Operation Get Strong & Sexy: Week Two


Welcome to week 2 of Operation Get Strong & Sexy. In case you missed it last week, click HERE to see what this is all about. Basically, my clients Erin & Sammie decided to set a date for a powerlifting competition (now 5 weeks out). Though they’ve done bodybuilding training and competed in bikini competitions, they’ve never competed or trained for a powerlifting competition. We’ve decided to film and broadcast our journey. We are training at Revolution Training System in Tempe, Arizona – a badass gym as you can see.

Sammie and Erin had another excellent week of training! Their form is improving and their strength is increasing. What more could anyone ask for?

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The Glute Guy’s Secrets: The Art of Glute Building Part I – The First Session

When I started up my blog, my goal was not to make the most money as possible. It was to positively impact the world of strength & conditioning to the greatest degree possible. This requires that I divulge all of my “secrets” and inform people exactly how I go about my business. In this article, I’m going to teach my fellow colleagues how I conduct my first session. This will be of great benefit to personal trainers, strength coaches, and clinicians. In part II, I’m going to tell you how the first training session informs the ongoing programming. In part III, I’ll teach you some practical tips to improve your performance.

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The B & B Connection: Episode 1 – Hypertrophy Science

Hi Fitness Folks!

Welcome to the first episode of the B&B (Bret & Brad) Connection.

Brad Schoenfeld and I are going to be recording a 30-minute podcast each week where we discuss muscle science and anything else we feel like rambling about.

The key is to keep it to 30 minutes so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

I know that some folks love my longer podcasts with Jonathan Fass on The Strength of Evidence Podcast and my one-on-one interviews (ex: Jason Silvernail on pain) that typically last 90-120 minutes (or even my Stu McGill 3-hour Marathon from yesterday), but many people just want a quick listen. My discussions with Brad will fill this void. Click on the player below to listen to the first episode:

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Three Hours of Conversation With Dr. Stu McGill

Last week, I posted an article that described my visit to Waterloo, home of The University of Waterloo where Dr. Stu McGill’s spine biomechanics laboratory resides. Click HERE to read the article.

Due to the impressive response in the comments section, I asked Dr. McGill if he’d be kind enough to discuss the things mentioned in the article in an interview, and he obliged.

I warned him ahead of time that we’d need a few hours to get through everything, and luckily he was okay with it. I suggest dividing the interview up into three one-hour segments and listening on multiple days so you can catch all of it.

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