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Switching It Up

By July 28, 2010December 27th, 2013Announcements

Hello blog readers! My blog has steadily continued to grow in readership since I first started blogging in November and has reached an all-time high. On a side note, my first blogpost might be the best I ever wrote for trainers in this industry. In case you never read it, check it out.

Moving on, I get a lot of feedback from people on my blog. Many have grown to love the longer format but it appears that the majority find my blogs overwhelming. I am going to start posting more frequent blogs with shorter topics. If I think of several things in one day so be it; I’ll post 3 blogs in one day. I’m going to start offering several types of blogposts:

1. Regular topics including random thoughts, new exercise ideas, concepts, programs, etc.
2. Interviews and guest blogs
3. Reviews of journal studies, conferences, presentations, etc.
4. “Oh Really?” – this will be a new thing I’m going to be doing regularly where I politely and respectfully disagree with the experts
5. “Good Reads for the Week” – this will be a weekly thing where I post links to good articles, blogs, and videos

I hope you like the new style!


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