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Announcement: Editor-in-Chief of NSCA Personal Trainer Quarterly (PTQ)

By January 3, 2014Announcements

Hi Fitness Friends!

I have three announcements for you:

1. PTQ Editor in Chief

The National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) recently decided to start up a new journal for personal trainers. It will be called Personal Trainer Quarterly (PTQ). I am honored that they decided to make me the editor in chief!


2. Potential Peer-Reviewers

The PTJ is currently seeking volunteers for peer-reviewers. If you feel that you’d be a good candidate, please email Matthew Sandstead at In your email, please be sure to include your current professional standing/position, areas of expertise, and any relevant credentials/certifications. NSCA-certified members are preferred, but exceptions might be made. Members of the Peer-Review Editorial Panel will receive 0.5 CEUs per year of involvement. The submission deadline is January 15th, so make sure you send an email before then if you’d like to be considered.

3. New Open Access Sports Science Journal: Journal of Fitness Research

In other sports science news, Mark McKean, the editor-in-chief of a new open-access journal titled Journal of Fitness Research, has invited me to write an article on glutes for his journal. I accepted the invitation. If you register on the website, you’ll obtain free access to the three issues that have been published so far.

In fact, three of my favorite researchers – Justin Keogh, Jason Lake, and Paul Swinton – teamed up to write an article titled, Practical applications of biomechanical principles in resistance training: moments and moment arms in the last issue published last month. I definitely recommend that you check it out if you’re interested in biomechanics.

Moment Arms


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