From the Lab to Your Pocket: Groundbreaking Leg Power Measurement With Your iPhone

Ladies and gentlemen (especially athletes, strength coaches, and sports scientists),

I’m very excited to present to you some incredible brand new technology. Imagine an iPhone app that allows athletes and coaches to:

  1. Calculate jump height based on the iPhone’s video capture capabilities
  2. Create a force-velocity profile by performing several jumps with varying loads
  3. Compare the force-velocity profile to an ideal force-velocity profile, thus providing individualized training recommendations

Previously, this required expensive equipment, but now it’s available for mass usage if you have an iPhone or iPad. The app is called My Jump, and it can be yours today for only $6. Yes, you read that properly – just six dollars! In addition, My Jump:

  1. Is highly valid and reliable when compared to data obtained on a $12,000 force plate
  2. Provides individualized training recommendations, which will expedite your progress

Reason why? Until now, the vast majority of strength coaches prescribe the same power training programs to every athlete. This is due to the fact that they have not been privy to the athlete’s unique force-velocity profile. Knowing how the athlete’s force-velocity profile compares to the ideal force-velocity profile allow for individualized training. Recently, this individualization has been found to lead to better performance results than traditional power training methods that are not individualized (publication in progress).

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The Bret Contreras Podcast: Episode 3 – Bodypart Splits versus Total Body Training


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Today’s episode discusses bodypart split training versus total body training. In addition, I review some of the last month’s blogposts. I hope you enjoy it! Here’s the break down:

Bodypart Split versus Total Body Training Discussion: 0:30 – 26:50
JB Morin Interview Discussion: 26:51 – 29:58
Functional Movement Guru Discussion: 29:59 – 37:21
Glute Training for Men Discussion: 37:22 – 41:37
Muscles Can’t Change Shape Discussion: 41:38 – 44:08
Glute Burnouts Discussion: 44:09 – 47:30
The Most Dangerous Exercise Discussion: 47:31 – 53:50

Links from the Podcast

Sprint mechanics in world-class athletes: a new insight into the limits of human locomotion

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April Research Round-Up: Muscle Protein Synthesis Edition


Every month, Chris and I write the S&C Research review service. In this article, Chris has written a preview of the April 2015 edition. This edition comes out on Wednesday. As always, it covers a broad range of new research but this edition has a special theme of muscle protein synthesis! If you are interested in the mechanisms of hypertrophy, you should definitely sign up for this one!

Can changes in muscle protein synthesis rates be used to predict hypertrophy?

The study: What is the relationship between the acute muscle protein synthesis response and changes in muscle mass? By Mitchell, Churchward-Venne, Cameron-Smith, and Phillips, in Journal of Applied Physiology (2015)

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How to Be a Popular & Successful Fitness Authority

Fitness Expert

Hail to the King, Baby! A Typical Day at Revolution Training Systems

“Hi Bret, I Want to One Day Be a Popular/Successful Strength Coach/Personal Trainer/Fitness Authority, What Should I Be Doing?”
- Dozens of youngsters with aspirations every month

I’ve received this question three times this week so it warrants a well thought out answer.

First, you need to figure out your own path. All of the top dogs in the industry took a different road, but through talent, persistence, and effort, each eventually arrived at the top. Moreover, each of the higher ups in the fitness industry would give you markedly different advice as to how to succeed. In this article, I will present to you a list of ideas that I believe will help you grow your career, but you’ll need to put your own spin on it.

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