Iron Game Legends: Robby Robinson Talks Training

Today’s article is a guest post from Brad Kelly (see bio below). It’s an interview with former bodybuilder Robbie Robinson. I’m a big student of the Iron Game, and I think it’s important to learn from past legends in addition to keeping current in strength and hypertrophy research. I hope you enjoy the interview!

Recently I had the privilege to speak with one of the most accomplished and admired bodybuilders of all time “Mr Lifestyle” Robby Robinson. Not only did he compete at the absolute highest level of bodybuilding from 1975 up until 2000 where he won over 20 titles including Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and   Mr. Olympia, but also he is still active in the game today inspiring and helping trainees worldwide. Robby is a true hero the sport needs, and world class representation of what bodybuilding is about. Here is what Robby had to say on the most important factors of training (Along with proper nutrition).

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Looking for an Assistant

Over the past four years, I’ve been insanely busy. Here’s what I’ve accomplished on my own:

Solo Accomplishments Thus Far:

  • Cranked out 43 TNation articles
  • Filmed 268 YouTube videos
  • Posted 497 blogposts
  • Written 1 glute training eBook (Advanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Training)
  • Invented 1 piece of strength training equipment (The Hip Thruster)
  • Delved into my PhD in Sports Science (AUT University)
  • Built my blog up to be in the top 90,000 Internationally and 20,000 Nationally per Alexa Rankings
  • And much more if you include lifting weights, training clients, speaking at Conferences, conducting interviews, sending out newsletters, responding to emails, forums and social media outlets, and other random things

And here’s what I’ve accomplished with the help of my talented colleagues Chris BeardsleyKellie DavisMarianne KaneJonathan Fass, and Brad Schoenfeld:

Accomplishments Thus Far in Collaboration:

In Need of Help!

Although I have a great team of people that I collaborate with, I’ve reached a point where I’m struggling to keep up with everything. The blog, the researching, the research review service, the Get Glutes forum, and the responding to inquiries take up a tremendous amount of time.

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The Band Side Lying Clam

Band Side Lying Clam

The side lying clam is a nice little glute exercise. When examining EMG activation, it elicits approximately 77% of MVC for the glute medius and 53% of MVC for glute maximus (click HERE to download a decent review paper on simple activation and rehab exercises for the glutes, but be aware that the authors erroneously compared studies that utilized different MVC positions and failed to mention the effects that ROM and position have on gluteal activity). However, you can ramp up muscle activation in this exercise by utilizing a band.

I like the banded side lying clam for several reasons:

  1. Strengthening the glutes as horizontal (transverse) plane abductors,
  2. Inducing metabolic stress (attaining a pump/burn), and
  3. Adding additional training volume without taxing the CNS (central nervous system).

Here is a video where I show you how I have my clients perform the movement. However, I recommend that you tinker around including experimenting with different amounts of hip flexion to determine the position that you feel works your glutes the best.

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Please Vote: Should I Avoid Embedding Pictures Showing Great Glute Development in My Blog?

Pole Vaulter Erika Prezerakou Soaring Through the Air

Since I started this blog in 2009, I’ve always embedded pictures of glutes into my blog. Athletic glutes, sexy glutes, round glutes, perky glutes, celebrity glutes, sprinter glutes, bikini and figure competitor glutes, glutes in spandex, glutes in bikinis, glutes on land, glutes in water, and glutes soaring through the air.

Pole Vaulter Erika Prezerakou Soaring Through the Air

As you can tell, I love nice butts and I love looking at them. I’m not ashamed to admit that either. And since I’m The Glute Guy and I regular write blogposts on glute training, I’ve purposely depicted great glute development in my blogposts over the past four years. To me, pictures of nice glutes are just a form of art which go hand in hand with the text I write. I feel that by consistently showing people what good glute development looks like along with good before/after pictures, the bar will be raised and people will keep striving for improvements. That said, I realize that not everyone feels the same way that I feel about this topic.

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