The Ten Worst Types of Personal Trainers

In any field, you’ll find a large discrepancy between the most talented and competent individuals and the least talented and competent individuals. In the world of personal training, there is no exception. The best and most effective trainers exhibit markedly different characteristics compared to the least effective trainers. Listed below are the ten worst types of personal trainers.

The Progressive Overload at Any Expense Trainer

The progressive overload at any expense trainer might start off on the right path, teaching clients proper form with basic compound movements such as squatting, hip hinging, lunging, bridging, pressing, and pulling. But their expectations are unrealistic and their knowledge of sound technical form is lacking. Clients are expected to bump the weight up 5-10 lbs every single week, regardless of gender, age, or training experience. This is manageable for a while, but it soon backfires on the client. After several months of training, you’ll see this trainer’s clients knee caving during squats, roundbacking their deadlifts, bouncing the bar off the chest during bench press, cheating, relying excessively on momentum, and eventually getting injured, all in the name of moving greater loads. These poor examples of form are usually accompanied by shouting and cheering from the overzealous trainer.

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Common Training Myths

Reverse Dieting

Below is a guest blog by my favorite young female fitness writer – Sohee Lee. She recently created a resource with Dr. Layne Norton called Reverse Dieting. I use the same methods with my clients that Sohee and Layne recommend and can vouch for their effectiveness. The product is on sale for two more days so make sure you check it out.

Common Training Myths
By Sohee Lee

1. You have to confuse your muscles.

If you’ve ever bought into the hype about muscles getting confused, pay attention.

Think about it. Do your pecs ever really say:

Hey, this is a new exercise. What’s going on? What’s this called – the decline pushup? Oh, okay, cool. Wasn’t quite sure what was going on for a second there.

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Good Reads


Hi Fitness Friends,

Here are links to some articles you might want to check out:

Force Vector Training

Some of my readers will recognize THIS article. I wrote it several years ago, but I decided to update and revamp for the NSCA so they could share it on their site.

Coregasm Survey Results

Dean Somerset and I posted a survey several months ago. HERE are the results which are quite intriguing.

Personal Training Quarterly

The latest PTQ issue is out, and it includes information on foot pronation solutions, budgeting for the PT, nutrition for the PT, HIIT, complex training, motivating clients, carbohydrates, and lunge variations. Click HERE to access PTQ 1.3 (must be an NSCA member).

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S&C Research Review – Bigger and Better!

Hi fitness friends!

I’m really proud of what Chris Beardsley and I have achieved in creating the monthly Strength & Conditioning Research Review (although I sometimes wish we’d chosen a shorter name for it). Maybe S&C Research Review would be better?

Even so, I’m frequently overwhelmed when S&C coaches approach me about this service at conferences. They always say how much they appreciate our work in summarizing the latest studies.

Our work saves them the time searching for relevant research for developing muscular strength, size and power, and it saves them (and their teams) money in pulling up the journal articles, which can be very expensive.

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