Products and Services

I currently offer 13 different products and services. I’ll explain each of them in the chronological order in which they were released. Click on the link if you’re interested in purchasing/subscribing or learning more:

Advanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Strengthening

I wrote this eBook in 2009. Though I’m much more knowledgeable now and a much greater scientist, I’m still very proud of this eBook. The terminology and concepts I coined, including load vector training, as well as the glute exercise categorization system is top notch information. Furthermore, the EMG experiments contained within are very comprehensive and insightful. Last, you’ll never run out of exercise ideas as the book includes hundreds of pictures of glute exercise variations. Cost is $29.95.

Glute eBook

Strength & Conditioning Research Review

In 2012, my colleague Chris Beardsley and I started up a research review service. We scour through around 100 journals each month and pick out what we feel are the most relevant 50 articles in the fields of S&C, Biomechanics, Physiology, and Physical Therapy. Our fans really love this service as it keeps them up to date with the literature and current body of knowledge. Cost is $10 per month.


Back Issues

As mentioned previously, Chris and I started the research review service in early 2012. We’ve accumulated many back issues since that time, and each of these are available for purchase. Click on the individual month to see what topics are covered. Cost is $10 per issue.



Some of the initial research-review subscribers requested a manual that would help catch them up to speed and lay down the foundation of knowledge in the various subfields of sports science to enable them to better understand the monthly reviews. Chris and I responded by creating this product. Cost is $19.


Hip Extension Torque

Hip Extension Torque is without a doubt the coolest product available. In fact, I think it’s the most unique product in all of Sports Science. It offers a ton of scientific explanation, charts, and graphs pertaining to biomechanics, glutes, hamstrings, strength, hypertrophy, and power. Chris and I are so proud of this product, and the feedback we’ve received about it is phenomenal. Cost is $49.

Hip Extension Torque

Get Glutes

Many of my fans are interested primarily in programming, not scientific knowledge. I’ve received numerous requests for monthly training programs, so I asked my colleagues Kellie Davis and Marianne Kane to join me in creating monthly strength training and conditioning workout videos along with comprehensive instruction and tutorials. We also film an Ask the Expert video every couple of weeks and provide educational material on various topics. The feedback so far is outstanding. If possessing great glutes is your goal, then look no further. Cost is $19.95 per month.

Get Glutes

The Science of Kettlebells

Chris and I put together a short manual reviewing all of the literature pertaining to kettlebell training and listed what exciting future research should take place so that we have a better idea as to what kettlebell training does and does not do. Cost is $6.95.


Optimal Athlete: Sprinting

Speed is king in sports. Chris and I reviewed over 100 of the most important journal articles pertaining to sprint running, enabling coaches and athletes to make better decisions in their training programs in order to reach new levels of development. Cost is $29.95.


Strong Curves

Strong Curves is my Magnum Opus that contains all of my secrets, wisdom, methods, rationale, and programming pertaining to glute development. In mid 2011 I asked my colleague Kellie Davis to collaborate with me on a project. What started out as a simple eBook transformed into a 300-page published masterpiece. Cost is $19.85.

Strong Curves

Hip Extensor Training

Hip Extensor Training is the companion product to Hip Extension Torque and contains the latest and greatest scientific information pertaining to gluteal and hamstring EMG activity. Chris and I reviewed all of the relevant literature pertaining to the glutes and hammies and included cutting edge EMG experiments of our own. I’m extremely proud of this product. Cost is $49.


Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy

Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy is an illustrated book with over 150 exercise descriptions (and pictures) and a chapter that teaches you how to write your own bodyweight strength training programs. I was sure to include all the basic movements along with unique and advanced movements to keep you challenged. Cost is $16.23. 

Cover Design

Optimal Athlete: Jumping

The vertical jump is sacred in sports. Chris and I reviewed over 100 of the most important journal articles pertaining to jumping, enabling coaches and athletes to make better decisions in their training programs in order to reach new levels of development. Cost is $29.95.

Jumping - large bookThe Hip Thruster

It’s taken me a long time to develop The Hip Thruster, and I’m finally confident that I’ve created the perfect model. The Hip Thruster allows you to perform barbell hip thrusts, band hip thrusts, and barbell plus band hip thrusts so you can maximize your glute-shaping success. Cost is $599 which includes free shipping in the U.S.

Hip Thruster button v1


86 thoughts on “Products and Services

  1. Michelle

    I just read your article about asymmetrical glutes and it was great! I was just wonder what you suggest if the problem is a stronger left glute with weaker left quad (right glute weak, right quad stronger). There is a visible size discrepancy .
    Thanks so kindly!

