The Glute Guy’s Secrets: The Art of Glute Building Part III – Practical Solutions

This is the final part of the 3-part series. In part I, I discussed what I do during the first session with a client. In part II, I discussed programming considerations. In this article (part III), I will share practical tips for alleviating discomfort and preventing “battle scars” associated with glute bridging and hip thrusting.

Since Kellie Davis and I wrote Strong Curves, I’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of pictures, videos, and comments pertaining to barbell glute bridges and hip thrusts on various social media sites. From time to time, I see women who proudly show off the “battle scars” (bruises and scrapes) that they earned while doing heavy glute work. However, these nuisances, along with other injuries, need not occur. One can easily bridge and thrust away comfortably as long as proper precautions are taken and special attention to form is given. Below are solutions to common heavy glute training problems.

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For the Love of Training


Today’s article is a guest-blog from Derrick Blanton. Derrick has contributed a few exellent articles to my blog, and I really liked what he had to say here. I hope you do too! 

For the Love of Training
By Derrick Blanton

Way back in prehistoric times, (well, 1978 anyway), the Blanton family went to see the new, soon to be blockbuster movie “Grease”.

This was quite a treat for young Derrick!  I vividly recall how impossibly beautiful Olivia Newton John was, how dreamlike the 50’s So-Cal high school world seemed, the comedy, the music.

I have one more very specific memory of that evening.

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UK Hip Thrust Championships 2013


Earlier this week, I was thrilled to be announcing that the Hip Thruster is now available in the UK and the rest of Europe! If you didn’t see that announcement, don’t miss out on our opening offer! Click HERE and check out our opening offer of 10% off the list price.

Now, I am really excited to announce that Hip Thruster UK and Europe are having a launch party on Saturday, 14th December. As part of that launch party, they are holding the world’s first Hip Thrust Championships, in Manchester, UK. Here are the details!

UK Hip Thrust Championships 2013

What can you expect from the world’s first Hip Thrust Championships? Here’s the low-down:

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The B & B Connection: Episode 6 – Tempo Training

Hi Fitness Folks!

Welcome to the sixth episode of the B & B (Bret & Brad) Connection.

Brad Schoenfeld and I are recording a 30-minute podcast each week where we discuss muscle science and anything else we feel like rambling about. The key is to keep it to 30 minutes so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

In case you missed them, click HERE to listen to episode 1 (hypertrophy science), HERE to listen to episode 2 (HIT vs. HVT), HERE to listen to episode 3 (periodization), HERE to listen to episode 4 (variety in training), and HERE to listed to episode 5 (good versus bad exercises).

Episode 6

Click HERE to download the MP3, or just listen below (or watch the YouTube video underneath).

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