Three Hours of Conversation With Dr. Stu McGill

Last week, I posted an article that described my visit to Waterloo, home of The University of Waterloo where Dr. Stu McGill’s spine biomechanics laboratory resides. Click HERE to read the article.

Due to the impressive response in the comments section, I asked Dr. McGill if he’d be kind enough to discuss the things mentioned in the article in an interview, and he obliged.

I warned him ahead of time that we’d need a few hours to get through everything, and luckily he was okay with it. I suggest dividing the interview up into three one-hour segments and listening on multiple days so you can catch all of it.

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How to Train for a Bikini Competition: It’s All About Glutes!

If you want to enter a bikini competition, or just look your best in a bikini, then you better have some glutes! As a matter of fact, in this day and age, you can’t be competitive in bikini competitions if you don’t have a nice set of glutes.

Sure, your other muscles need to be developed, but when a women gets lean, most of the body’s muscles emerge and pop out. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with glutes. If they’re not there, they won’t look good even when you’re at your leanest.

In case you haven’t been to any bikini competitions, let me be very frank. When a competitor doesn’t have good glute development, it sticks out like a sore thumb! I thought about posting some pictures depicting poor glute development but decided against it as that would be rude. Instead, I’ll focus on pictures of great glute development later in this article as it’s important for aspiring competitors to understand how the creme de la creme look so they can plan their training accordingly.

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Basic Biomechanics: Terms and Definitions

Biomechanics is a fascinating field. Possessing sufficient knowledge in this area is paramount for properly understanding resistance training. I try my best to educate my readers so that over time they can build upon their knowledge and reach superior levels of understanding with regards to human movement.

I have listed some definitions below that I would like for my readers to try to familiarize themselves with as it will allow them to better comprehend future blogposts, articles, videos, and interviews. I created a special tab on the right hand column of the blog named “Biomechanics Terminology” so you can find this particular article whenever you need it.

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October Strength & Conditioning Research Questions

Hi fitness folks! Do you know the answer to the October strength & conditioning research review questions? If not, you ought to subscribe to our research review service. HERE is the link in case you’re not yet subscribed.

October’s PDF will be sent out on Tuesday so make sure you’re subscribed if you want to receive it. We also have back issues available for purchase HERE. If you’re new to S&C Research, you might wish to buy the last few and get caught up, or buy our Background Product to build a good foundation. Below is the list of questions we tackle in our review this month.

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