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  • NotMyName says:

    hi Bret,

    I enjoy your website and content, and the fact that you take a scientific approach to physical training. Just a heads up, (and I really don’t mean to be a troll), that the pop-up for the free newsletter feels…annoying. Maybe you can place the ad somewhere on the site?

    It reminds of the story of Larry Page complaining that Gmail’s reload time was too slow by 600 milliseconds, and asking the programmer to cut that time down. Page’s reasoning was that these microdelays and resulting micro-annoyances make it less likely for people to use the site (and supposedly Gmail’s data backed this claim up)

    Well, this pop-up is kind of like that (but actually worse). It’s an artificial barrier between the viewer and the content. Just my opinion, though, look forward to seeing more from you!

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