Operation Get Strong and Sexy: Week 1

I’m very excited to have convinced my clients Erin McComb and Sammie Cohn to compete in their first powerlifting contest in early November! They’re both well-experienced in bikini competition and now wish to broaden their training repertoire. I’ve been training Erin for just over a month now and I just started training Sammie again this week. If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, you’ll know that she was part of the Glute Squad last year (see HERE and HERE to read about the glute squad – we trained out of my 6th floor condo for six months haha). We have 6 weeks to prepare!

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October Research Roundup: The Recovery Edition

Every month, Chris and I write the monthly Strength and Conditioning Research review service. The October edition comes out in a few days and the overall theme is Recovery. Here is a preview that Chris has written:


Which recovery methods are best for collision sports athletes?

The study: The relative efficacy of three recovery modalities after professional rugby league matches, by Webb, Harris, Cronin and Walker, in Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 2013

What is the background?

Just as in American Football, rugby league is characterized by intermittent, hard efforts and very forceful collisions. The players suffer significant muscular trauma, injury and damage. Therefore, recovery following training and competition is a key concern for coaches.

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Form Analysis Episode 1


Welcome to the first form analysis post. This is something that I’d like to do regularly from here on out.

I’ve been doing this a very long time, so hopefully these videos will be helpful for lifters and coaches out there!

These ladies have been doing Strong Curves and wanted to know if their form was good (which is was indeed). Here’s my feedback.

Keep up the great work ladies!!!

I’ll reward your hard work with a male glute pic below.

Insight for Strength Coaches: Power, Full Squats, Correlations, and Training Studies

Last night, I watched my niece Gabrielle play volleyball. She’s on varsity as a junior and her games are getting more and more exciting as she advances in years. I wrote about Gaby in early 2010 HERE, and posted a video of her first training session.

Side rant: My dreams of her becoming a world class sprinter came to an end when she tried out for track & field, made the team, and was then told by her volleyball coach for her club team that she was not permitted to join track due to the time requirements involved in club volleyball. I can’t tell you how much this infuriates me, and it’s a serious problem that plagues youth sports worldwide. 

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