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Ten Things I Realized in 2009

By December 23, 2009December 26th, 2013Training Philosophy

1. Self-Myofascial Release in the form of foam rolling is a critical component to performing and feeling better.

2. Trainers who ignore learning assessment and corrective strategies are extremely lazy, as deep down they know it’s something that will be of dramatic value to their clients.

3. Assess and Correct is a must have product for trainers and strength coaches. Thanks to Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, and Bill Hartmann for creating such a comprehensive product.

4. Front planks done the right way are actually extremely difficult (RKC planks). Unfortunately 99% of people do them incorrectly.

5. Reading books and watching dvd’s are amazing ways to learn all of the brilliant insight and knowledge that certain experts have gleaned over the years, which is also an incredible shortcut to becoming a expert.

6. The future of Kinesiology/Exercise Science will include a blend of Physical Therapy/Corrective Exercise. The two fields truly go hand in hand, as you can’t optimize power production without first optimizing movement efficiency, and putting fitness onto dysfunction is never wise in the long run.

7. An exercise becomes much more productive when you grip onto something tight and allow for the transfer of strength from the upper body through the core into the lower body. This allowed me to realize why the reverse hyper machine is so amazing.

8. The joint-by-joint approach to training is so simple yet so brilliant, as is the concept of movement patterns. Thanks to Mike Boyle for always staying ahead of the curve.

9. Most people don’t really understand the art of strength training. Thanks to guys like Dan John for always putting out great articles to remind us about the art of lifting weights for strength gains.

10. Seminars are an excellent way to network. Thanks to Perform Better and the NSCA for putting together great seminars.


  • TJ says:


    I should pass along similar thanks to you…….a lot of your writing this year confirmed things I already knew or believed, but an even larger chunk of it got me thinking in ways I hadn’t previously oriented my training thoughts (I am likely one of MANY on this front).

    So thank you for taking a lot of what you learned from others, intelligently mixing in some wrinkles all your own, and for your willingness to share it all with all of us across the internet. It’s a privilege to read your work.

    Have a very merry Christmas and your best year yet in 2010!

  • A'Mar says:

    “1. Self-Myofascial Release in the form of foam rolling and targeted trigger point therapy is a critical component to performing and feeling better. Good tissue quality lays a foundation for good motor patterns. Thanks to Mark Verstegen for bringing foam rolling to the forefront of the fitness industry.”

    I just got a Trigger Point foam roller a few weeks ago and it has become a lifesaver for me. Why didn’t I know about this sooner?

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