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By September 24, 2013 Random Thoughts

Hi Fitness Friends! I have some good reads, good views, rants, before/after pics, and glute training feedack to share with you today. I hope you enjoy it!

Good Reads

Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy

My new book Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy is #4 in Weight Training and #4 in Training & Conditioning on Amazon!


Strength & Conditioning Programming Flowchart

Remember that crazy flowchart I posted a while back that was too disorderly to comprehend HERE? One of my readers (Mandy Woodhouse) was kind enough to redo this chart and send it my way. Much better! Click HERE for a pdf.

Health Flowchart

The 6 Most Shockingly Irresponsible “Fitspiration” Photos

THIS article made the rounds on the internet and received tremendous attention. Check it out.

Fitspiration at it's worst!

Fitspiration at it’s worst!

Wake Up Sleepy Glutes at Work

Click HERE to find out how you can easily wake up those sleepy glutes while you’re at work.

Cellulite: It’s Time We All Just Get the Hell Over it

THIS is a great article about cellulite – deal with it ladies it ain’t no big thang!

Why Your Legs Are Jacked and Your Butt is Not

Ms. Joy Victoria wrote a great blogpost HERE. I mention some of this same material in a blog that I’m going to post later in the week so stay tuned.

Joy Victoria

Joy Victoria

Good Views

Coaching the Hip Thrust

I always love seeing how other coaches coach the hip thrust. The guys at SpartaScience do a great job in this regard. Here’s how they coach it:

An Interesting Way to Do Hip Thrusts

This dude gets an A+ for creativity! I’m envisioning a slew of pissed-off quad-training bodybuilders lurking around the machine waiting for some spaz to stop humping the leg extension machine!

Kellie’s Response to Fitspiration

You gotta love Kellie Davis!

More Kellie Davis

Here Kellie does a badass glute workout:

Facebook Rants

Here are a few things I’ve written on Facebook lately:

On exercise as punishment

  • Coaches shouldn’t punish athletes with extra conditioning exercise. Exercise programming should be predetermined and periodized to elicit maximal results. Individual and team errors should be addressed through coaching and practice, not additional mileage, stadiums, up-downs, or burpees.

On shrinking from strength training despite the scale not moving

  • Muscle takes up around 20% less volume than fat at equal masses. Therefore, even if you stay the same weight and the scale doesn’t budge, if you gain strength and pack on some muscle, you actually end up losing overall volume and size via fat loss. Don’t fear getting stronger – it adds shape to the good areas and takes away shape from the bad areas, all while increasing health and functional capacity.

On individualizing Strong Curves

  • Ladies, as I mentioned in Strong Curves, over time, you want to tinker with the template a bit to suit your individual goals and preferences. Initially, you can just stick to the pre-written programs “to a T.” But as time passes and you gain experience, feel free to modify the program. Here are some examples. If you like certain isolation movements, add them in during the last 5-10 minutes of the session. If you like maxing out on something each week, alternate between heavy squats one week and heavy deadlifts the next to test your strength, or have a separate “strength day” where you just do heavy triples, doubles, and singles and go home. If you want to hip thrust more often, add in an extra day of just hip thrusts and maybe some lateral band glute exercises. Some of you ladies might need to start modulating the number of sets you do and days you train as well depending on your intensity and recovery. Adjusting the program to your individuality will increase your “buy-in,” quench your psychological training desires, and most likely expedite results (assuming you’re right about your training hunches).

Glute Training Feedback and Before/After Pics

5 weeks into SC….and loving it, feeling strong! cant wait till end and then some!! best money spent on a programme for sure – Stephanie


Well, I didn’t really envision myself ever sending in butt pictures but I decided that since I’m so happy with my progress, I might as well. I’ve been following Coach Dos Remedio’s power lifting book for about 4yrs now so I’m pretty familiar with heavy lifting. Unfortunately I’ve been on & off because of….life! Injuries, a terrible break up (twice with the same guy), & losing my grandparents had put working out on the way way back burner. Earlier this year I realized I definitely was not looking cute. I got back to my power lifting regiment in April & saw some quick gains but my ass was not budging. It was big but again, not so cute. I wanted that nice round bubble butt effect that squats, Romanian deadlifts & such were not giving me….so, by the grace of God, I stumbled onto your blog & have been all about it ever since. The hip thrust & glute bridge are the best thing to happen to me! I just moved up to 205lb glute bridge & 185lb hip thrust & though I’m not where I want to be yet, I’m way better than I was before & my other lifts have improved too plus, my bubble butt dreams are slowly but surely being realized. Thank you thank you thaaaaaank you! – Irene


