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Dynamic Effort Training: BS or Legit?

I have a good topic of the week post for you today. Let me catch you up to speed.

*Disclaimer – this article applies more so to powerlifters seeking strength gains (increased powerlifting totals), not so much athletes seeking gains in explosive power, though the data can be used to guide training either way.

Two days ago, freaky strong powerlifter Mike Tuscherer posted an article titled Why Speed Work Doesn’t WorkPlease read the article before continuing. Mike basically states that he feels that speed work (aka dynamic effort work, which involves performing lighter loads – usually between 50-60% of 1RM – as explosively as possible) is overrated because:

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Sprinting Biomechanics & Research

Hi readers, Chris and I have a new product ready! We’re excited to release this as we think it’s a very valuable product for the Strength & Conditioning and Track & Field communities. The product pertains to sprinting biomechanics and research. Click HERE to buy now. Below is the introduction to the book.

Over the past several years, I’ve become fascinated with sprint biomechanics and the literature pertaining to sprinting (actually, there are a lot of types of “sprinting,” which is why researchers typically refer to sprinting pertaining to gait as “sprint running”). A while back, I managed to drag Chris into my obsession, and he’s now every bit as fascinated with the topic as I am (which is why Chris and I get along so well). So now I have a partner in crime, and Chris and I are now publishing our own research in the form of columns and review articles. Very soon we’ll be conducting our own original research, thereby adding to the body of knowledge. This is a huge honor – to “give back” and contribute to the field we love. Before doing so, it was vital that we possessed a good command of the prior sprint research and had a proper handle on various biomechanical topics inherent to the sprinting world. We want to share this knowledge with you so that can benefit from our intensive research and countless discussions.

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Tips on Olympic Weightlifting

I’ve got a nice interview for you from Wil Fleming on the topic of Olympic Weightlifting. Wil just released a DVD titled Complete Olympic Lifting – it’s currently 40% off until the end of the week. I received an advanced copy and loved it – precise and succinct with great video footage. I’m always interested in learning different coaches’ methods, exercises, and cues used to improve Olympic lifting performance, and Wil’s approach is excellent. I randomly embedded some of Wil’s Youtube videos into the article, so don’t fret if there’s no rhyme or reason to the video placement. Alright, here you go – I hope you learn something from this interview:

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Sprinting Lessons

Today I’ve got a kickass blogpost for all strength coaches, track & field coaches, and sprinters. This post is a compilation of insight and reflections provided to me by UK Coach Greg Potter. You can find his blog and twitter handle at the very bottom of this post. As I read through this article, I found myself nodding in agreement. Greg is highly astute, and it’s a rare treat to read such insightful observations from a strength coach. I realize that the post is 6,500 words long, but I didn’t want to split it up into two parts. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Here you go:

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