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How to Increase Your Chin-Ups

So you wanna get more chin-ups, eh? Please allow me to assist you in achieving this feat. There are many ways to go about it, so rather than just naming my favorite method, I’m going to cover a variety of the most popular methods and techniques used by lifters and coaches to increase your ability to get your chin over the bar – either with more reps, or with more weight. Will these methods work for you? You bet!

Before I delve into the article. it’s important to cover the key differences between the chin-up, pull-up and neutral grip pull-up, as many people do not know the difference. The chin-up is performed with a supinated grip, which essentially means that your palms will be facing you. The pull-up is performed with the palms pronated, which means that they’ll be facing away from you. And the neutral grip, sometimes referred to as the parallel grip, is performed with the palms facing each other.

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Unilateral Leg Training For Greater Gains

Single leg training is a funny topic in the field of strength & conditioning. If I can make very broad generalizations based on my experiences, I would say that most bodybuilders tend to be okay with certain single leg exercises such as lunges, single leg leg presses, and standing single leg curls, but they aren’t well-versed with many other excellent single leg options such as single leg RDLs, Bulgarian split squats, or single leg hip thrusts. Most powerlifters tend to  prefer bilateral movements, even with their assistance movements, so they tend to shun single leg training. Most strength coaches tend to love single leg movements due to the decreased spinal loading. Most physical therapists love single leg training because of the functional transfer. And finally, most female lifters love single leg training because they hit the glutes well.

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The Effect of Range of Motion and Posture on Isometric Deadlift Strength

Here’s the deal. At The Glute Lab, we have 3 primary workers (Andrew Vigotsky is a full-time student at ASU, which leaves yours truly, Andrew Serrano, and Joey Percia), a garage gym, a force plate, EMG, and video capture.

Therefore, we’re going to conduct mini-experiments from time to time for the purpose of gathering pilot data. Any good researcher knows that three subjects is rarely sufficient to achieve statistical significance. However, we’re not going to conduct statistical analyses with these – we’re simply going to conduct and write up some thought-provoking experiments with the hope that it provides food for thought and possibly provokes researchers to conduct proper studies along these same lines.

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What’s the Best Single Leg Exercise?

“Hi Bret! I’ve got a question for you. You seem to write about single leg training quite often. What’s the very best single leg exercise out there? Thank you, Adam

Hi Adam,

First of all, the answer to this question depends on your goal and fitness levels. I’m sure you’re aware that there are many excellent single leg exercises and variations. But the various patterns are likely synergistic with one another in that you’ll get better bang for your buck by employing a few different single leg exercises rather than just one. Therefore, I wouldn’t try to narrow it down to just one. And don’t worry, with experimentation, nearly all lifters can find several unilateral exercises that suit their bodies very well.

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