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The Sexy Challenge Results

Okay folks, here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for…the final results of the challenge. First I’d like to thank all of the contestants for participating; this was a very fun week, getting to watch all of the videos and see people’s competitive spirits emerge. Before I post the chart and announce the awards, I’d like to offer some comments/observations.

1. Late Competitors

Many competitors waited patiently as “early competitors” took the challenge which gave them an advantage as they knew what numbers they needed to beat.

2. Early Competitors

Ironically, the early competitors actually got the upper hand on the late competitors as they were able to recover from the first workout and perform the challenge a second time. The second attempt led to an increased score through a combination of improved strategy (exercise order), fitness gains/training adaptations, familiarization, and motivation (knowing what scores they needed to beat). In this case it payed off to be an early competitor as the late competitors couldn’t compete a second-time as they weren’t recovered (except for Derrick who performed the challenge 3 times and ended up besting his score each time).

3. Form

In any challenge the judge is faced with some difficult decisions as form is a slippery slope. I’ve been watching many strong dudes train my whole life and even have dvd’s from various strongmen and bodybuilders. Many of them use a ton of momentum and allow their form to degrade yet are still absolute beasts in terms of muscular hypertrophy, strength and power. It is difficult for these types to understand the judge’s perspective when it comes to contests and challenges because they’re accustomed to hoisting a certain amount of weight and in order to pass strict criteria they have to reduce the loads which nobody likes to do. Often this load reduction is too much to bear for the lifter and he ends up quitting the contest or sport rather than sticking with it. I’ve seen this happen with powerlifters who aren’t quite squatting to depth or allowing for a sufficient pause on the chest during the bench press.

4. The Sole Judge – BC

I don’t like being the only judge here but at the end of the day this is my challenge and I have to make some executive decisions. If no video was provided, then the contestant will be acknowledged but will not receive an award. I should have stated this up front but this is the inaugural year and I learned many lessons that will make this challenge much better next year (I plan on this being a yearly challenge). Moreover, if I felt that form was too erratic then I will not allow for the King or Queen award to be doled out to this individual. Next year I’ll be even more explanatory with rules associated with technique and contestants will learn the true meaning of high-quality form. I hope that the competitors realize that this was all in good fun and take my rulings in stride. Next year we can do it again and those who feel duped have undoubtedly learned a thing or two and can vindicate themselves next time around.

The Chart

Here is a chart of the total competition.

The Awards Along With Honorable Mentions

King Sexy (highest male score) goes to David Dellenave. His total of 152 bested the competition. Honorable mention goes to the following dudes: Jamie Rodriquez  with 146 (you rose the bar for everyone and if you had the chance to perform a second time around I suspect you would have gotten 160), Strini Naidoo with 207 (had you provided a video you most likely would have won as I know first hand that you’re an absolute freaky-beast, but without a vid it’s a no-go, and I’m unsure as to how much drop off you’d have if you used a taller bench for the hip thrusts), Mike Samuels and Dale Lablans with 158 and 164, respectively (I felt that your guys’ form was a little too sloppy to receive the award; some of the chins didn’t reach proper depth and/or height, RDL’s weren’t done with a strict enough arch, a little too much momentum was used, etc. This is not meant to take away from your achievements as my form isn’t all that either and you guys are strong dudes who deserve praise, but as a judge I have to be strict in fairness to all the competitors).

Queen Sexy (highest female score) goes to Jen Sinkler. Her total of 150 bested her competitors. Honorable mention goes to Molly Galbraith with 124 (you rose the bar big time for the competition and your form rocked) and Neghar Fanooni with 115 (excellent technical form).

Dead Sexy (equal to or greater than 100 total reps) goes to Jen Sinkler, David Dellenave, Steve Di Tomaso, Scott Taylor, Clifton Harski, Derrick Blanton, Mike Spiegel, Drew Ragan, Jaime Rodriquez, Danny McLarty, Neghar Fanooni, Molly Galbraith, Doug Balzarini, Andrew Firth, Strini Naidoo, Chris, Mike Samuels, Dale Lablans, and Chris. Getting over 100 reps on this challenge ain’t easy and you guys all rocked it. Be proud!

