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February Strength & Conditioning Research Questions


  • Daz says:

    Really looking forward to this edition. Looks great as always.

    One thing I’d love to see is what is out there on resistance training effects on horizontal jump ability. We see loads of stuff on our obsession of vertical jump ability (understandably so), but I see limited interesting, quality work on horizontal research. I have limited access to papers nowadays, so maybe I’m just bad at finding it! Would absolutely love to see some horizontal stuff in future editions, as far as waht best improves horizontal jumps performance in the gym. I’ve seen lots on vertical vs horizontal force effects on sprinting, etc. Thanks!

  • Burak says:

    Hi Bret,

    its Burak (the Swiss Guy who visited you with my wife Candice at your “Glute Lab” 1.5 years ago).

    I have subscribed on “strength and conditioning research” and got a confirmation through Paypal.
    But i didn’t receive any further information: where to login or register etc.

    could you help me out?

    Best Regards buddy! Greetings from snowy Switzerland.


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