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April Strength & Conditioning Research Questions

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  • Mark MacGibbon says:

    My name is Mark MacGibbon and I recently discovered your blog and website. I am a physiotherapist and am always trying to justify anything that I do for my clients. Working with a basketball team there is a very apparent culture of foam rolling can fix everything and I believe that your article on the strength and conditioning website gave a very thorough and unbiased view towards its merits and detractions. I was hoping to begin writing a blog as part of a new position I have recently taken and was hoping to be able to reference your site with your permission (namely the foam rolling piece), and possibly link to yours for those who are looking for a more thorough and comprehensive review of the literature. I am not sure exactly how blog referencing works but felt that this point I should at the very least make you aware of it. I also believe that it may be Chris Beardsleys blog for that article but could find no where to email on your site directly.
    I look forward to hearing your response and thank you for reading this.

    Mark MacGibbon

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