Glute Training – Interviews on Booty Building and Glute Science

I’ve been on a terror lately and have four things to share with you today.

1. Interview with Kyle Bohannon on The Art of Physical Fitness Show

Kyle Bohannon recently gave me an awesome interview. I’m quite the name-dropper. Throughout the interview I mentioned John Broz, Jen Sinkler, Kellie Davis, Marianne Kane, Joy Victoria, Sohee Lee, Cassandra Forsythe, Michael Boyle, Charlie Francis, Westside, Mel Siff,Yuri Verkoshansky, Pavel Tsatsouline, Stu McGill, Joe DeFranco, and Smitty.

Here are the notes:

0:00 – 2:00 Introduction

2:00 – 6:26 Response to the 120 Tips on Strength Training for Women Article

6:26 – 13:36 Is There Such Thing as Overtraining?

13:36 – 21:31 Hip Extension, Hip Hyperextension, Knee Flexion, Pelvic Mechanics (Squats, Deads, Oly Lifts, Hip Thrusts, and Back Extensions)

21:31 – 23:48 Glute Ham Raise

23:48 – 37:04 Single Leg vs Double Leg Debate

37:04 – 39:13 Load Vector Training

39:13 – 44:05 Oly Lifting vs. Kettlebell Swings for Power and Accommodating Resistance

44:05 – 46:45 Forces During Kettlebell Swings and Snatches

46:45 – 49:22 Special Workouts for Powerlifting

49:22 – 50:55 Assistance Lifts for Deadlifts

50:55 – 56:55 Powerlifting Meet Strategy

56:55 – 59:31 Strong Curves and Kellie Davis

59:31 – 61:04 Fitness Summit Discussion

61:04 – 64:47 Erector Spinae Exercises

2. Glutes are Made in the Gym Graphic

One of my readers sent this to me the other day. I love it!


3. Your Top 12 Urging Booty Q’s; Answered! Interview with Glute Expert Bret Contreras

HERE is an interview I did with Isabella from My Fit Station.

4. Bret Contreras Interview :: Train Your Glutes to Get a Bangin’ Booty

HERE is an interview I did with Zoe from Get Zomt.

Okay that’s all fitness folks. Have an amazing week!

Marianne Kane - untouched photo

Marianne Kane – untouched photo


  • Phil says:

    Great interview. It’s cool to see this Kyle guy working so hard to get quality information out there. He has some great interviews with a lot of really smart people, but none of the publicity. Keep up the good work.

  • Isabella says:

    Awesome interviews and very informative as always 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!


  • Sylvia says:


    And the explanation for how ridiculously hard one leg bridges and one leg thrusts are was most appreciated.

    Best to you at your upcoming meet.


  • Teemu says:

    I watched the whole interview, very good stuff once again, Bret.

    There is something I’ve been thinking for a some while already.

    Would there be any benefits of doing hip thrust with straight legs? Let’s say that there would be a bench just behind the knee, on where the lifter could hold his shins straight.

    I mean that kind of set-up, BUT the bench would be under/behind the knee so that the knee joint could be hold as straight as possible.

    Probably the hams would work more on that kind of variation? It would be a sort of anteroposterior loaded lockout compared to axial loaded rack pull??

  • ggs says:

    Great interviews..The one with Kyle was very interesting and every time you said a name I wrote it down… some new names for me to check out..more websites to visit and add to favorites….Thanks for sending me down the right road….the one already traveled by The Glute Guy

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