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The Sexy Challenge Results

Okay folks, here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for…the final results of the challenge. First I’d like to thank all of the contestants for participating; this was a very fun week, getting to watch all of the videos and see people’s competitive spirits emerge. Before I post the chart and announce the awards, I’d like to offer some comments/observations.

1. Late Competitors

Many competitors waited patiently as “early competitors” took the challenge which gave them an advantage as they knew what numbers they needed to beat.

2. Early Competitors

Ironically, the early competitors actually got the upper hand on the late competitors as they were able to recover from the first workout and perform the challenge a second time. The second attempt led to an increased score through a combination of improved strategy (exercise order), fitness gains/training adaptations, familiarization, and motivation (knowing what scores they needed to beat). In this case it payed off to be an early competitor as the late competitors couldn’t compete a second-time as they weren’t recovered (except for Derrick who performed the challenge 3 times and ended up besting his score each time).

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Sexy Challenge Update

Okay folks, there are just several days left in the challenge so get your scores and vids posted.

So far Jen Sinkler is in the lead for females and Jaime Rodriguez is in the lead for males. Only time will tell if they have Queen and King Sexy locked in.

Nine people have currently achieved over 100 reps in the challenge (Dead Sexy Award).

Only two males have achieved 15+ reps on each exercise and only 2 females have achieved 10+ reps on each exercise (Sexy All Over Award).

21 out of 30 (which is almost 70%) contestants have beat my 75 rep total (Sexier than BC Award). So it turns out that being sexier than me doesn’t mean much these days!

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The Sexy Challenge

I recently thought up The Sexy Challenge. I cannot take credit for this idea as I totally stole it from my fitness friends who have been tossing around ideas for different challenges throughout the week. Here’s what led me to think up The Sexy Challenge.

How My Idea Came to Be

Several days ago my friend JC Deen threw down the gauntlet with the front squat rep test with bodyweight load. He, along with my fitness friends Roger Lawson and Jen Sinkler, tested themselves to see how many reps they could get. A couple of nights ago I was talking to them on Twitter and they started thinking up other ideas…for example a hip thrust and bench press challenge. In case you don’t know, JC and Rog just started up their own Podcast, and Jen has build up a strong community page on Facebook called Survival of the Fittest. These folks have come up with weekly challenges that they’ll be doing which you can access on Jen’s Survival of the Fittest page, which so far include:

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