A Simple Technique for Beating Blisters

Here’s a short and sweet guest post from Rob Panariello. This time of year you see more blisters crop up with athletes as they begin their pre-season training. Hopefully some fellow coaches will find this information to be useful. 

Robert A. Panariello MS, PT, ATC, CSCS
Professional Physical Therapy
Professional Athletic Performance Center
New York, New York

Often times during an athlete’s or client’s training, blister’s may arise due to the forceful rubbing (friction) that may occur to the foot while running in a new pair of training shoes, to the hands due to the repetitive gripping of a barbell, dumbbell, and/or kettlebell, or due to improperly fitting exercise apparel and use of various exercise equipment. A blister is a small pocket of fluid that appears as a bubble within the upper layers of the skin. Blisters can be both painful and frustrating, as they may cause an interruption to an individual’s workout schedule. However, a prompt resolution is available to quickly return the athlete/client to their training.  When asked how to treat blisters by both my athletes and patients, I always refer to a method that I had read in the Journal of Athletic Training approximately 30 years ago. It is a technique that I have successfully utilized to resolve blister conditions in as little as 24 hours.  I had previously posted this blister resolution as a response to a blog on a website approximately 2 or 3 years ago but due to the recent number of “blister” inquires that I have received, I am offering this advice once again for those who may be interested.

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Simple But Effective Grip Strengthening Exercise

My friend Mike Peltz, co-owner of Revolution Training Systems in Tempe, Arizona, showed me this very simple yet effective grip strengthening exercise last week. They’re called Bench Squeezes. All you do is grip the bench as hard as possible for time. Wrap your thumb around as shown in the video and perform a crushing isohold. I’ll let Mike explain it to you:

At first I was skeptical as it seems so simple. I was wondering why the exercise isn’t more popular. But when people who are much stronger than you are performing it, you tend to pay attention.

I’ve been doing these for a couple of weeks now and can already see a positive transfer to my deadlift grip strength. Mikey does a ton of volume on these. I’ve been doing them twice per week with 2 sets of 20 seconds narrow and 2 sets of 20 seconds out wide. Seems to do the trick!

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Poll Results for “Should I Avoid Embedding Pictures Showing Great Glute Development on My Blog?”

Hi Fitness Friends!

A few days ago I posted THIS poll and asked for reader input. Here are the results:

  • 2,130 readers voted
  • 92% (1,966) didn’t find the pictures to be offensive or distasteful, whereas 8% (161) did find the pictures to be offensive or distasteful
  • 86% (1,818) found the pictures to be motivating or inspiring, whereas 14% (300) didn’t find them to be motivating or inspiring
  • 7% (154) want me to stop embedding glute pictures into my blog, whereas 93% (1,967) want me to continue posting glute pictures
  • 53% (1,126) of respondents were male, whereas 47% (996) were female
  • These percentages remained stable throughout the entire duration of the poll

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Iron Game Legends: Robby Robinson Talks Training

Today’s article is a guest post from Brad Kelly (see bio below). It’s an interview with former bodybuilder Robbie Robinson. I’m a big student of the Iron Game, and I think it’s important to learn from past legends in addition to keeping current in strength and hypertrophy research. I hope you enjoy the interview!

Recently I had the privilege to speak with one of the most accomplished and admired bodybuilders of all time “Mr Lifestyle” Robby Robinson. Not only did he compete at the absolute highest level of bodybuilding from 1975 up until 2000 where he won over 20 titles including Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and   Mr. Olympia, but also he is still active in the game today inspiring and helping trainees worldwide. Robby is a true hero the sport needs, and world class representation of what bodybuilding is about. Here is what Robby had to say on the most important factors of training (Along with proper nutrition).

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