Hi Bret, I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for your Strong Curves program. I started it in July and attached is a photo of my results. I’ve gained 12 lbs in the process, but I am so very happy with the results (and so is my husband!!)  I’m 38, working mom of 2, and I work out at home; your YouTube videos and articles helped me to understand the exercises and get my form down correctly. While I can only hip thrust 130 lbs right now, my goal is to get up in the 200’s. Keep up the great work – your positive attitude has not only helped me to love my shape, but I’m sure you are encouraging thousands of other women, too. Thanks again, Amy


I can totally see a difference after Strong curves. Here’s a comparison. Left pic was in October 2012 right was from August 2013. This book has changed my life and booty J – Stephanie 


Hey Bret! Read your strength training articles quite often! I’ve applied many glute exercises to my training… Mainly to work on my lock out on my deadlift. I also compete in men’s physique and just watched your YouTube video on “poll results for glute pictures”. Well last few show the head judge lady at nationals has said I’ve had the best glutes on stage! Lol I asked her cuz I was worried it took away from my back shot. Well here is a picture for your blog. My Instagram is @Stephen_marino_ if you want to checkout more pics. I train pretty hardcore and have earned my wheels! Keep up the great posts! – Stephen


Heres a glute shot of me in my underwear to make your female readers happy. – Peter


I love each month more and more!!!  As we move from one month to another, our comfort level in the gym and with ourselves seems to grow exponentially (along with those glutes). The first week of every month is exciting because we’re trying new moves. Then, the next 3 or 4 weeks are spent really nailing form and adding progressions.  And before you know it, the next month’s workout is uploaded!  There’s really no time to get bored & I absolutely love having a such a solid, basic but EFFECTIVE plan to follow! – Sara, referring to Get Glutes

My glutes are worn out! They haven’t stopped quivering since I left the gym. – Mariah

I just want to let you now that I have made so much progress. When I started I was suffering from piriformis syndrome for months, had no strength in my arms and due to minor tears in my medial menisci I was afraid to squat below 90°. Now, my piriformis syndrome is almost completely gone, I performed 2 full chin ups last week and I can do full rom goblet squats with 25 lbs. – Jolanda




Other Trainers’ Success Stories

My friend Rachel Guy trained this woman!

I didn’t train this woman – my friend Rachel Guy did and did a great job!


This isn’t my client. I don’t know who trained her. But whoever did did a hell of a job!


  • Mimmi says:

    superinspirational! Good job! And these before/afters are amazing …

  • Saoirse says:

    Haha Peter, what a champ!

  • John says:

    Those before and afters are incredible! Especially Stephanie and the very last one! What a visible change!

  • Jay Scott says:

    Amazing results. The guy pics are interesting to me because I have a major weakness in my physique…

    My glutes SUCK. Looking at your blog has convinced me of one thing – I have GOT to man up and start doing glute bridges at the gym. I’ve been doing them with a 25lb KB at home, but it’s not enough weight.

    Time to start humping barbells (or the leg extension machine like the dude above lol).


    • Bret says:

      Jay – I think hip thrusts (shoulders elevated) are better than glute bridges for glute hypertrophy, so do those over glute bridges if you’re only going to do one (unless you choose the leg extension machine haha). – BC

      • Chris says:

        Bret … so the only difference between the hip thrust and the glute bridge is that in the hip thrust, the shoulders are at knee level on a bench, which in the glute bridge, the shoulders are on the floor? And the thrust will actually BUILD more gluteal muscle mass than the bridge (which just MAINTAINS gluteal muscle vis-a-vis the thrust, which BUILDS it), correct?

  • Janelle says:

    These photos are FABULOUS!! Thanks so much for questioning your readers, and then following through on our responses! I’ll send my photo for the next newsletter – if I’m going to request ‘real’ photos, I’d better be willing to participate! Keep it up!

