As most of my readers probably realize by now, I’m really passionate about fitness. I conduct experiments on myself and comb the research journals for answers. I was listening to Alwyn Cosgrove the other day and he said something that really hit home. He said something to the effect of, “If you believe in your product and you’re not telling anyone, you’re doing everyone a disservice. If you found a cure for cancer and kept it to yourself, you’d be an asshole. If you believe in your work and ideas, then you SHOULD promote them and try to spread the word. Keeping it to yourself would be selfish.” I probably bastardized the hell out of his comment but you get the point.

I am very vocal and often go against the grain on certain issues but I always have respect for those in the profession who bust their asses and work hard to help others. We’re all getting people in good shape and making a difference and that’s what’s important. Many people don’t understand why I care so much about what they deem “insignificant.” I care because this is my profession. I care about the minutiae!

Although I love networking and making friends in the industry, at the end of the day I’m a scientist at heart. As you know, all good scientists seek the truth. Furthermore, all good scientists have passion! I’m all about making money and making products, but I will not hesitate to speak out against a colleague if he’s spreading misinformation. Fitness professionals shouldn’t be afraid to create products, but if they’re promoting b.s., then they need to clean up their act and inform their readers of the truth.

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