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My First Blogpost

By November 26, 2009October 1st, 2014Training Philosophy

Welcome to my blog! If you’d like to learn more about me, click on the “About” page. In my first post, I’d like to discuss a phenomenon that I am currently seeing in the fitness industry. Many experts pigeon-hole themselves into one category and do not have the ability to objectively analyze the various components and sub-groups of fitness. I’ve found that many “camps” in fitness behave exactly like different camps in religion and politics, thinking their way is the right way and all the other ways are wrong, despite never learning or trying the other methods. If you are living in a 2-dimensional land, for example, on a sheet of paper, and a 3-dimensional object, say a sphere, passes through your world, how would you describe what happened? You would say that first a dot appeared, then it transitioned into a growing circle, at which point it transitioned into a shrinking circle, before finally returning to a single dot and disappearing.

You simply would not be able to understand what happened because your limited world would not allow you to understand a different world. We need to live in a 3-dimensional fitness world! When you walk a mile in another lifter’s shoes, you realize that there is great value in what the other lifter knows. I have been following bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, strongman, track & field, mixed martial arts, and sport-specific training for many years. Each style has its own unique methods, exercises, techniques, and philosophies. As a lifter, you need to bring up your weak link in order to gain strength.  As a trainer, you are only as strong as your weakest link. Often trainers stay in their comfort zone and become better at their strengths. While it’s fine to work on your strengths, it’s also important to brink up your weaknesses. My weak link is screening/assessment and corrective exercise so I’m working very hard to bring up that aspect of my training arsenal.


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