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sprinterWhile training women and athletes at his Scottsdale fitness studio, Bret Contreras “The Glute Guy”, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and personal trainer, developed some unique exercises and methods that target the glutes. Suspecting that his methods were much more effective than what the other experts were doing, Contreras ventured out to scientifically measure how hard the glutes were contracting during various “glute” exercises. He was trained by Noraxon to test the electrical activity of muscles, a process known as electromyography or EMG.

As “The Glute Guy” Contreras’s innovative new glute exercises

provide a pump and burning sensation in the glutes; something that cannot be said of squats, deadlifts, or lunges, so they let you know you’re working the right area.

Another benefit to these exercises is that they are much easier on the knees and lower back than squats, deadlifts, and lunges. Possessing strong glutes can help bullet-proof the body from knee, lower back, hamstring, and groin injuries.

 675 Pages That WILL Change Your Butt!

If you would like to learn about these exercises, and if you are looking for a eBook that is a little more advanced than the typical butt book, then you must read Advanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Strengthening.

“This eBook not only makes you more knowledgeable than the top trainers and coaches in glute training, it makes you extremely knowledgeable about strength, conditioning, and fitness in general. This eBook is truly one of its kind. I learned more from this eBook than from any other fitness book in the industry; and I believe I’ve read them all.” –Rob Knapp, Personal Trainer Powerhouse Gym”

Advanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Strengthening is the first eBook of its kind.

It is without a doubt the most comprehensive, complete eBook on the glutes ever written.

  • It has 675 pages of training you can not find anywhere else!
  • It is so far ahead of every other glute eBook in terms of information, accuracy, and exercises.
  • It is the authority on hip extension exercise and glute training.
  • It sets the stage for understanding glute exercises by teaching basic functional anatomy and biomechanics.
  • It dispels common myths and misconceptions in the strength and conditioning field.
  • It creates an entirely new system of strength training.
  • It describes new phenomena previously not understood in Kinesiology.
  • It creates a category system for hip extension exercises.
  • It includes several different routines that dramatically target the glutes but also work the entire body.
  • It contains 192 pictures and tips of different hip extension exercises.
  • It contains over 700 links to outside sources including various articles, books, textbooks, journal articles, blogs, websites, newsletters, and podcasts.
  • These programs can be used by individuals who are working out an home with absolutely no equipment or by elite athletes who have access to top-level strength facilities.

Most important, it teaches brand new exercises never before performed by the mainstream which are 4-times more effective at targeting the glutes than what the other experts are recommending.

The amount of time and effort that Bret put into this eBook is absolutely astonishing! There is no man more passionate on this planet about the glutes than Bret Contreras. –Colleen Burdick, Personal Trainer LA Fitness

“The Glute Guy” Did WHAT?

Contreras wore electrodes (as only “The Glute Guy” would) for thirty straight leg workouts spanning over two months. He tested the electrical activity of the glutes for over 100 different exercises. He then tested three other individuals to see if his results would be replicated on others. What he found was shocking. Not only are there much better exercises than the typical squats, deadlifts, and lunges at targeting the glutes; there are exercises that activate up to 300% more gluteus maximus activity than the most popular 3 butt exercises.

“Bret’s workouts got my butt and legs looking so good I decided to enter a bikini contest. I took second place and also got a sponsor. Imagine this; I am now getting paid to workout! I owe it all to Advanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Strengthening!” –Lizzy Ostro, Bikini Model”

Finally… Something That Really Works!

Contreras figured out that bodyweight squats and lunges typically activate only around 10% of an individual’s glute muscle when averaged out over the entire repetition and compared to maximum voluntary contraction. This explains why the bodyweight routines promoted in many magazines and on many websites fail to deliver any results. Often the “experts” erroneously recommend the leg press and leg curl machines for rounding out a glute workout, which activate less than 10% of an individual’s glute muscle when averaged out over the entire repetition and compared to maximum voluntary contraction. Really heavy barbell squats can get one’s glutes to reach 50% and really heavy deadlifts can get them to 60%. Contreras’s brand new glute exercises that he’s been prescribing for 2 straight years in his Scottsdale fitness studio typically get an individual’s glute activation to over 150% of MVC!

“My glutes have never looked better from just one month of Bret’s special exercises!” –Carolyn Ray, Middle School Teacher”

butt_leftAdvanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Strengthening Delivers

  • Well-developed glutes give a man a powerful, athletic look.
  • A firm, perky butt sets a woman apart from the rest.
  • Getting a nice butt is all about performing the right exercises. Have you ever wondered which exercises are best at targeting the gluteus maximus muscles?
  • Have the butt-routines espoused by the fitness magazines left you frustrated with absolutely no results?
  • Have squats and lunges bulked up your thighs rather than your butt?
  • Have deadlifts developed your back instead of your glutes?
  • The gluteus maximus muscles are not only extremely important for physique-related purposes; they are also the most important muscle in athletics.

The gluteus maximus muscles extend, abduct, and externally rotate the hip, which means that they are the primary muscles involved in sprinting, cutting from side to side, and twisting. The glutes are the speed muscles, which will allow you to outrun your competitors.

“This eBook explains why I haven’t been seeing results with the typical programs written by popular fitness trainers. If you want to be an expert on the glutes, then read this eBook immediately. Bret is definitely “The Glute Guy!” –Scott Hays, Group Fitness Instructor, West Coast Fitness

The fitness magazines and “strength experts” are way off the mark when it comes to glute training. The gluteus maximus muscles are the most wrongly-pegged muscles in fitness.

As an added bonus to learning the best exercises for the glutes, “The Glute Guy” also teaches you which exercises work the quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors, obliques, and abdominals best! Haven’t you always wanted to see a chart that listed the EMG activity of over a hundred common exercises? EMG proves which exercises work best, and Bret Contreras is the man who conducted months of brilliant research and wrapped it all together into ONE AMAZING eBOOK!

 “I have been a competitive powerlifter for over 15 years. I figured that I had tried just about every glute exercise in existence. But when I tried the exercises that Bret came up with, I felt a burn in my glutes that I’ve never experienced in my entire life. The only thing I can relate it to is the burn you get in your biceps or calves when doing high rep curls or calf raises. This lets me know its working. But the best thing about Bret’s exercises is that they are easy on the joints. Powerlifting has taken its toll on my body over the years and its so nice to be able to work the hip muscles without wrapping the knees or wearing a belt. My squats and deadlifts have never been stronger because I am finally using my glutes to their utmost potential. Thanks Bret!” –John Buns, Powerlifter


“I am a former student and football player at Saguaro High School. Bret was our trainer and he introduced some new exercises to our team. We began referring to these exercises as “The Secret Weapon.” Our glutes got so strong we could feel them moving us down the field. Our team was so fast and strong that we won the State Championships and I got a full-ride scholarship to play football! Bret’s training flat-out works!” –Chris Navarro, Linebacker


“ Advanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Strengthening is a must have for any personal trainer or strength coach looking to become an expert on the most important muscle in fitness; the glutes. Bret’s methods are going to revolutionize the way people work out. I never thought I”d live to say these words but Bret”s eBook influenced the way I train my athletes more than Supertraining.” –Aaron Fulkerson, Strength Coach


“My goals in writing Advanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Strengthening were to help athletes become faster, help individuals seeking better butts to achieve their goals, help individuals prevent knee and lower back pain, dispel the ridiculous misconceptions in fitness regarding the glutes, and educate the trainers so we can begin to embark on effective glute training as a united industry.” –Bret Contreras, MA CSCS


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