There Are Many Ways to Skin a Cat: Squat & Deadlift Variations

I’ve never understood why so many lifters love to follow gurus who preach to their students that there’s only one way to squat (or one best form that suits everyone). Pull up video clips of the 20 best squatters in the world and you’ll notice markedly different form from one lifter to the next. Louie Simmons, arguably the most successful powerlifting coach in the history of the sport, employs dozens upon dozens of types of squats with his lifters. This isn’t to say that you should change up your workout every session or jump around between different variations with no rhyme or reason. It does mean that you should experiment with bar positions, stance widths, and styles to find what’s most comfortable for you and also what transfers best to your goals.

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The B & B Connection: Episode 5 – Good vs. Bad Exercises & “Best Exercise”

Hi Fitness Folks!

Welcome to the fifth episode of the B & B (Bret & Brad) Connection.

Brad Schoenfeld and I are recording a 30-minute podcast each week where we discuss muscle science and anything else we feel like rambling about. The key is to keep it to 30 minutes so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

In case you missed them, click HERE to listen to episode 1 (hypertrophy science), HERE to listen to episode 2 (HIT vs. HVT), HERE to listen to episode 3 (periodization), and HERE to listen to episode 4 (variety in training).

Episode 5

Click HERE to download the MP3, or just listen below (or watch the YouTube video underneath).

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New and improved Strength & Conditioning Research Free Newsletter

Chris and I launched our monthly research review service back in February 2012. Since then, we’ve published 21 editions and we are rapidly approaching the start of our third year in existence!

From the beginning, we have tried to provide our subscribers with only the very best reviews of the most up-to-date research. This is because we believe that sports science is crucially important for helping you and your clients or athletes achieve the best possible results.

However, we know that some people aren’t sure whether reading reviews of up to 50 of the latest sports science studies is something for them. We’ve heard some people say that the technical jargon is too daunting, others find it hard to implement the information into their training practices, and others struggle to find the time to read it all, every month.

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The Importance of Locking Out With the Glutes: Gluteal and Pelvic Biomechanics

Here’s a discussion on gluteal and pelvic biomechanics. In this video, I discuss several important concepts, including:

  1. How the glutes protect the low back, 
  2. The transfer of forces from the glutes to the rest of the body (how a glute squeeze creates hip extension torque, hip external rotation torque, and posterior pelvic tilt torque at lockout, creating a highly stable position),
  3. Why you should keep the glutes turned on during kettlebell swings while the bell is floating, and
  4. How posterior pelvic tilt mimics hip hyperextension.

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