How to Get a Better Butt: Step Up Your Knowledge

Over the past several years, I’ve written about a lot of different things on this blog that pertain to strength training. However, the sole focus has always been on glute training. I write about how to get a better butt, how to strengthen the glutes, the best glute exercises to perform, training progressions that I use with my clients, and more. I find it very frustrating when I take all of this time to properly educate people, only to find misinformation being spread like crazy.

I used to blame the originators of the misinformation. Don’t get me wrong, companies like Brazilian Butt Lift and Women’s Health Magazine (as you’ll see below) should be ashamed of themselves (I’m assuming that there’s a smidgeon of morality left in the companies). However, I’ve come to realize that they’ll just keep on keepin’ on with their bullcrap, as long as the naive public tolerate it.

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Random Thoughts


Hi Fitness Friends! I have 15 things to share with you today:

The Beard is Gone!

It was fun while it lasted, but the beard had to go. I definitely looked a lot cooler as Mr. T / Zangief – now I just feel like a little boy. I think most ladies prefer me beardless though, including my girlfriend.

How Pregnancy Changes a Runner’s Body – VERY IMPORTANT INFO!

THIS is an excellent NY Times article with input from an outstanding professor (Heiderscheit) regarding the physical changes that take place in women following pregnancy.

Essentially, the pelvis is in greater anterior tilt and also laterally tilts to a greater degree during running. Here’s a quote from the article:

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How I Broke a Stubborn Record

Today’s article is a guest post from Will Vatcher. I found it quite interesting as I’d never seen anyone train specifically for a broad jump record. If you recall, Will interviewed Natalia Verkhoshansky HERE several weeks ago. 

For the 1st time in 3 years, I recently broke my broad jump record. For the 1st time since last year I also smashed my weighted broad jump record too. These had both stalled previously. I would like to share with you how I did this.

I have always played a lot of football (I’m English but I mean soccer) so I’ve always been used to a lot of sprinting and jumping on the pitch. I started doing broad jumps on a weekly basis in 2010. After several weeks I managed a 242cm jump. I would also do other jumps such as jumping while holding dumbbells in my hands. For a while I kept increasing my jumps. Then not only did I hit a plateau with them, I could only ever seem to achieve 237cm from then on. I tried breaking down the jumps by using percentages. No use.

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The Hollow Body Position and PPT Straight Leg Bridge

Pelvic strength and endurance is highly underrated in strength & conditioning. If you fail to stabilize the pelvis, it will rotate and take the spine along with it. You want to dictate what your pelvis does during exercise; not the other way around. I have two new exercises and one older exercise to share with you today.

The Hollow Body Position

The hollow body position has been used in gymnastics for decades and is an excellent core exercise. Unfortunately, most strength coaches have yet to embrace it. This is a shame as the exercise develops lumbopelvic stability and improves the body’s ability to resist excessive anterior pelvic tilt and lumbar hyperextension. For maximal pelvic stability, you want the glutes and abs to be strong and coordinated in order to hold down posterior tilt.  The hollow rock focuses on abdominal strength.

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