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Fitness is Not Religion or Politics, and there are Many Ways to Construct a Good Training Program

Most lifters start working out to look and feel better. Along the way, they get sucked into one of the numerous fitness cults out there and turn into annoying fitness snobs.

No matter what anyone tells you, many roads lead to Rome. There are many ways to see great results in the gym.

Chances are the person whose physique you envy so badly doesn’t train harder than you. He or she simply eats better than you and is more consistent.

As long as you’re consistently getting stronger in the primary movement patterns, revving up the metabolism, and taxing the major muscles, then you’re achieving a great workout.

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Ease Into Things

Looking back at my 21-year lifting career, I can tell you that most of my nagging pain, injuries, and setbacks were due to one simple thing – failing to ease into things. Having read plenty of bodybuilding magazines and books growing up, I mistakenly thought that I had to shock my body in order to see good results, whatever that means. Though I still make this mistake from time to time, just as any serious lifter does due to overzealousness, I’m guilty of it much less frequently than in years and decades past. Please let this quote sink in:

“Strength training is a marathon, not a sprint”

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Does it Hurt? by Mike Boyle

Today’s article comes from legendary strength coach Mike Boyle. This just might be my favorite article ever written for strength & conditioning. So simple, but so important. 

I get asked rehab questions all the time. I have rehabilitated athletes in almost every major sport who were told they were “all done” by a doctor or a team trainer. Because people know my background, they often ask for advice.

Most of the time they ignore the advice because the advice does not contain the answer they want. They say “it only hurts when I run”, I say things like “don’t run”.

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Considerations in Athletic Performance Enhancement Training: The High School Athlete

Today’s article is a guest blog by Rob Panariello. Rob is a regular contributor to this site and many of my readers highly value his wisdom and expertise. This article pertains to the training of the high school athlete. 

Robert A. Panariello MS, PT, ATC, CSCS
Professional Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy
Professional Athletic Performance Center
New York, New York

Throughout my 30+ years of practice in the related professional fields of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy and the Athletic Performance Enhancement Training of Athletes, I have been witness to numerous senseless injuries that have occurred to the high school athlete as a result of their participation in a prescribed athletic enhancement training program. In addition to the experiences of my career, my belief is also based on the fact that my partners and I presently own and operate 17 physical therapy facilities, which also include 18 High School contracts. Therefore, it’s no surprise we rehabilitate a significantly high volume of injured high school athletes. Unfortunately, a significant number of these athletes walk though our doors as a result of their participation in an athletic performance enhancement training program.

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