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By now most fitness folks have probably heard of Alwyn’s new product: From Counting Reps to Counting Revenue. I’m very thankful that many top level trainers are coming out with products to try to help other trainers achieve success. Alwyn and his wife Rachel own one of the most successful gyms in the world, and it’s no surprise: they’ve worked very hard on not only learning the art and science of training, but also the business side of owning a gym. The Cosgroves have put together a product that can help you make the transition between a passionate trainer to a successful gym owner. While this passion is amazing, it does not ensure success. Any gym owner can tell you that there are things you need to know in order to keep your business thriving. I’m not sure if there is anyone in the world who is in a better position to give advice on this topic than Alwyn Cosgrove. Alwyn had agreed to conduct a short interview to inform my readers about his product. 
1. Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed Alwyn. I know you’re a busy guy so I’ll keep this short. You have a lot of passion for helping trainers learn more about the business side of things. Like you, I feel for these folks because many of them are working so damn hard yet barely putting food on the table. What gives?

AC: The reality Bret is something that Dave Jack pointed out at the last Perform Better event. He asked the audience “Do you practice what you preach?”

We all thought he meant “do you go to the gym, train, eat well etc” but he didn’t. He said

“Going to the gym comes easy to you, it’s well within your comfort zone – do you take yourself OUT of your comfort zone – do you work on what is hard for you – e.g. your finances or relationships. Maybe you’re judging people for being out of shape and asking them to take themselves out of their comfort zone and start exercising and changing their diet but those people have everything else in their life in great shape…..”

WE as an industry tend to ignore what we’re NOT good at and immerse ourselves in what we’re good at.  I spoke to a trainer just last week who quite honestly knows more about the thoracic spine than he does about his finances. I think that’s almost irresponsible in a way.

There’s a difference between working hard and working smart – and working RIGHT. You have to understand business because you’re in business! Otherwise you’re just running a hobby.

There are lots of trainers out there trying to make money by running a hobby….
2.  Most trainers-turned-gym-owners discover the hard way that their training knowledge did not reel in the clients like they imagined. What are some of the more common mistakes that new business owners make when opening up a gym?
Number one by far is an inability to understand the client mindset. Answer these questions:
Do you think a trainer is valuable?
Do you think a good trainer can get you to your goals faster than you could on your own?
Do you think a good trainer is worth the investment?

I bet all trainers answered yes to those questions….

So who’s your

Don’t tell me that
youthink it’s avaluable investment – but not for you! That’s a sign you don’t believe in your own service.

you can see John smith through John Smith’s eyes, you can sell John smith what John Smith buys”

Most trainers have
areal problem with understanding the mindset of the clients. They are trying to sell something based on their own viewpoint and not that of the prospect.

3. Okay Alwyn, last question: Let’s say that I’m a struggling personal trainer who barely pays the bills. Obviously I’m reluctant to spend money on your product when I’m trying to scrounge for rent this month. Tell me something that will alleviate my fear of making this purchase.
First off, anyone who thinks like that has a mindset issue (and we work on that in the first module of the Counting Reps to Counting Revenue course).

You won’t SPEND any money on this course. You’ll invest it. And as Benjamin Franklin says “investing in yourself always pays the best interest”

Let’s do some basic math. Let’s say that you charge $150 a month for personal training or group exercise or whatever. And let’s say that a client stays with you for three months.

That means one new client could be worth $450 to you.

If this course helps you pick up just one client, one time – you’ll make a 50% return on your investment.

But think about this – that knowledge stays with you long after this course is over. What if I helped you pick up one new client per month every month for the next year? That would be $450 per client x 12 months. I just put over $5000 in your pocket….
But what if you pick up two clients per month?
Or are able to raise your fees slightly?

Or are able to retain clients for an extra month?
The bottom line is you are going to invest time and money in a business education whether you like it or not. Either in advance by investing in education and coaching, or later because of mistakes….

For those wanting to learn more about this amazing opportunity, please click HERE. FYI: If I had to do it all over again and open up another facility, I’d snatch up this product in a heartbeat.

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  • Kellie says:

    Great interview. I listened to Rachel’s free webinar the other day and it defined so many things within me that I need to work on, including valueing my time and setting tangible goals that I clearly see staring in my face every day. The Cosgroves are definitely a power couple on greater terms than fitness knowledge. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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