Good Reads: Chris Beardsley Biomechanics and Sports Science Articles

Chris Beardsley has been on an absolute terror lately, cranking out one excellent blogpost after another. Chris is the best in the field at what he does!

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Below are links to his posts from the past couple of months:

Strength and Conditioning Research Review Posts

  1. Is your training approach evidence-based?
  2. The biomechanical principles of resistance training
  3. How is ballistic training different from traditional resistance training?
  4. Diagnose the strength qualities of your athletes for best results
  5. How are partial and full squats different?
  6. Comparing isometric training at a range of angles with dynamic training
  7. How does squat depth affect how hard the various leg muscles are working?
  8. What causes the bilateral deficit?
  9. Muscle length affects fatigue
  10. How does the weight used change the effect of lunges?
  11. Should the shin remain close to vertical during squats?
  12. How do rowing exercises differ?

The Greatist Posts

  1. Research Shows How to Boost Strength and Mobility
  2. Research Review: Boost Strength, Endurance, and Flexibility
  3. Research Review: Bigger Muscle Gains and Better Workout Plans

Guest Blogposts

  1. Fascial NeuroBiology: An explanation for possible manual therapy treatment effects (Greg Lehman)
  2. Shoulder Adaptations Over the Course of a Baseball Season (Mike Reinold)

Definitely make it a habit to read Chris’s blog regularly. He’ll make you smarter!

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