A Better Way to Cue “Knees Out” in a Squat

Today’s post is from Derrick Blanton, a regular contributor to my blog. Derrick is constantly pondering biomechanical topics and thinking up effective cues. Here he describes what he feels is a better way to achieve proper knee position in a squat – focusing on loading the lateral heels.

My two assistants and I experimented with this and found that it is indeed highly difficult if not impossible (Andrew was barely able to, but Joey and I could not) to achieve medial knee displacement (inward knee caving) at the bottom of a squat while loading up the lateral edge of the heel, as long as our feet weren’t pointed inward. I’m assuming that this applies to the vast majority of lifters. We were able to cave inwards while still loading the lateral heal half-way up in the squat, but not at the bottom. 

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Forward lean in the squat – is knee-dominant or hip-dominant better for moving more weight?

Today’s article is a guest-post by raw powerlifter Greg Nuckols (see his bio below). Greg wrote a great article on glute training for powerlifters several months ago, and today’s article is just as excellent. Greg reviews one of my favorite papers on squat mechanics. In fact, last week, my two assistants and I put together a wooden model of body segments to help further explain the concepts included in this article. I’ll post a video on this in the next month or so. In the meantime, enjoy Greg’s review. 

Forward lean in the squat – is knee-dominant or hip-dominant better for moving more weight?

By Greg Nuckols

This is a write-up for one of the classic studies in squatting mechanics – Kinetics of the Parallel Squat by McLaughlin, Lardner, and Dillman.  I’ve seen it referenced in almost every study I’ve ever read about the squat, and I finally managed to find it full-text.  And let me tell, you, for a nerd like me, it was page-turning excitement.

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What Builds the Glutes Best?

Two nights ago, I received a notification on my phone that somebody had tagged me on Instagram. I clicked on the notifications to find two very impressive before/after pics in terms of glute transformation. I asked Sasha (the lady who tagged me) to email me as I wanted to feature her on the blog. Yesterday, she replied with this email:

“Hi Bret!

This is Sasha, @sasha_anne_fit on instagram! I would definitely love it if you would post my pics on your blog! Let me first say that your book is incredible! When I was starting as a personal trainer I was also prepping for my first NPC show. I was looking to develop the glutes along the lines of Nathalia Melo but after my first show I couldn’t understand why the numerous amounts of squats, lunges, RDLs were not working! It was frustrating! After my mom handed me your book as a present I learned so much more as a trainer and a competitor. Hip thrusts have become my new favorite exercise. I was shocked how much of a difference they made in my shape! You are a hero to me and I’m sure a lot of other trainers and athletes. I hope to cross paths with you soon.

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Random Thoughts

Hi there my fitness friends! I have some great stuff for you today. Here are 26 great articles and 6 great videos for you to check out, in addition to some awesome feedback from my readers! Have a great weekend!

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