDL and Valslide Lunge

54. Rotary Medball Throw by Core Performance

55. The Training Log by Vern Gambetta

56. Great Interview with Jeremy Frisch by Patrick Ward on Iso-Extremes and Eccentric Quasi-Isometrics

57. Top Ten Kelly Baggett Articles by Chris Beardsley

58. Post-Workout Nutrition by John Berardi on Craig Ballantyne’s Site

59. Important Read: Back Surgery Can Backfire on Patients With Pain

60. Lee Taft Interview

61. John Izzo on Women and Weights

62. Cool video testimonial by Nick Chertock on Eric Cressey’s Show and Go Program

63. Slideboard Atomic Push Ups by Ben Bruno

64. Robbie Bourke on Supersets, Tri-sets, Quad-sets, Straight Sets, and Energy Systems

65. Tony Gentilcore on James Fell’s Scathing Article on Jillian Michaels. Click here to read James’ article.

66. Free PDF of the Anatomy Trains / Myofascial Meridians Overview

67. Birthday Thoughts by JRod

68. Ben Bruno’s Classification of Slideboard Lunges

69. Aaron Schwenzfeier on What He’s Been Up to Lately – Good Thoughts from a Real Coach

70. Zercher Squats with Zach Even-Esh

71. Dr. Perry Nickelston talks about the Joint by Joint Approach

72. Another awesome Cosgrove read – Reversal of Fortune

73. Eric Moss interviews Geoff Neupert

74. Jeff Cubos on Jump-Roping

75. Great Read – A Calorie is not a Calorie

76. Tony Gentilcore on the Biggest Mistakes You’re Making

77. Ben Bruno’s Random Thoughts

78. Do Marathons Hurt Your Knees?

79. Charlie Weingroff on Lateral Bounding as a Screen

80. Blueberries May Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

81. Videos of the Week by Ben Bruno

82. Probiotics May Ward Off the Common Cold

83. Lessons from Drew Brees by Adam Bornstein

84. Vern Gambetta on Winning and Losing

85. Skinny is out, Strong is in by HPC labs

86. Good Read by Charlie Weingroff – Toes Up or Down?

87. The FMS Website has been spruced-up

88. Educainment by Mike Scott

89. The Perfect Exercise by Alwyn Cosgrove

90. Cool Cadaver Pic on Dr. Perry Nickelson’s Facebook Page

91. The Best Way to Gain Muscle is to Lose Fat on Jason Ferruggia’s Site

92. Body Positions Affecting the Spine by Carson Boddicker

93. Monster Garage Gym Footage!

94. Insulin – the Final Chapter by James Krieger

95. 5 Keys to Adopting a New Training Program by Core Performance

96. Craig Pfisterer With Some Heavy Hip Thrusts!

97. John Romaniello Interviews Brad Pilon, the Bearded Guru of Fasting

98. More Ben Bruno vids of the Week. This video is hilarious!

99. Zach Even-Esh 10 Bodyweight Exercises to Make You a Beast

100. Lack of Sleep Can Make You Fat

101. John Izzo on When People Don’t Know What You Do

102. Howard Gray on the Relationship Between the Sports Scientist and the Coach

103. Mladen Jovanovic on the Function of Muscles

104. Holy Crap this is an Inspiring Video. I AM CHAMPION!

105. Six Reasons to Use Sandbags by Josh Henkin

106. Glute Training with Fit Lizzio

107. Randomness by Jeff Cubos

108. Why You Should Ditch Diet Soda

109. Preparing for Max Attempts by Smitty

110. Changing Nutrition Habits by John Berardi

111. 5 Things You Need to Hear by Leigh Peele

112. Usage of Subjective Indicators of Monitoring and Programming of Training by Mladen Jovanovic

113. Herschel Walker Breaks Fitness Rules!

114. Kevin Larrabee on What it Takes to Be Successful in the Fitness Industry

115. Charles Poliquin on the Woman’s Barbell

116. Aaron Schwenzfeier on Kendrick Farriss’ Clean & Jerk

117. Knee Extension by Mike Robertson

118. Kelly Baggett on Quickness and Becoming a Better Athlete

119. Double Kettlebell Slideboard Reverse Lunges by Ben Bruno

120. Single Leg Rotational Lift by Core Performance

121. Mike Mahler’s Strength Fitness Tips

122. Dan John – The More You Lift, The Worse You Look (T-Nation Article)

123. Motor Learning and Practice by Mike Scott

124. PJ Striet – Single Leg Band Hip Extension

125. This Year from Gear to Raw – Elitefts

126. Jay Cutler Photoshoot – Back & Bi’s

127. Low Back Pain – Quadratus Lumborum

128. What to Eat and When to Eat it by John Romaniello

129. Review of Crossfit/USAW Open by Nick Horton

130. NY Times on Rolfing

131. Improve Your Posture With Duct Tape?

132. Monday Moment of Zen with Nick Horton

133. The Five Stages of a Healthy Diet by Core Performance

134. Best Jobs in America – Physical Therapists #4 Best Job? Interesting.

135. Collecting Numbers by Vern Gambetta

136. Randy Pausch – The Last Lecture Reprised by Zach Even-Esh

137. The Rotator Cuff by John Pallof – Excellent Read!

138. The Six Greatest Ab Exercises by Men’s Health

139. Should You Drink Milk for Body Recomposition?

140. Leangains vs. The 40 Year Crisis

141. Let this be Your Guide by Vern Gambetta

142. Six Easy Ways to Switch it Up by Core Performance

143. Ten Things People do Wrong in the Gym

144. Jay Cutler talks Shop

145. WTF is Overtraining Syndrome by Nick Grantham

146. The Genius Dumbbell Workout by Men’s Health

147. Ian King Rant

148. Great Article on Diesel Crew Website by Chris Kelly on “Powering Up Your Plank”

149. Friday Fun from the Platform by Tracy Fober

150. Clean Eating is Dead! Nail in the Coffin by JCD Fitness