  2. Phillip

    What do you think about switching from Bill Starr intermediate 5×5 to Broz everyday squatting? I like the idea of hitting the squats often. I’m 6’1, 205 lbs, looking to get to 225lbs.

  3. Kym

    I recently purchased the Kindle version of Strong Curves and I LOVE IT! I can take my iphone into the gym with me, which is much more convenient than a book, and I am seeing results after just a few weeks. However, like others, the thing I am missing with the Kindle version are the workout journals. Was there a PDF version of the book I can my hands on? Thanks for your help!

  4. Haley

    I also purchased the book above and was wanting to know how we can get the workout PDF since I purchased via kindle version. Thanks

  5. Betty

    Can anyone tell me if “Strong Curves” is strictly for the butt or is it also a total body workout as well?

      1. kaiulani

        Is it a guide or does it actually give full workout details and instructions? Picture guides? Do you have videos of these books?

  6. jose

    Hi, I am a 25 year old sprinter, and want to know if I am over training in the gym I am currently doing leg workouts Mondays and Thursdays, I do 3 different leg curls in machines 4 sets of 12 for a warm up, then I do good mornings 4 sets of 15 with few weight, and then I start hard 5×5 squatt with my 80% weight, bulgarian squats 4×8, hip thrusts 4×10, one leg box step up jumps 3×10 each leg, and finish with stand calf raises 5×5 and sited calf raises 3×10, I will appreciate any suggestions about this workout; thank you

  7. Amy

    I would love to have an app for the iphone for the Strong Curves workout journal, so I can track my progress and log everything on the app instead of having to write it down. Having a visual snapshot of each exercise along with it would be an extra bonus!

  8. Ruth

    I’ve just purchased the book Strong Curves. I was very active in the gym in highschool but being in my second year of college I’ve let the physical fitness portion of my life fade. Fortunately I’m blessed with a fast metabolism and my grandfather’s wiry frame so I’m still 123lbs and 5ft 5. My busy lifestyle has always seemed to get in the way of returning to the gym so I’m posting this in the hopes that since everyone can see I’m trying the program it might be the little extra push to stick with it.
    I did have a question on the diet portion and found no other way to contact you for questions. Food is my weakness so I’m going to work really hard on it. I didn’t see anything covering hydration specifically. Should I only be drinking water? and is there a weight to ounces ratio to follow?
    Thanks so much and I just want to let you know I’m very excited about starting the program and seeing the results!

  9. Cathy

    Where can I purchase a table for doing running man hip extensions? Like the one Bret is using in his video to demonstrate the running man hip extensions.


  10. Joe

    Brett, I have your e Book on Advanced Techniques but I guess I should have been doing the exercises in there. I have lower crossed syndrome from sitting on my duff in my job for years. Today as I write this I have sciatica pain down my calf which I know is directly from the piriformis which is locked up like a bank vault from overdoing some treadmill walking on a bigger incline and some local hiking up a steep hill. No stretching is fixing it so I need to take some muscle relaxers that a doctor had given me previously. Its killing me and my hip actually locks up going up stairs. $#&*%$ They will work when I take them but I want to fix this issue and not have to do that. Any ideas on what I should and shouldnt do once this loosens and I get to working out again? If I need another book of yours to get that answer just say the word.

  11. Amanda

    Why Oh Why don’t you offer online training?! That would be awesome!!! Love your articles your a butt genius.. but although I’ve tried many of your methods I can’t get my butt to grow. Could you recommend any online trainers or the like?

  12. Emma

    I love your book and website! I’ve been following your lower body strong curves program for about 4 months now and am definitely seeing improvements in my not-genetically-blessed booty! One problem I’ve been having is that my waist size has been increasing, I don’t do ab exercises as they caused similar problems for me in the past so I think it might be deadlifts. Any alternative hamstring exercises that you recommend? I love how much bigger my hamstrings have become but don’t want a bulky waist.

    1. Lucien

      Not an expert or anything, but you have probably gained some fat weight in the process of bulking. Hence the increase in waist size

  13. jody jonas

    I purchased Strong Curves through my nook & read it in a day! I am eager to start the program however the left side of all the pdf charts and tables are cut off! Is there anyway to email me the complete pdf files?
    Thank you

          1. Vanessa

            Hi Bret! I am totally head over heals in love with Strong Curves. I have a similar story of the comp girls you describe that followed a Guru just to have adrenals shot, low thyroid and a year + of recovery. I am re-learning everything and am so glad I am starting strong from the foundation with your book. I have a long way to go and I am looking forward to every second of it (not to mention getting a great booty) I need those PDF’s as I have the kindle version. If they are available I’d be so thankful if you could send them to me.

