NSCA Members: Vote Brad Schoenfeld for Board Member!

Greetings readers!

As most of you know, in the past couple of years, Brad Schoenfeld and I have become very good friends. Together, we’ve published a bunch of articles together.

He is currently running for the NSCA Board of Directors. You can click HERE to vote.

I’m writing this not because Brad is my friend, but because I can’t imagine there being a better person for the job.

Brad embodies the essence of “evidence-based” thinking, and he is committed to NSCA’s mission. I could ramble on and on, but to be clear, there aren’t many people in this world who I have greater respect for than Brad, and I believe he’d be a great addition to the NSCA Board of Directors.

10 thoughts on “NSCA Members: Vote Brad Schoenfeld for Board Member!

    1. Bret Post author

      Ted, not sure if you know this, but Brad talks about a continuum of functional training, where machines (which are still functional) fall on one end, and free weights fall on the other end (more functional). To say that leg extensions are not functional is not accurate as they’ve been shown in the research to lead to increased function in several different studies. For example, having the elderly or untrained subjects perform leg extensions will improve balance, walking function, stair stepping, etc. This isn’t to say that they’re better than squatting, step ups, etc., it’s to say that leg extensions are indeed functional. I agree with Brad’s continuum entirely and do not agree when other coaches say an exercise isn’t functional. Every exercise is functional, but some are more functional than others.

  1. Domenic

    I wonder if he can help get the exercise photos in the “essentials of strength and conditioning” textbook reshot with correct form. That would be good.

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