151. Seven Steps to Programming for Athletes
152. When Getting Better Isn’t: The Endless Improvement Trap by Shawn Phillips

153. Another Ian King Rant

154. Eleven Myths of Warrior Training by Martin Rooney

155. Are You Really a Hargainer? Elitefts Article

156. Sticking Point Tips by Marc Bartley (Elitefts Article)

157. Strongman Implements (Elitefts Article)


  • Jackson says:

    Hey Bret: I look forward to your good reads for the week! Great stuff!

    I just wanted to tell again how much you have influence me, my glutes and with my
    training. I just wanted to thank you for all I have learn from you.
    As a result of your inspiration, I just wrote and got my first article
    published in T-Nation today. It’s on my transition from being a
    bodybuilder to a conditioning athlete. In fact, readiing your article on how to get published in T-Nation, REALLY MOTIVATED me! Thank so much!

    I am very grateful for all your words.

    Thanks again,

  • Bobby says:


    I just wanted to let you know that your blog is phenomenal! You cover a lot of fascinating topics and are a very good writer! I look forward to reading more and I will be recommending this site to everyone I come in contact with who is interested in Health & Fitness.

    All the best,

  • SLS says:

    I can (and potentially will) rip that Krieger article series to shreds. If it seems unbelievable….that’s because it is. His references to the literature for support are at best confirmation bias, and at worst, a complete misunderstanding of the points of those articles. Also, the one clear point that many like him miss is the evolutionary picture of hominin diet ecology, and carbohydrate availability in the wild, especially pre-agriculturally.

    • SLS,

      While I have a decent understanding of Exercise Physiology – it’s not my strongpoint, so I’m too ignorant to know what’s right and wrong with detailed articles like these. I would love to hear your side of things. I clicked on your blog and you’re a smart son of a gun!


      • SLS says:

        Well golly, thanks! I am very much obliged to provide a counter article and welcome the chance to share what I know. I was definitely inspired by your example.

    • Yes, SLS, I would very much like to see you “rip my article to shreds.” If my references are an example of confirmation bias, please show how.

      And please read and discuss the ENTIRE series, because Bret just linked to the summary here.

      Also, the one clear point that many like him miss is the evolutionary picture of hominin diet ecology, and carbohydrate availability in the wild, especially pre-agriculturally.

      I really don’t see how the evolutionary picture of hominid diet ecology is relevant to the “carbohydrates drive insulin which drive fat storage” mantra that has been repeated by Taubes and others of his ilk.

      The evolutionary picture is irrelevant…it’s the experimental trials that really matter.

      • SLS says:

        Nothing in biology is relevant except in light of evolution- Dobzhansky

        I am composing my response to your entire series and will certainly welcome discussion. Experimental trials are in and play a valuable part in supporting or refuting hypotheses. But they are ultimately only as valid as their methodologies, the objectivity of the researchers, and the interpretations of those who read them.

        If you do not understand or do not acknowledge that human physiology is the product of millions of years of natural selection, then you very much handicap yourself in ignoring this detail, as it underpins every single biological process in your body.

    • *******************
      But they are ultimately only as valid as their methodologies, the objectivity of the researchers, and the interpretations of those who read them.

      And one can make the same argument when trying to view something “in the light of evolution.” In fact, trying to view something in the light of evolution can be a much more subjective approach. For example, I have seen too many people try to argue for particular dietary approaches based on evolution and what was consumed by our ancestors (i.e., “paleo” diets and the like). But this is purely a speculative, rather than evidence-based, approach. In fact, it assumes that evolution will lead to an “optimal” diet pattern for health and longevity. But that is a faulty assumption; evolutionary adaptations do not need to be optimal, and can even be detrimental. In terms of diet, all that is necessary is that the diet is sufficient to allow a species the ability to survive long enough to reproduce. Optimal health or longevity are not needed.

      If you do not understand or do not acknowledge that human physiology is the product of millions of years of natural selection, then you very much handicap yourself in ignoring this detail,

      And here you create a strawman. Of course I acknowledge that physiology is the product of natural selection, but that is still irrelevant to the “carbohydrates drive insulin which drives fat storage” mantra which is the primary viewpoint I have argued against in this series.