            Let me know if there is anything I can do in return! Thanks xoxo

  14. Nicky

    Hi Bret,
    I have been following you for a little while now and your glute training recommendations are awesome. Do you offer online nutrition and training coaching?

  15. Hafsatu Kamara


    I’m currently reading your article about Advanced Glute Training and I’m gaining so much knowledge. Im a D1 collegiate track and field athlete and I’m constantly being told by my athletic trainer and chiropractor that the cause of my hamstring, back and knee injury is due to weak glutes and every time I hear that I go back to the weightroom and squat and powerclean more, working on my axial strength, instead of my anteroposterior strength and causing overloading those muscles and causing stress (FYI im also a Kinesiology Exercise Science Major so I’m hip with your lingo). Using your article I’m planning a workout with my sprint coach that will implement those muscles that are secondary when it comes axial strengthening.

    Thank you.

  16. Heather

    Hi Brett,
    Just wanted to tell you I received my copy of Strong Curves yesterday after having followed your articles online for several moths and devoured the 1st 3 chapters right before bed. I woke up this morning feeling kind of silly when I recalled I had actually DREAMED in my sleep of my new hot booty, LOL! I will take that as a positive sign that your program works wonders…can’t wait to get going with it! Thank you so much, feeling….psyched and motivated!

    1. Bret Post author

      So sorry, I don’t. Too swamped with PhD and blogging to do online personal training. I started up Get Glutes to provide some guidance though. My sincere apologies. – BC

  17. JZ

    Hi Bret,
    I just purchased Strong Curves and really like the book. I start the lower body only program and want to know if doing squat and lunge are necessary for getting a good result. I don’t want to put muscles on my quads. Are there substitutes for squat and lunge?


    1. Bret Post author

      Nope, not necessary. Can replace with step ups, skater squats, goblet squats, Bulgarian split squats, or just omit the category altogether.

  18. Andy

    Hi Bret, whats your theory on front squat and hamstring activation. Do you think it works the hammers more than the back squat and if so, how much more?

    Cheers, keep up the good work

  19. Sherry

    Hi, I just started following you and was wondering if your products can help me, I have competed in figure quite a few times but never can get my butt to come in, I had lipo 10 years ago before I ever got involved in training, I was wondering if that could be a reason I feel like I have a saggy butt? Everyone tells be they live my butt but I don’t, I want it to look like the girls in your pictures. Is there hope for me and what book or books should I start with. I train 5 days a week now and have great upper body but legs and butt need work! I have pictures on muscular development from March 30 this year.

  20. Tonya

    Hi Bret!

    I’m in the same boat as some others who purchased the Kindle version of your book. Do you mind sending me the charts or is there a link where I can print them out? Thanks a bunch, I look forward to starting the program!

    1. Cathy Constandars

      I have the iBooks version of Strong Curves….love it! Anxious to start the program but would love a full size copy of all the charts….they are tiny on my iPhone. :)
      I do love having this reference on my phone with my while I work out but I’ve always been a mental tracker and I think I’m ready to move onto the pen and paper method.
      Your research and dedication is very inspiring!!!!
      Thank you, Bret!!!!


  21. gina

    Any experience with older women whose skin tone has deteriorated considerably? Nothing seems to make much difference in the blubber that has replaced muscle and thinning skin.

  22. David Kurss

    I’m learning at a rapid clip, thanks to your scholarly and creative approach to exercise science. Not sure which book to purchase and recommend on iBook for iPad – Bodyweight strength training anatomy or the enhanced version of the same -? Published later but shorter and ? less content. The details in the purchase window do not make the choice clear. Thanks on behalf of me and all whom I share your name with.
    Be well.
    David I. Kurss, MD, FACOG, NCMP
    Founder, Director – the Women’s Wellness Center of Western New York

    1. Bret Post author

      Hi David! The enhanced version has 5 or 6 video clips embedded into it I believe – not sure what else is different. Go with the reader format that’s most convenient for you. Thanks for the kind words! BC

  23. Sarah

    Hi Bret,

    Love your site! I’ve been doing hip thrusts and i find that unless I do American hip thrusts I only feel it in my quads. Am I doing it wrong or is it lack of flexibility? Also is doing American hip thrust just as good?
    Thank you!

  24. Stacey

    I purchased the eBook version of Strong Curves and I was wondering if there was a way to get all the workout spreadsheets. It would be easier to keep track of where I am in the workout and my progress.

