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April Strength & Conditioning Research Questions

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Strength & Conditioning, Power and Hypertrophy

  1. Can adding one set of low-load exercise to a standard workout increase hypertrophy?
  2. Can low-volume resistance training protect against DOMS from subsequent high-volume training?
  3. Does BFR training enhance gains from low-load resistance training?
  4. What are the metabolic, neuromuscular and hormonal effects of BFR training?
  5. Do all elderly people gain either strength or size from resistance training?
  6. Do oral contraceptives affect recovery from eccentric resistance training?
  7. Does eccentric resistance training enhance rate of force development?
  8. How does resistance training frequency affect gains in strength and size?
  9. How does resistance training frequency affect gains in strength and musculoskeletal pain?
  10. Does relative load affect acute post-workout changes in MHC isoform mRNA expression?
  11. Does bar speed affect changes in satellite cell content and myonuclear domain size?
  12. What is the rationale for including weightlifting pulling derivatives for athletes?

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A Response to the Internet Expert

Recently, I saw a Facebook thread that was criticizing a popular strength coach for his methods. I happen to know this strength coach and appreciate his insight. This particular coach’s methods and opinions have been shaped by two solid decades of strength coaching and personal training experience. A cursory investigation of the individual that was the most vocal in his attacks revealed that he’d been lifting weights for just a couple of years and had zero experience in working with other individuals. I don’t like getting involved in social media debates as I feel that my time is better served elsewhere, so I stayed out of it. I was hoping that my colleague stepped in to defend himself, especially considering the fact that he was tagged in the thread, but he laid low. Here’s what I wanted him to say:

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20 Incredible Feats of Strength

Erin Stern

I love watching incredible feats of strength, whether they’re performed by men or women. This blogpost is a tribute to all of the hardworking women out there pulling off the unimaginable.

The Lovely Erin Stern: 2X Former Ms. Figure Olympia

Here is Desiree Walker busting out 10 smooth muscle-ups with precision.

Here’s a young woman squatting 310 lbs (she says 300 but it was actually 310).

Here is Marisa Inda cranking out 8 pull-ups with 25 lbs of extra weight.

This is Elinor Medhammar cranking out 7 dips with 44 lbs of extra weight.

Cheryl Anderson weighs 97 lbs, and her she is pulling a 315 lb sumo deadlift.

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An Excellent Body Transformation Powered by Serious Glute Strength

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to Roselyn Kennedy, a regular badass. Here’s how I came to learn about Roselyn. Last week, I was tagged in an Instagram post – I think it was her husband Frank who tagged me. Anyway, the video showcased Roselyn hip thrusting 500 lbs for 2 reps. Since Roselyn has some of the strongest glutes I’ve ever seen, I was curious to find out exactly how she trains. I decided to email her to inquire about her training, and we ended up exchanging several emails with one another.

Roselyn and her husband Frank Kennedy own United Cross Training, a gym based in Sugar Land, Texas. She recently lost 23 lbs over a 9 month period, check out the results!

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