      • James – Don’t take it personal. If you aren’t criticized then you aren’t doing anything right. I’m afraid that I’m probably not versed enough in physiology or even biology to understand whatever debate ensues but I’ll try my best. I believe that you wrote an excellent series and was proud to link them on my blogs. However I always welcome debate as it can only lead to better understanding. SLS seems pretty intelligent so it should be good stuff. I of course would welcome your response to SLS’s article submission. You never know…you might learn something. I’ve definitley learned from my critics. -Bret

      • SLS says:

        It’s been a long time coming for sure (got hung up on applications), but I’ve posted up a response to part 1 and 2 with number 3 likely tonight. Four and 5 will also be up within the next week. I also created a post to directly address the argument against the evolutionary perspective to diet. Perhaps you no longer care, but I enjoy the brain exercise and am curious to hear your counters. Thank you.

  • Eric Moss says:

    I always enjoy these posts…especially when I see myself up there. I guess it’s kind of like a band hearing their songs on the radio 🙂

  • Jack says:

    Bret – If you get a chance to read my article, also check out the thread. I didn’t realize I caused such a uproar!

    Thanks again. You are a true inspiration to me!


  • Nick Horton says:

    Thanks for the link (shout out?) to my posts, Bret. I appreciate it!

    Your list is always massive enough to keep me reading for a while! But, I fully understand about finding it hard to keep up with. I’m in a similar boat. I spend 30 hours a week IN my business coaching, about 15 ON my business marketing, 15 to 20 hours on my still ongoing Masters degree (classes + exam study + thesis), and still have to workout myself and hang out with my fiance!

    I love blogging and writing, but as you know, writing a meaningful and well thought out post doesn’t “just happen”.

    I, for one, am glad that you put in the time!

  • Chris says:

    Sweet, I made the list. Thanks Bret!

  • Keith and Rene says:

    The Ian King rant is a great call.

  • Keith and Rene says:

    Just a question for you. Do you know of or could you do a post aimed at the power training power women. My wife like’s to drag tyre’s, do farmers walks, flip tyre’s and that sort of thing, as well as powerlift, however we have found it very hard to find websites, podcasts, videos and general info aimed at women. We are not looking for out and out women bodybuilding sites or the “dieted, Don’t I look hot sites” or that sort of thing. We want sites/info targeted at and specifically for hard training women. Basically everything a male can find, see, listen to and find inspiration from but for women. Maybe you could add it to your “Random thoughts” and “Good reads” thingee. Any help would be appreciated.


    Keith and Rene.

    • Keith and Rene,

      You’re correct; there aren’t many good sites for training women. Nia Shanks has a good blog for women. Tony Gentilcore and I write a ton about training women. Many trainers feel that men and women should be training the exact same way. See my blog titled “Training Women” that I recently wrote for some of my beliefs on training women. Especially read the comments portion. It was a great discussion.

      Sorry to not be much help!


  • Jack says:

    Jeremy Fristch rocks! His 50 tips is one my favorite articles ever in T-nation. Glad you found him, I’ve lost touch w/him after he left Holly/Cross.

    Thanks again!

    • Yes he does rock! I met him in Providence and he taught me a really cool version of the static lunge EQI. I put it on my Youtube in late May or early June I believe. Good stuff!

  • marci says:

    LOVE when you post these. Thanks for (a) reading all these great sites and (b) taking the time to put it all together on the blog…..but why did I choose to click on the link for the cadaver picture!? Suppose I should get used to it since a college anatomy class is in my near future.

  • Anoop says:

    HI Bret,

    Thanks for linking the “Correcting Posture” article. I wanted to write a second part , but then got caught up with other stuff. I had a big discussion going in Mike Boyle’s old website forum about the article at that time.

    Correcting posture is another classic example of how we put too much weight on anecdotal evidence and expert opinion.

    Thanks again.

  • Daniel says:

    Bret, I can relate to your reason for working out. I started out training, because I was a 100 pounds overweight and had many health problems. But the thing that keeps me going is thinking about all the honnies I’ll attract when I get ripped. If it wasn’t for the chicks, I would be doing yoga all day and forget about losing weight. Some people will say that girls aren’t that shallow, but they do care a lot about how a guy looks. So girls should not complain and call us shallow when we admit to workout to look good nekid.

  • kdavis27 says:

    As always, good stuff to occupy my mind. I am waiting for you to cal so we can film some videos like seen in 98.

  • Pascal says:

    Thanks Bret! I like those ”Good Reads for the Week”… The Planet Fitness video made my day..

  • Howard Gray says:

    Thanks as always Bret for the plug – I really have no idea how you keep these coming!
    I am getting a handle on some more things my way and will hopefully start putting some of my case study work up on the blog and on
    I may be heading your way in the Spring too – we will have to get together

  • wow thats a lot of reading for one week , great list Bret 😉

  • i am taking my masters degree on a local school and i love it .

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