  • Polina says:

    HI Bret!
    I just finished to read a book that you recommended recently, by Dale Carengie. It deffinetely ws a good read. So much practical advise the can be applied in daily life .I just wanted to thank you for that. Whenever you have time, it will be great if you could recommend some more good books.( I am trying to practice my English, it’s not my original language)
    ! It’s inspiting to see all of this before and after pictures.
    I wanted to ask you, as someone who has a lot of experience in the glute-building/
    Is there a hope to build a round butt for someone with bad glute genetics? 🙂
    I am asking that, because many of the girls in the before-after pictures seem to have a good glute-genetics, some have “bubble butts”/ ( I assume they only had to work on it more directly and perhaps to lean out a little bit)
    Can you please recommend some exercises to bring up the upper half of the glutes? I feel that my glutes definitely look better since I incorporated the hipthrust in my workouts, but the still lack this “roundness” at the top.
    I have another question, regarding the rep ranges during the constant-pressure hip-thrusts. In your book you said that one shouldn’t put more than 25 pounders. Was it a reccommendation for beginners or a general one? Is there a some kind of calculation you do in order to find a proper weight?or you are just put the weight that allows you to complete the 20 reps?


  • Jake says:

    Awesome read! Finally, got my hip thruster 1RM to 700 Bret! GLUTE ZILLA IN THE BUILDING!

  • Kellie says:

    Great shares! I think more male glutes (not to be comfused with flutes) photos will definitely help men feel comfortable/eager to incorporate bridges and thrusts into their programs.

    BTW- I truly enjoyed your newest book. It gives me sooooo many ideas for my clients whom I train in their homes with minimal equipment. Great job! It’s definitely timeless and will get plenty of use over the years.

    • ggs says:

      Loved your video response to Fitspiration…You truly are amazing, thoughtful, kind and beautiful…there is definitely a need for more role models like you…you guys (Kellie, Bret and Marianne) are doing a great job over there at GET GLUTES…looking forward to my own journey into Glutopia…

  • Gabriel Barroso says:

    Hey Bret, I’m really interested in those leg extension’s glute bridge lol, since in my gym there’s little space and barbells to do the glute bridge. What do you think? I’m serious about that lol, have you tried it yourself?

    Thanks and keep it up!

  • Saoirse says:

    Bret, I have a question to ask, if I may. I’ve just begun to compete at powerlifting, and I want to improve my lock out in the deadlift. I have little problem bringing the weight to just over my knee even on 1RMs, but the lock out is becoming a bit of an epic battle lately. Also, I would appreciate a rounder backside (who wouldn’t!).

    I have Strong Curves but I really don’t have the time to add in one of the full programs to my existing schedule (which is a combination of powerlifting and weightlifting and some conditioning). In the last two weeks, I’ve started tacking on 2×10 sets of glute bridges at home once I’m back from the gym (on 80kg/175lb at the minute), and this evening managed to fashion a “bench” out of bumper plates, so did 2×10 hip thrusts with 80kg instead of the bridges. I found the hip thrusts more comfortable for some reason.

    So, would doing 2×10 sets of hip thrusts 4 times a week (progressively scaling up weight) be enough to achieve what I’m looking for, namely help with deadlift lockout and an increase in posterior bootification? Yep, I went there.

    Love reading your blog, thanks for any help.

  • Nicky says:

    Bret on the flowchart for power and speed you recommend sprinting and plyo’s 3x/week and OL and sleds 2x/week. Are those all on different days (totalling 5 days) or do the sled towing days count towards 2 of the 3 sprint/plyo days? Thanks for the help!

  • Elaine says:

    Just want to mark my appreciation for the male glutes! /male glute cheerleader

  • Jordi says:

    I found the above linked article about Cellulite far from great.
    It’s just an opinionated post where the author concludes that cellulite is something normal and also impossible to get rid of.
    However even in your site you have posted testimonials of women who have eliminated cellulite through training and good nutrition.
    It’s a great thing to be happy with your body even if it has cellulite, but it’s incorrect to say it’s something natural and unavoidable.

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