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2020 Podcasts

Here are the podcasts that I’ve been a guest on in 2020:

  1. The More Than Fitness Podcast – Bret “The Glute Guy” Contreras, PhD — What’s Missing From The Current State Of The Fitness Industry?
  2. Vigor Life Podcast – Program Design Secrets, Joint-Friendly Training and Building Muscle at Any Age w/ Bret Contreras & Jay Ferruggia
  3. The E3Rehab Podcast – Gluteal Amnesia by Dr. Bret Contreras
  4. The Vertical Podcast – Episode 2: Bret Contreras
  5. Pacey Performance Podcast – Episode 277: Bret Contreras
  6. Que Intenso! – The Glute Boy
  7. Laurin Conlin YouTube – Three Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Results in the Gym
  8. The Karey Northington Podcast Get Glutes by Training Harder AND Smarter
  9. The Karey Northington Podcast – The Glute Training Formula by Bret Contreras
  10. Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast – How Putting in Reps and Sets in Business Leads to Building an Empire with Bret Contreras
  11. The Kelly O Show – Want Great Glutes? (3-Parts)
  12. The Boom Boom Podcast – Ep. 397 – Bret Contreras, “The Glute Guy”
  13. The Glasgow PT Podcast – #51 – Bret Contreras
  14. Nordic Fitness Education Podcast – Glute training: The scientific bottom line – Episode 46 with Bret Contreras PhD
  15. Superhuman RadioSHR # 2511 :: Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
  16. The Karey Northington PodcastGetting back to the gym safely with Bret Contreras PhD
  17. Beth Clare Fitness The Podcast #20 Bret Contreras ‘The Glute Guy’ | PT 1 | Story behind The Glute Guy & positive shift in the fitness community
  18. Beth Clare Fitness The Podcast #21 Bret Contreras ‘The Glute Guy’ | PT2 | Glute training methods | Business | social media
  19. Peak Human Project – #10 – Bret Contreras | Glutes, Fitness Entrepreneurs, and Surviving Social Media
  20. The Competitive Edge Podcast – Glute Guy? Glute God! With Bret Contreras
  21. Beth Clare Fitness The Podcast #32 Bret Contreras | Stronglifting comp debrief | Keeping up with The Glute Guy
  22. David Iglesias YouTubeSquats vs. Hip Thrust. Which is best for glute growth? Feat. Bret Contreras, PHD
  23. The Karey Northington Podcast – How to Maintain Strength While Dieting with Bret Contreras
  24. Leveling Up With Natalie JillHow to Build an Enviable Booty and the Brilliant Mind Behind GLUTE LAB with Bret Contreras

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