Sexy All Over (15 reps on each exercise for guys, 10 reps on each exercise for girls) goes to Drew Ragan, Jamie Rodriquez, Melody Schoenfeld, and Neghar Fanooni. Only four of you received this award (with several folks coming close) so this is a huge honor.

Quadzilla (highest front squat) goes to Molly Galbraith with 26 reps. Honorable mention goes to Strini Naidoo with 30 reps (but no video).

Dr. Deadlift (highest RDL) goes to David Dellenave with 73 reps. Honorable mention goes to Mike Samuels with 73 reps as well (but David’s form was better so he won).

Gluteus Magnificus (highest hip thrust) goes to Derrick Blanton with 43 reps. Honorable mention goes to Strini Naidoo (100 reps but no video), Dale Lablans and Chris with 50 reps (form a bit too sloppy), and David Dellenave with 41 reps.

Chisel Chest (highest incline press) goes to Jen Sinkler with 28 reps. Honorable mentions go to Belle Hammond with 25 and Jamie Rodriguez (highest male total with 17).

King Cobra (highest chin up) goes to Doug Balzarini with 22 reps. Honorable mentions go to Scott Taylor with 31 reps (but no video) and Jamie Rodriguez with 22 reps as well (but Doug had slightly better form).

Sexier than BC (greater than 75 reps) goes to Jen Sinkler, David Dellenave, Steve Di Tomaso, Scott Taylor, Clifton Harski, Derrick Blanton, Mike Spiegel, Drew Ragan, Jaime Rodriquez, Danny McLarty, Neghar Fanooni, Molly Galbraith, Doug Balzarini, Andrew Firth, Strini Naidoo, Chris, Mike Samuels, Dale Lablans, Chris, Kellie Davis, Belle Hammond, Scott Taylor, Eric, Jeremy Boyd, Rudy Thomas, Brady, Terrance Lawrence, Jon Camacho, Dan Sigafoos, Shanna, Melody Schoenfeld, Emily Soccolinsky, Brooks Tiller, Marianne Kane, Stefanie, Roger Lawson, Ariel Iasevoli, Alex Ceban, and Miguel Arogoncillo. I suppose that this isn’t something to be that proud of as clearly nearly everyone is sexier than me, but considering I’ve been lifting for 20 years now and you beat me – you deserve a congratulations.

So here’s the breakdown once again:

  • King Sexy – David Dellenave
  • Queen Sexy – Jen Sinkler
  • Quadzilla – Molly Galbraith
  • Dr. Deadlift – David Dellenave
  • Gluteus Magnificus – Derrick Blanton
  • Chisel Chest – Jen Sinkler
  • King Cobra – Doug Balzarini

Contest Averages

I averaged all of the exercise totals. Bear in mind that the incline press is skewed as men and women used different relative loads. Here are the results:

  • front squat – 12
  • RDL – 32
  • hip thrust – 24
  • incline press – 10
  • chin up – 14
  • total – 92

This is cool as it depicts what I’ve been saying for years; in terms of strength,

squat < hip thrust < deadlift

It also shows that the average contestant is 17 points sexier than me!

Conclusion and Vids

Once again I want to thank all of the competitors for manning up and performing the challenge. You’re all winners in my book. I’ll leave you with the videos of King Sexy and Queen Sexy.

David Dellenave

Jen Sinkler

And in case you’re in need of even more sexiness today, here’s a picture of Jamie Eason for your viewing pleasure. Take care! BC

Sexy Challenge Update

Okay folks, there are just several days left in the challenge so get your scores and vids posted.

So far Jen Sinkler is in the lead for females and Jaime Rodriguez is in the lead for males. Only time will tell if they have Queen and King Sexy locked in.

Nine people have currently achieved over 100 reps in the challenge (Dead Sexy Award).

Only two males have achieved 15+ reps on each exercise and only 2 females have achieved 10+ reps on each exercise (Sexy All Over Award).

21 out of 30 (which is almost 70%) contestants have beat my 75 rep total (Sexier than BC Award). So it turns out that being sexier than me doesn’t mean much these days!

