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June Random Post

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Hi Fitness Friends, It's been a while since my last random blog post. I've been hammering away at the book (you can preorder it on Amazon HERE) and working on…

December Random Post

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Happy Holidays fitness friends! I wanted to share two podcasts, a new blog post, and the Instagram content that I've been cranking out over the past couple of weeks. I…

The 8-Week Hip Thrust / Leg Extension / Nordic Ham Curl Experiment

| Glute Lab Experiments, Glute Training, Glutes | 17 Comments
Update: I wrote this blogpost a month ago, but someone hacked my blog so I couldn't post it. Over the past four weeks since performing this experiment, I've gone on…

Podcasts 2018

| Training Philosophy, Uncategorized | No Comments
Here are the podcasts that I've been a guest on in the past year: STRONG Life Podcast with Zach Even-Esh - The Art of (STRENGTH) Coaching Joe DeFranco's Podcast -…

October Random Post

| Random Thoughts | One Comment
Hi Fitness Friends! Here are links to articles I thought were interesting, all of the podcasts I've participated in, and my best Instagram posts in the past couple months. Why…

August Random Post

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Hi Fitness Friends! Here are links to articles, podcasts, Instagram posts, and YouTube videos that I've been involved with (or ones that I thought were interesting) in the past month.…