  25. Lesley

    I purchased the ebook version of Strong Curves today. It is so riveting, I finished reading it already. Fantastic! I am very impressed . Very sound instructions and nutritional advice. I have already started with the beginner exercises and I look forward to seeing where it leads. Could you please email me the workout spreadsheets! Thanks!

  26. Tom

    Hi Bret,
    My name is Tom and I have been reading and implementing your material for quite some time now. My wife and I are both med students in Atlanta, and I even have her implementing your routines (we purchased and she completed strong curves). I have one idea for the hip thruster( which I would love to have in my apartment but cant afford due to a med student salary of $0/year). Perhaps you could add a band peg or two on each side of the platform where your feet go. That way one could use the tool as a banded belt squat, and could also even thread the band through a heavy kettlebell and could do band resisted kettlebell deadlifts. This would allow even more versatility…I know I would sure love to have something like that in my apartment, especially when on busy rotations like surgery or internal medicine.
    Feel free to email me back at the email I provided.

  27. Tom

    Glad you like the idea! With the added versatility, I could definitely see myself saving up to purchase it. Of course, I wouldn’t be opposed to a discount to reward the idea :)

    1. Bret Post author

      Well there are a few improvements I’d like to make, but the newer model won’t be around for quite some time (probably mid 2014). Progress is very slow in manufacturing unfortunately!

  28. BB

    Bret, I know you’re busy, but could you possibly explain or address the upper glutes alone in a post..

    I hope I’m not oversimplifying things, but from a purely aesthetics standpoint, I’m curious (or confused) in knowing whether the exercises you prescribe like the hip thrust simply LIFT the bum -to give an overall better shape? Or whether activating and building the upper glute muscles e.g. through non weighted bird dogs, hip thrusts, and fire hydrants give an overall better shape for the upper glutes? I consider myself an intermediate lifter doing mostly squats, deadlifts & upper body exercises (3 years exercising on and off).

  29. Jake Burroughs

    Jake Burroughs here from Seattle. I have followed you online for years now, and you were one of the first links I threw up on my blog several years back. I run The Ground Never Misses (, which is a martial arts site whose readership has been predominantly grappling oriented clientele, though I get folks from all martial backgrounds. The blog offers opinions, reviews, and information surrounding all aspects of the martial arts, and I think both your hip thruster and your functional anatomy book would be HUGE attributes to any martial artist.

    The Ground Never Misses averages 200-300 unique visits a day, with as many as 500-750 with peak topics. The month of May 2013 had 13,400 visitors total for instance. Typically my review posts land in the top 2-5 listings when Googled. For example if you Google/Bing “Xande DVD review” you will notice my review is in the top three every time. What all this means to you the businessperson is three fold; exposure, exposure, exposure.

    Not only do I run the blog but I also train daily (purple belt in BJJ), and teach stand up at the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy. So the potential of me using your hip thruster in the gym or talking about it in class is great. As you know this kind of exposure in return simply for a promotional tester is priceless.

    My readers expect honest, down to earth reviews and that is exactly what I provide them. I would welcome the opportunity to help spread word about both your book and the Hip Thruster via constructive criticism in the form of a review. Like I said the martial arts market is an untapped resource for you, especially grapplers!! Even if you have an aesthetically “unpleasing” floor model as long as it is functional I would love the opportunity to review the Hip Thruster and your latest book.

    Thank you for your time and consideration, Jake Burroughs PO 77592 Seattle, WA. 98177 206-941-3232

  30. Rich Wenner

    I am looking for some info on the best exercises for each body part according to EMG findings. Any suggestions on where to find the info?
    Thanks in advance.

  31. Connie

    Bret –

    I’ve bought the kindle version of Strong Curves – can you send me the workout spreadsheet PDF’s too?


  32. Carie

    I am reading Strong Curves and am in love with the book already! What amount of cardio do you suggest incorporating into these workouts. I would like to lose body fat but dont care about losing weight.


  33. George Thomas

    Lots of great info on the site and newsletters. I was wondering if you might consider discussing the etiology, treatment and rehab for pirformis syndrome. I am involved in several sports, skiing, cycling, trail running, ultimate, lifting, and I coach young athletes. For reasons unknown I have developed a pain in the butt that involves numbness and tingling down the leg, and it typically presents shortly after waking in the morning when I’m walking around the kitchen. For relief, while standing I cross one leg over the other knee and do squat to about 90 degrees or so to stretch. As you are so knowledgable about all things gluteus I thought you might be able to provide a bit more background and if you are aware of any studies on prevention and treatment. Thanks.