121 is the current female record (Queen Sexy Award).

146 is the current male record (King Sexy Award).

Out of the contestants who submitted Youtube videos:

22 is the current front squat record (Quadzilla Award).

61 is the current RDL record (Dr. Deadlift Award).

41 is the current hip thrust record (Gluteus Magnificus Award).

21 is the current incline press record (Chisel Chest Award).

22 is the current chin up record (King Cobra Award).

A couple of these were exceeded by folks who didn’t yet submit vids so if those come in then I’ll update the chart.

If you plan on competing in the challenge make sure you post your results in the next few days.

I’ll announce awards on Sunday. Thanks to all who have competed thus far!

Here is a chart showing the current status:

Here are the videos of the current male and female leaders.

Jaime Rodriguez

Jen Sinkler

Gotta love their post-hip thrust faces haha!


The Sexy Challenge

I recently thought up The Sexy Challenge. I cannot take credit for this idea as I totally stole it from my fitness friends who have been tossing around ideas for different challenges throughout the week. Here’s what led me to think up The Sexy Challenge.

How My Idea Came to Be

Several days ago my friend JC Deen threw down the gauntlet with the front squat rep test with bodyweight load. He, along with my fitness friends Roger Lawson and Jen Sinkler, tested themselves to see how many reps they could get. A couple of nights ago I was talking to them on Twitter and they started thinking up other ideas…for example a hip thrust and bench press challenge. In case you don’t know, JC and Rog just started up their own Podcast, and Jen has build up a strong community page on Facebook called Survival of the Fittest. These folks have come up with weekly challenges that they’ll be doing which you can access on Jen’s Survival of the Fittest page, which so far include:

Week of 1/23: Front Squats with bodyweight on the bar for max reps.
Week of 1/30: Chin up negatives for time
Week of 2/6: Back Squats with bodyweight on the bar for max reps
Week of 2/13: Chin ups – max reps
Week of 2/20: Deadlift – double bodyweight for max reps

You can “like” Jen’s site and participate in these challenges if you’d like; right now I believe Brian Tabor and Max Shank tied for the current front squat record with 26 reps at 185 lbs of bodyweight, with Jamie Rodriquez and Fawn Friday tied at second place with 25 reps. Here’s Fawn’s video; this is poetry in motion:

The 5 Best Exercises to Determine Your Level of Sexiness

This got me thinking…what are the 5 best exercises to determine total body strength endurance and sexiness? There are a ton of options here, such as the basic barbell lifts (squat, front squat, deadlift, sumo deadlift, glute bridge, hip thrust, good morning, bench press, close grip bench press, incline press, military press, bent over row), Olympic variations (power clean, hang clean, power snatch, hang snatch, push press) and basic bodyweight exercises (push up, dip, chin up, inverted row, pistol), but I went with the following five:

Front Squat With Barbell Load Equal to Bodyweight

I went with the front squat because it keeps you a bit more honest than the back squat (as reps ensue most people turn the back squat into a good morning) and it’s a great measure of quad strength.

Romanian Deadlift (RDL) With Barbell Load Equal to Bodyweight

The RDL was chosen over the conventional deadlift for the exact same reasons mentioned above; it keeps you a bit more honest (most people round their backs with the deadlift as reps ensue) and it’s a great measure of hamstring strength.

Hip Thrust With Barbell Load Equal to Bodyweight

The hip thrust is a great measure of glute strength and these three lifts (front squat, RDL, and hip thrust) compliment each other quite nicely.

Incline Press With Barbell Load Equal to Bodyweight (50% Bodyweight Loads for Females)

I went with the incline press over the standard bench press or the military press as it keeps folks much more honest (people bounce the bar off their chest and raise their butts off the bench with the bench press and lean backward too much and use momentum in a military press) and it’s a great measure of pec and shoulder strength.

Chin Up With Bodyweight

The chin up was chosen over the bent over row for the same reasons above; it’s much easier to standardize. People tend to incline their torso throughout the set of a bent over row and use momentum, the chin up is easier to ensure strict form is used. The chin up is a great measure of back strength.

