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Recent Gym PRs

By April 18, 2014Announcements

Just a quick update with my training. I’ve been a PR machine lately. Funny how PRs make the day so much more enjoyable.



Yesterday I pulled 515 x 3, then followed it up with 535 x 3!


Several days ago, I front squatted 300 x 1, then 275 x 3. Then, I hip thrusted 635 x 2 and 585 x 4.


What’s really nice about this is that I’ve lost 8 lbs since my meet and I’m still setting PRs. My benching this week was good but military presses seemed to be affected slightly by the weight drop. At any rate, I think I could have pulled 545 x 3 with the deadlift had I not done the 515 x 3 first, and I think I have a 305 lb front squat in me. Can’t wait to hit 315 one day on those! I also think I have a 650 lb hip thrust in me. I’ll probably give this a whirl next week. My sumo and conventional pulling strength flipflops; right now I’m wondering if I’m better at conventional. A front squat, deadlift, and hip thrust PR in one week? I’ll take it!




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