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I’ve got a ton of randomness for you this week – 26 new things to be precise. Spend some time on this post this week watching the vids, reading the articles, and listening to the podcasts. You’ll be glad you did. Here you go!

1. Sorinex is Top Notch

When I was in Las Vegas at the NSCA Personal Training Conference, I was able to check out Sorinex’s equipment. Let me tell you something – their equipment is freakin’ awesome! In a perfect world, we’d all have Sorinex’s Base Camp Racks in our garages. Seriously, if you have $5,500 to spare and some extra space at your house, buy this and never look back.  Click HERE (no affiliate link) to learn more about the Base Camp Rack – make sure you check out all of the accessories. If Sorinex let me make a video showing off all the things you can do off of it, you would be blown away. It’s incredible!

2. Chris Beardsley Rocks

I believe that my colleague Chris Beardsley is the best in the industry at summarizing sports science research. The man is a machine! And he creates charts that make things very easy to understand.

In the past couple of weeks, he’s posted 3 articles.

HERE is one on Greatist.com that looks at 3 recent studies on foam rolling, muscles using in the golf swing, and bar speed during the bench press.

HERE is an article reviewing a brand new study examining the squat. This is one of the best studies I’ve seen on the squat exercise and it takes a look at the effects of increased range of motion along with increased load. Definitely look over this carefully.

HERE is an article reviewing a study on isometric training that may surprise you.

Chris works very hard on these and deserves much respect.

3. Twelve Programs to Follow

Tim Henriques wrote a great article HERE on various training programs. TNation has been posting some awesome articles lately.

4. The Strength of Evidence Podcast – iTunes Link

HERE is the iTunes link to Jonathan Fass and my new podcast.

5. Parkour

If you’ve never watched this video, check it out. Amazing!

6. High Bar vs. Low Bar Squat

Here’s a great vid of Mark Rippetoe discussing this topic:

7. Soccer Fitness – A Science Based Approach

HERE is a great slideshow by Mike Young on training for soccer.

8. Freaky Ass Quads!

Check out this dude’s quads HERE. His name is Robert Forstemann and he’s an Olympic cyclist.

9. Evidence-Based Approach

Here is Brad Schoenfeld discussing evidence-based fitness.

10. How Much Protein and How Often?

HERE is an article by Layne Norton discussing this topic. Below is a video you can watch on the topic.

11. Windsor PT Summit – Nick Tumminello and Yours Truly Presenting in Canada October 12-14

Click HERE to register.

12. Lower Extremity Injuries – Is it Just About Hip Strength?

HERE is a nice article by researcher Bryan Heiderscheit on hip strength and injuries.

13. Bolt vs. Gravity

14. Contribution to Trunk Extension by the Thoracolumbar Fascia Ain’t That Impressive

If you can pull up the full paper on THIS abstract I recommend you do so. 7-11 Newton-meters is peanuts.

15. Sleep Deprivation Infographic

Click HERE to see a cool infographic on sleep deprivation on Jimson Lee’s site.

16. The Backfire Effect

The backfire effect: “If you distrust the science that threatens your world view, then more scientific evidence will make you react with suspicion, causing you to double down on your beliefs.” Read more about it HERE.

17. Ten Stubborn Myths that Refuse to Die

HERE are ten stubborn fitness myths that refuse to die, by Dr. Brian Parr.

18. Better Biceps Curls

HERE‘s an innovative article/video by Nick Tumminello on biceps curls. Combine a wrist supination moment with an elbow flexion moment for greater biceps activation! Below is the vid.

19. Cheetah: 100 Meters in 5.95 seconds, 61 mph

20. Diagnosting SI Joint Disorders

I got this article/video from Mike Reinold. Good stuff for my physical therapist colleagues. HERE is the article. Below is the video.

21. Great Interview With Kelly Starrett

I thought that Kelly Starrett did an excellent job in THIS interview on The StrengthCoach Podcast.

22. RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) is Old School – Now it’s POLICE

Protection, optimal loading, ice, compression, elevation. Read the full article HERE.

23. Movement Lectures – McGill and Liebenson

I recently purchased THIS lecture and learned some new things.

24. Top Squat by Dave Draper

This is a cool invention I’ve been toying around with for a while. For people with shoulder problems, this is a lifesaver. Allows you to squat pain-free. It’s only $189 and you can buy it HERE (no affiliate link).

25. The Equalizer

This is another cool invention I’ve been using. Very cool. Let’s me do inverted rows from home. You can get it HERE for $120 (no affiliate link).

26. Functional Training Revised

HERE is a Mel Siff article from back in the day on functional training. Siff is my idol, but I actually wasn’t overly impressed with the article. At any rate, it’s free, so download it and read up. Mel was way ahead of his time and I wish we still had him.

I’ll leave you with some booty to get you excited for the weekend!

13 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. DV

    Thank you Brett for providing this insight and information. One thing remains…I am a college S&C coach, and our wt. rm. is furnished by Sorinex. From experience, I am telling you that their equipment is poorly manufactured (two years of use…and many bent barbells, broken plates, bent racks, etc.) and they are poorly designed racks (inefficient usage of space, too many moving parts). We’d be happier in a Power Lift or Hammer Strength outfitted room anyday.

  2. roland

    Tumminello’ curl modification must as old as I am :)) seriously though, it was shown by CP gazillion years ago, and called offset grip curl. Nonetheless, good reminder.

  3. Cédric

    17. Ten Stubborn Myths that Refuse to Die

    According to # 26, I guess you already own Facts & Fallacies of Fitness by Mel C. Siff

    As a non-pro, it helped me a lot to “debunk” some myths due to years of learning magazines and gym talks. 300 pages with ultra small letters and in average 50 lines per page (!!!)
    Sixth and last edition (RIP Mr Siff) in 2003.

    Podcast already on Itunes, great move !

  4. Colin


    Love your ‘random thoughts’ articles. Your links to other worthwile sources saves a lot of time and exposes one to new people/ideas. Keep it up.


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  6. Nikki

    This is a random question..if you guys have any knowledge at all on this I would truly appreciate your honest input..I am looking
    to gain MASS on my glutes..can this be achieved with resistant bands?

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