Yeah, She Thrusts

These days, not too much excites this old man. I still get all riled up when my clients or training partners hit PRs, but I suppose that lately I work too many hours and am just too damn tired to garner up much excitement for typical things. However, I want to confess to you something that never fails to stimulate this worn-out brain of mine. Every single time I see a video clip of a UFC fighter; an NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL player; a top powerlifter, weightlifter, or strongman; or a top bikini, figure, fitness, physique, or bodybuilding competitor performing a hip thrust, exhilaration is bound to ensue.

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5 Things People Need to Stop Overthinking

Below is an excellent guest article from Greg Nuckols. I just finished reading the new eBook that Greg wrote with Omar Isuf (HERE is a link to the eBooks – there are two of them; The Art of Lifting and The Science of Lifting), and though I liked both books, I actually liked The Art of Lifting most. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Greg and Omar’s insight. I’ve been a big fan of Greg and Omar for a while, so it’s great to see them come out with a great product together.

5 Things People Need to Stop Overthinking
By Greg Nuckols

There are three laws I’ve found to be true in a remarkable number of cases:

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Random Thoughts


Greetings fitness friends! I haven’t done one of these random posts for a while, so here it goes:

1. Gluteus Maximus Science

Want to Geek out on gluteus maximus science? Click on THIS link to quench your thirst!

2. Instagram – The Real Deal

I want my people to follow my Instagram Page for several reasons.

First, because any time I come up with anything creative or unique, I post it there first.

Second, to observe how my clients gain strength and regularly set PRs. Showing up to the gym is easy. Gaining steady strength month in and month out is not. But this is a big factor in terms of what separates the poor responders from the best responders.

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Anatomy of the Perfect Hip Thrusting Station

Hip Thruster Station

As long as you have a gym membership, it is not necessary to spend any additional money in order to hip thrust. In THIS blogpost, I embedded over a hundred videos showing you how to hip thrust off of a standard bench, using smith machines, using bands, and on leg extension and leg curl machines. However, more and more coaches are seeking out ways to hip thrust on standalone units, and many individuals are interested in setting up hip thrust stations in their garages or guest bedrooms. These people want to know the best possible way to hip thrust along with the items they need to buy in order to make it happen.

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