  34. Vanessa R

    Hi Bret,

    I bought the Kindle version of Strong Curves and I’m really excited to get started. I really appreciate all of the evidence-based research that went into this book!
    I was wondering if you could email me the workout logs.

    Vanessa R

  35. julie Greenberg

    I would love the spreadsheets too just got the book and am failing at excel!!!

    sorry messed up email

  36. Christine Aerin

    Hey there! I’ve been reading your articles and have been a huge fan for years now, I’m just curious what the proper venue is to ask a quick question that I haven’t found the answer to in your articles yet, I feel like although several people have asked questions here that this isn’t the best place to ask. Thank you!!

  37. Amber Trudo

    Hi Bret! I have Strong Curves in paperback as urged by my trainer, who has incorporated many of your techniques…one question, having trouble finding demonstration of Weeks 9-12 Workout B for best butt at home of the side double abduction…i want to do it correctly and think I know what it is but want to be sure. Thanks!

  38. Lyndsey

    Hi Bret, I live in Australia. I would like to purchase Strong Curves but in a pdf or ebook format (not kindle I don’t have one) so I can put it on my iPhone to use at the gym or read on my Mac. Is this possible? I am very interested in reading the book. Thanks. Lyndsey

  39. Leslie

    Hi Bret, I just bought the Kindle version of Strong Curves this morning and couldn’t put it down all day. Can you send me the workout logs please! I can’t wait to get started.

  40. Ede


    I purchased your book. I think it is really good. However, I do better with videos. Is your get glutes membership videos follow along videos?

  41. Damali Crawford

    I absolutely love your training program Strong Curves! I like the progression and am doing the full body program. I am 3 weeks in and can feel a difference. Do you have the workout logs that I can print out? I purchased the kindle version on Amazon.

  42. Terry Hughes

    Hi Bret
    I’ve just finished a mind bending weekend with Brad Schoenfeld, in the UK.
    Please could you tell me, if you have a set where myself and a couple of coaches could come out and spend some time with you?
    How many days?
    How much?
    Any response would be much appreciated
    PS purchased your Hip thruster in December, “What a Christmas present!!”

    Mamy thanks

  43. Monica Ruiz

    I love your passion and respect your knowledge! I was looking to purchase a tank with your “Glute Guy” logo. I remember in the recent past a post about the tees/tanks. Are these still available? Please say yes! My gym just ordered your hip thruster (yay!) and I would love to spread the word with a tee!

  44. Susan

    I purchased your ‘Strong Curves’ book and am looking forward to transforming this year. I can’t wait to start your program! Can I have a link to the PDF of the worksheets? I’d prefer that to making copies. Thank you so much!


  45. Caron

    Bret, I will be in the Phoenix area from Feb 12-16. I was wondering if it would be possible to get an appointment with you or one of your training staff to go over some glute exercises and correct form for each. Thank you, Caron

  46. Dara

    Hi Bret!

    I have your Strong Curves book and I absolutely love it, but I’m having a worrisome problem. The benches at my gym are not strong enough to support my weight while I’m doing barbell hip thrusts and are designed such that they cannot be pushed flush against the wall. Thus, I can’t do them and as the premier glute-building exercise, I’m really hoping there is a solution to this problem. I would love to be able to do them. Please advise!

    Thanks so much!

  47. Cara


    I just started a workout program, did my first deadlift! I am psyched to learn more and get stronger, and your website was highly recomended to me.
    I am wondering – as a newbie –
    I am really petite. I don’t want to lose any weight at all and don’t gain by eating (my ideal weight will be 5 lbs more than I am)
    I don’t want to burn any fat. I eat really well so that isn’t the issues, it seems to be my body type. I keep reading on the internet that doing deadlift, squat, hip thrust will build muscle and improve women’s shape but many sites that advertise that are geared towards women losing weight – that you will lose fat and get “slimmer” hips. It seems most workouts in general include weight loss and slimming as benefits. Can this be avoided?
    I think I have a decent shape to start from, but I really want to add some weight and be curvier, definitely not slimmer!
    I am feeling unsure if the results that I want are even possible. Will I just end up more lean?


  48. C

    Thank you for the links to the workout logs! I also purchased the Kindle version, actually just ordered the print version as well, for the logs and photos but am excited to be able to print these and get started!

  49. Chris Lendrum

    Hi Bret,
    I recently set up a podcast “the strength physio podcast” and wanted to see if you would be available for a Skype interview about glute training, the hip thruster and your new 2×4 strength program. What it would involve is 30-60 mins of your time for a Skype interview. I know you are a busy guy but thought i would ask anyway.


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