The Sexy Challenge

Hopefully you’ll agree that these five exercises do an excellent job of measuring an individual’s total body strength endurance and “sexy factor.” Below is a video of me performing the sexy challenge. If you don’t like listening to me ramble, fast-forward to 3:20 to see me go through the various exercises.

As you can see, I’m not built to press; I’m built to pull. The front squat was very challenging as I’m not a very good squatter. The RDL was a piece of cake. The hip thrust was actually brutal having already done a set of front squats and RDL’s, as my glutes were fatigued (not to mention the bench height was pretty high which increases the difficulty). I had to improvise on the incline press as the gym I was at didn’t have one, so I used a back extension unit and just leaned back against it. I’m not a very good bencher so the incline press was very demanding; had I access to a standard incline bench I think I could have squeaked out another rep. And the chin up was very easy; I thought I was going to get more reps but at around 8 reps all of a sudden fatigue set in. Remember I had surgery on my biceps tendon 9 months ago so cut me some slack. I don’t rep out much when I train so this was a very fun challenge for me. I’m a low repper at heart but it’s always good to test one’s self with higher rep exhibitions.

The Rules

Here are the 8 rules for The Sexy Challenge:

  1. All five exercises must be performed in under one hour.
  2. Loads for the barbell exercises will be one’s bodyweight rounded down to the nearest 5 pounds (the one exception is with the incline press – women will use 50% bodyweight loads).
  3. For the front squat, any grip can be used and the thighs must break parallel.
  4. For the RDL, no wrist wraps are worn, bar must go below knees, full lockout must be achieved.
  5. For the hip thrust, the bar can’t touch the ground, full hip extension must be reached, and a reasonable bench height must be used (around 14″ is ideal).
  6. For the incline press, the bar must touch the chest, full lockout must be achieved, no bouncing off the chest, the butt can’t come off the bench, and the angle of the bench must be at around 45 degrees (remember women use 50% bodyweight loads on this exercise whereas men use 100% bodyweight loads).
  7. For the chin up, each rep must start from a dead hang, the bar must touch the upper chest, and no excessive momentum (ex: kipping) can be used.
  8. You can determine your own order of exercise performance.

What if You Can’t Get Any Reps on a Particular Test?

Who cares? Do the test anyway. If you can’t perform a chin up, or a front squat with bodyweight load, it’s not the end of the world. Train hard for the year and retest yourself next year to show you got sexier.

The Awards

As you can see I got 75 reps (it helps to be really good at one exercise as 35 of these reps, or 47% of the total, came from the RDL). I suspect that there are some folks out there who will really clean house with this challenge. For example I could see Max Shank and Jamie Rodriguez getting well over 100 reps, and fortunately for all competitors Ben Bruno is on the disabled list as I could see him getting well over 100 reps as well.

Dead Sexy Award If you can perform over 100 reps on this challenge, then you’re dead sexy.

Sexy All Over Award If you’re a man and can perform over 15 reps on each exercise, then you’re sexy all over. If you’re a woman and can perform over 10 reps on each exercise, then you’re sexy all over too.

King Sexy Award Awarded to the man who achieves the greatest total

Queen Sexy Award Awarded to the woman who achieves the greatest total

Quadzilla Award Awarded to the individual who achieves the highest front squat total

Dr. Deadlift Award Awarded to the individual who achieves the greatest Romanian deadlift total

Gluteus Magnificus Award Awarded to the individual who achieves the greatest hip thrust total

Chisel Chest Award Awarded to the individual who achieves the greatest incline press total

King Cobra Award Awarded to the individual who achieves the greatest chin up total

Sexier than BC Award Awarded to anyone who beats me by achieving over 75 total reps in The Sexy Challenge

Now you have ten different opportunities to try to receive an award. Go give it a try. Make sure your form is strict (don’t get disqualified because you were skimping on your range of motion or breaking other rules – keep it real!) and feel free to post your vids/results in the comments below.

What’s Your Sexy Number?

You have the entire week to perform The Sexy Challenge. Next Sunday I’ll post the results and give out awards to the various contestants. Best of luck! BC