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“Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body” Sample and Coaching Consultation Giveaway

strong_curves_cover LAST

We still can’t believe that in two weeks Strong Curves will hit the bookshelves. There’s no way we could have accomplished this monster of a book without the support of our fans, colleagues, friends, and family.

The wait to get this in your hands has made us a bit antsy, so we put together a 46-page downloadable sample of the book to hold you over until it lands in stores. This sample gives you a great idea of what’s inside the cover, with more than 300 pages of serious content.

Just to give you a hint on the rest of the book, Strong Curves is a complete guide for improving a woman’s physique, strength, and lifestyle:

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Sprinting Biomechanics & Research

Hi readers, Chris and I have a new product ready! We’re excited to release this as we think it’s a very valuable product for the Strength & Conditioning and Track & Field communities. The product pertains to sprinting biomechanics and research. Click HERE to buy now. Below is the introduction to the book.

Over the past several years, I’ve become fascinated with sprint biomechanics and the literature pertaining to sprinting (actually, there are a lot of types of “sprinting,” which is why researchers typically refer to sprinting pertaining to gait as “sprint running”). A while back, I managed to drag Chris into my obsession, and he’s now every bit as fascinated with the topic as I am (which is why Chris and I get along so well). So now I have a partner in crime, and Chris and I are now publishing our own research in the form of columns and review articles. Very soon we’ll be conducting our own original research, thereby adding to the body of knowledge. This is a huge honor – to “give back” and contribute to the field we love. Before doing so, it was vital that we possessed a good command of the prior sprint research and had a proper handle on various biomechanical topics inherent to the sprinting world. We want to share this knowledge with you so that can benefit from our intensive research and countless discussions.

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The Science of Kettlebells

Recently, Chris and I decided to pull up all the research we could find on kettlebell training and compile a report. This report is 25 pages long and reviews 16 studies. It’s only $6.95. If you’re interested in ordering a copy right now, click HERE.

Here are some things that you will learn if you purchase this product:

  1. Can kettlebells improve postural coordination and jumping performance?
  2. Can kettlebell swing training improve maximal and explosive strength?
  3. How do weightlifting and kettlebell training compare in improving on vertical jump, strength, and body composition?
  4. Does kettlebell training transfer to other measures of strength, power and endurance?
  5. Can kettlebell training improve musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health?
  6. Does the kettlebell swing target the medial or lateral hamstrings more?
  7. What is the muscle activity of the leg, back and torso muscles during swings and snatches?
  8. How might the kettlebell swing with a hip hinge pattern be used for athletic training?
  9. Does a kettlebell swing produce as much power output as a jump squat?
  10. Are kettlebell workouts more intense than treadmill running?
  11. What is the oxygen cost of kettlebell swings?
  12. What is the evidence for the effectiveness of non-traditional training methods, including kettlebells in improving military fitness?
  13. How do kettlebell swings and treadmill running compare?
  14. How can kettlebells be incorporated into an athletic training program?
  15. How can kettlebells be programed for lower body rehabilitation?
  16. How can kettlebells be used for functional training?
  17. What research involving kettlebells should be conducted in the future?

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How to Get Nice Glutes!

Okay fitness peeps – I have something exciting I want to share with you. A couple of months ago I asked Kellie Davis and Marianne Kane if they’d like to join me in a service to help spread the glute-gospel. Why these two ladies? Kellie and Marianne are my two favorite female glute experts.

I wrote Strong Curves with Kellie, I’ve discussed glute training with both ladies on many occasions, I’ve helped both of them with their own training and witnessed their evolution and growth as fitness professionals, and I’ve watched their videos and read their programs while nodded in agreement with satisfaction. These two ladies “get it.”

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