Strong by Bret


Many individuals would love to train with me in person but they don’t live in my vicinity. For this reason, I created Strong by Bret so that people can train using the exact same program I use with my real clients.

Each month, I create a new training program consisting of 3 full body workouts for my clients. I also include optional full body training programs for people who wish to train more frequently, in addition to creative 10-minute glute blasting circuits to perform throughout the week.

Subscribers to Strong by Bret can join my inner circle and receive forum access where they can ask me questions, submit videos of their form for feedback, and be a part of the Strong by Bret community.

Inner Circle Members: $50/month

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Advanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Strengthening

Glute eBook

I wrote this eBook in 2009. Though I’m much more knowledgeable now and a much greater scientist, I’m still very proud of this eBook. The terminology and concepts I coined, including load vector training, as well as the glute exercise categorization system is top notch information. Furthermore, the EMG experiments contained within are very comprehensive and insightful.

You’ll never run out of exercise ideas as the book includes hundreds of pictures of glute exercise variations.


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 2 x 4: Maximum Strength

If you’re looking for a solid maximum strength training resource that contains:

  • a 14-week training guide
  • a nutritional guide
  • a video library
  • and a bunch of cool bonus products

Then look no further.

2 x 4 helped me finally deadlift 600 lbs and reach the 300/400/600 bench/squat/deadlift club, and it helped several of my colleagues reach new levels of strength development as well.

Gold Package : $97
Silver Package : $67

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Strength & Conditioning Research Review


Every month, my colleague Chris Beardsley and I scour through around 100 sports science journals.

We pick out the 50 most important articles in the fields of S&C, biomechanics, functional anatomy, physiology, physical therapy, and sports medicine.

Our fans really love this service as it keeps them up to date with the latest cutting-edge literature and our current body of knowledge.

$10 / month

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Strong Curves

Strong Curves

Strong Curves is my Magnum Opus that contains all of my secrets, wisdom, methods, rationale, and programming pertaining to glute development.

In mid 2011 I asked my colleague Kellie Davis to collaborate with me on a project. What started out as a simple eBook transformed into a 300-page published masterpiece.


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Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy

Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy is an illustrated book with over 150 exercise descriptions (and pictures) and a chapter that teaches you how to write your own bodyweight strength training programs.

I was sure to include all the basic movements along with unique and advanced movements to keep you challenged.


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Thrust is a Must Men’s T-Shirt



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Thrust is a Must Women’s Tank



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The Hip Thruster


It’s taken me a long time to develop The Hip Thruster, and I’m finally confident that I’ve created the perfect model. The Hip Thruster allows you to perform barbell hip thrusts, band hip thrusts, and barbell plus band hip thrusts so you can maximize your glute-shaping success. Cost in the USA is $499 plus shipping. Cost in Europe is £499 plus shipping.

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Glute Lab Seminars


November 4th, 2016, December 3, 2016, January 14, 2017

If you want to hear about cutting edge glute research, learn how to design good glute training programs, be instructed on a huge variety of lifts, and learn how your anatomy/anthropometry impacts your mechanics, then this seminar is for you. Beginners and professionals alike will no doubt benefit from this event.

–Cost is $399 to reserve a seat/attend. Please email: for more information or to secure your seat.