Glute-Off: Staley vs. Contreras

Charles and I were having some fun on Saturday and decided to have a “glute-off” (hip thrust contest).

515 was easy for both of us.

We both got 605 too – I think I did better with this weight than he did. *This is a hip thrust PR for me and Charles!

We both failed with 655, but I think he did better with this weight than I did.

I have several years of hip thrusting experience on Charles, and I weigh more than him, giving him the advantage in a tie-situation.

Who do you think won? You make the call!

18 thoughts on “Glute-Off: Staley vs. Contreras

  1. Derrick Blanton

    Charles did come closer on his 655 attempt, but you clearly beat him on 605:

    1.) You achieved a better ROM, and 2.) controlled the peak contraction.

    Also, wise decision bailing on your 655 attempt, you appeared to be close to cranking the lumbar spine. I was cringing for a second waiting for a “snap”. Like a seasoned powerlifter, you know your own “danger zone”.

    Since neither of you hit 655, I award you the coveted glute statuette.

    Very impressive, gentlemen!

      1. Derrick Blanton

        Charles, you’re welcome, and amazing job. I suspect that if you had chosen an intermediate weight jump, say 625-635, you may have nailed it, and possibly won the glute off.

        RE: HT safety: Both you and Bret use flawless technique, and control the pelvis, even under ridiculous load, so I did not mean to suggest that a properly performed HT is risky.

        I just thought for a split second that the spirit of competition was going to drive Bret to start substituting lumbar hyperextension for hip extension to try to squeeze out that last ROM on 655. You sometimes see guys do this on DL max attempts, and I have personally done it on HT’s trying to beat a record, or something.

        Perhaps a fair comparison is to the Olympic OHPR, which was discontinued due to competitors substituting dangerous spinal layback to try to get every leverage advantage, and involve their pecs. Maybe if there is ever a “HT Federation”, judges will be forced to make technique rules just the same.

        Anyways both of you use perfect, airtight form. Props!

  2. Patrick O'Flaherty


    Given that you’re about 17 years younger and 60 lbs. heavier, I gotta give the trophy to the skinny old guy!

  3. ggs

    In my opinion Bret won..but hats off to Charles he still did an amazing job very inspiring to people of all ages…I am going to channel the both of you tonight at the gym…lets hope my form is as good as yours since the weight is no where near it…

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