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Looking for an Assistant

By September 15, 2013August 20th, 2016Announcements

Over the past four years, I’ve been insanely busy. Here’s what I’ve accomplished on my own:

Solo Accomplishments Thus Far:

  • Cranked out 43 TNation articles
  • Filmed 268 YouTube videos
  • Posted 497 blogposts
  • Written 1 glute training eBook (Advanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Training)
  • Invented 1 piece of strength training equipment (The Hip Thruster)
  • Delved into my PhD in Sports Science (AUT University)
  • Built my blog up to be in the top 90,000 Internationally and 20,000 Nationally per Alexa Rankings
  • And much more if you include lifting weights, training clients, speaking at Conferences, conducting interviews, sending out newsletters, responding to emails, forums and social media outlets, and other random things

And here’s what I’ve accomplished with the help of my talented colleagues Chris BeardsleyKellie DavisMarianne KaneJonathan Fass, and Brad Schoenfeld:

Accomplishments Thus Far in Collaboration:

In Need of Help!

Although I have a great team of people that I collaborate with, I’ve reached a point where I’m struggling to keep up with everything. The blog, the researching, the research review service, the Get Glutes forum, and the responding to inquiries take up a tremendous amount of time.

I love training others, podcasting, writing articles for TNation, and publishing peer-reviewed articles, but lately I’ve been doing less and less of this due to time constraints. Moreover, being so busy isn’t good for the “creative juices” or for my own training.

I have DVD’s I’d like to film, seminars I’d like to offer, trade shows I’d like to attend in order to popularize The Hip Thruster, training programs I’d like to write, research experiments I’d like to conduct, and feats of strength I’d like to reach (namely a 600 lb deadlift). In fact, I have a marker board full of ideas including dozens of articles that need to be written, I have EMG and force plate research that I have not yet reported, and oh yeah, there’s this thing called a PhD that I need to complete. I have much expertise that I fail to provide my readership simply because I don’t have enough time in the day to express all of the information I wish I could share.

I'm looking for the best damn assistant in the country!

I’m looking for the best damn assistant in the country!

As you can see, I could use some help. It’s therefore time that I hired an assistant. I don’t just want any assistant though, I want the best damn assistant in the country. Here’s what I’m looking for. Someone with sound:

  • Knowledge of Sports Science & Biomechanics
  • Knowledge of Technology Pertaining to Websites, Podcasting, Cameras & Videos
  • Knowledge of Strength Training (Lifting Weights) and the Strength Training Industry
  • Writing Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Character, Competency, & Work Ethic

The greater the talent that I hire, the greater the benefit to my readers. Let me elaborate.

Knowledge of Sports Science & Biomechanics

While many lifters and coaches out there have good instincts about biomechanics and sports science, the majority haven’t taken the time to learn the actual science. Do you know the difference between force, power, and torque? Do you know the units in which they’re typically reported? Are you aware of the sprinting forces debate?

What about qualifications? Do you have a CSCS? Do you have a degree in exercise science? An advanced degree? I value education, so possessing these qualifications makes you stand-out among the competition.

Knowledge of Technology Pertaining to Websites, Podcasting, Cameras & Videos

I need you to help me on the technology front. I want someone with good photography skills and good cyber skills so that I can delegate many of these responsibilities to you. Be aware that this is a big plus to me!

Knowledge of Strength Training (Lifting Weights) and the Strength Training Industry

You’re going to train with me several times per week and be present when I train clients. I don’t want to have to teach you how to lift. It’d be nice to hire someone who is well-versed in exercise form and understands proper training practices and etiquette.

Moreover, I would like you to help me write blogposts. You better know who Eric Cressey, Dan John, Mike Boyle, Mark Verstegen, and Stu McGill are; I don’t want to have to teach you their beliefs, special language, methods, and contributions to the industry. Moreover, have you followed my work and gotten accustomed to my thoughts? That would certainly be nice if you did!

Writing Skills

It would be very nice to hire someone who can write well. I’m not the greatest writer in the world, but you’d be amazed at the quality of articles that typical strength coaches submit. Most rely heavily on editors to be legible.

Have you published any peer-reviewed journal articles? If so, that’s a big plus. Can you crank out articles rather quickly or does it take you a week to write a simple blogpost? Expediency is a big positive attribute as well.

Social Skills

We’ll be spending lots of time together. It’s much more fun spending time with positive people and good communicators as opposed to negative people who can’t articulate well.

Character, Competency, Work Ethic, & Versatility

Obviously, trust is huge. I’d like to hire a good person who is trustworthy and reliable. Competency is huge as  well. The more competent you are, the better asset you’ll be to me in terms of the quantity and quality you provide. And you better be a good worker too! If you love S&C and Sports Science, then this really isn’t hard work, it’s fun. I don’t want to have to ride you to complete projects; I want you to be self-driven and take pride in your accomplishments. I never know exactly what the future holds either, as different projects and opportunities often present themselves at random times. I want someone who is versatile and adaptable to change. 

Your Assignment

I don’t expect you to have every quality listed above. If you’re a competent and talented person, then you can quickly learn anything. So don’t feel bad if you don’t possess all of the qualifications listed above – I doubt that anyone out there has each of these qualifications. However, the more attributes that you possess, the better your chances of getting hired. .

If you are interested in being my assistant, then please follow these directions:

  1. Film a 3-5 minute video and upload it to YouTube. Email me the link to your video. In the video, please explain why you think you’re best for the job. 
  2. Also in the email, write some bullet-points about your credentials, accomplishments, and attributes. Please keep this to 100 words.
  3. Link to your blog or videos, and attach writing samples if you have any you’d like me to check out. Please limit this to 5 links/attachments.
  4. Title your email, “Potential Assistant”

The deadline is next Friday.

I won’t hire a virtual assistant; I want to work with my assistant face-to-face on a daily basis.

Applicants from the metropolitan Phoenix area will be given special attention because they won’t have to move across the country to work for me. However, I realize that the “best damn assistant” most likely doesn’t live in my 20 mile radius. Therefore, my future assistant will likely need to relocate to Phoenix. This will be much more problematic for people who are married, have children, are heavily tied to family/friends.

Thus, I’m thinking that a recent college grad most aptly fits the bill, but I’m really open to anyone. I’m hoping to make my decision in the next two weeks, and I’d like for the job to start at the end of October (or sooner if I find someone in Phoenix).

Your Reward

Hone Your Craft

If you end up spending a couple of years  working for me, you’re going to learn a ton about sports science, coaching, training, and business acumen. You’ll be my first assistant, and I’ll pour a lot of energy into your development over time.

You won’t need to spend many thousands of dollars for this education as in the case of a college degree; quite the opposite. You’ll actually earn money.

Earn Money

I need you to have a roof over your head, food to eat, a gym to train in, and a vehicle to drive. I will do my best to ensure that you have these things. We can discuss compensation more thoroughly later on in the application process.

Make S&C History

I have many future research projects in which the knowledge gained will positively impact the S&C community. I want this to matter to you. If you love the S&C industry like I do, then you will value this opportunity.

I look forward to your “application,” and may the best candidate win!

Warning: Be Careful What You Wish For!

Warning: Be Careful What You Wish For!


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