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Free 52 Glute Myths and a Program to Come

By June 9, 2011January 8th, 2014Announcements

Hey Readers,

I wanted to alert you all to something I’ve been working on. I receive tons of emails about glute training, and I realize that many people (especially women) want to know more about the glutes and specifically what type of workout they should do if they want to improve the appearance of their backsides.

I teamed up with a former client of mine named Kellie Davis, who is a figure competitor and fellow blogger, to write a detailed glute training program. We created a separate website to handle this product, and you can click here to receive a free 24-full color report that contains 52 Glute Myths. Since Kellie’s the better writer out of us, I’m just going to repost what she wrote on her blog:

Bret Contreras and I teamed up a few weeks back to put together this amazing FREE report that unveils the secrets behind building a better backside. And it’s finally finished!

This 24-page full color report offers an inside look at some of The Glute Guys best kept secrets, previously only revealed to his clients.

Not only are we offering you this free report today, but this is a lead-in for our full glute-specific training program that is due to release next month.

That’s right… The Glute Guy is finally releasing a glute training program to the public, and you get first dibs by instantly accessing our free report.

All you need to do is go to this link and register your name and a valid email address. You will instantly receive our free report, “Great Glutes Revealed.”

You will also receive a timely newsletter relating to all things wonderful in the world of fitness and nutrition.

Along with these great gifts, we promise you our glute-training program at pre-launch pricing as soon as it’s ready.

Who can argue with that?

No one can attest to Bret’s methods better than I can, and I have the backside to prove it.

What are you waiting for? Get those curves you’ve always craved with these inside tips.

Go to:



So head on over to and sign up to receive notification about the program and receive a free report with 52 glute myths. I will leave you with a picture of my former client Lizzy’s booty, someone who worked very hard for this masterpiece!

Take care,



  • James says:

    Hi Bret, I was just wandering if you could clear something up for me regarding the barbell hip thrust & deadlifting, in terms of sprint performance specifically. I include both hip thrusts & deadlifts in my lower-body workout. Hip thrusts work great, but I’m starting to come round to the idea that deadlifting is becoming a non essential, 1. It’s a vertical or axial directional load vector exercise not a horizontal or anteroposterior directional load vector (sprinting) & 2. Hip thrusts already do a great job for hitting the glutes, hamstrings, erectors already with the added advantage of the horizontal directional load vector). I think you have talked before about including both but I can’t see the point of including the deadlift. I can’t see any advantage of it carrying over to sprinting. Can you?. I came to this conclusion today when I felt far greater horizontal propulsion after my sets of hip thrusts, then I performed my deads right after & it felt as though they “put me out of sync”. Any feedback would be appreciated. I’m ready to give up on the deads & put everything into the hip thrusts. Do you agree?.

  • Miriam says:

    I’m very interested in your new program! After 4 pregnancies in 7years, I really need a good program to get my glutes (and abs ….grin) in shape. I’m a complete beginner with weight lifting and to tell the truth, I’m a bit miffed that I’m seeing this announcement now, because I bought your e-book yesterday…and it is way too technical for a newbie like me. This new program looks like a way better fit for me. Oh, well….live and learn.

  • JoeShift says:

    Hey great glute articles. Its awesome to benefit from the knowledge of someone who has done so much research on the matter. Thanks man!

  • Jim says:

    Put in my email but didn’t give the download just send me a confirmation email. Does it come in a separate email? Love the give away thanks bret! Keep up the amazing content.

  • Jim says:

    Sorry Bret didn’t read close enough I’m a idiot!!!

  • Nell says:

    I’m so glad you’re as glute-obsessed as you are!

    Since starting strength training a few months ago, I’ve *felt* on my own that lunges, squats and DLs weren’t half as glute-firey as bridges, but have been contradicted by every trainer and online community I’ve engaged with. So I’ve just been doing endless bridges, with no idea of how to progress. Your blog’s been a revelation!

    I’m one of three women at my gym who lift at all, so am kind of freaked out about trying out the hip thrusts there. How would using dumbells at home work, for a beginner (until I find a different gym)?

  • Nell says:

    And how do you feel about incorporating erging and step mills (not the pedal kind) as cardio?

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