October Research Round-Up: Hamstring Injury Edition

Every month, Chris and I write the Strength and Conditioning Research review service. In this article, Chris has written a preview of the October edition. This edition comes out on Wednesday and covers brand-new research into hamstring injury. While many areas of sport science are currently moving forwards by finding errors in our earlier ideas, it is noteworthy that the majority view of hamstring strain injury prevention and rehabilitation seems very solid. Keep reading to learn more.

Can aspects of muscle architecture predict hamstring strain injury risk?

The study: Musculotendon variability influences tissue strains experienced by the biceps femoris long head muscle during high-speed running, by Fiorentino and Blemker, in Journal of Biomechanics, 2014

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Hip Thruster Update

Hi fitness friends!

It’s been just over a year since I launched the Hip Thruster unit, so I felt that an update was in order. Originally, I assumed that Hip Thrusters would mostly be purchased by women seeking better butts from their own homes, but there are now Hip Thruster units around the world in gyms ranging from dingy garages to pro sports team training facilities. Don’t get me wrong, I still think that Hip Thruster’s greatest application is in helping women build their backsides due to the possibility of daily band hip thrusts, but I also believe that every pro sports team should have several Hip Thrusters for ease of hip thrusting with the athletes (assuming space permits).

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October Strength & Conditioning Research Questions

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Are the Hamstrings Really Primarily Fast-Twitch?

For the past 20 years or so, I’ve been reading strength & conditioning articles claiming that the hamstrings are primarily composed of fast-twitch fibers. I can recall repeating this same information to lifting partners way back in the day. In ten minutes, with a quick Google search, I found articles from plenty of well respected individuals in the strength training community claiming that hamstrings are mostly fast-twitch (hundreds of other articles claiming the same exist, but I chose to link authors or sites I’m familiar with), including:

Bret Contreras

12 Hamstrings Exercises for Hardasses

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