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Glute Training and Speed Development: A Case Study

Today’s article is a guest blog from Bruce Mendoza. See his bio at the bottom of the article. I’m very happy to post this as it’s such a beautiful story and illustrates the power that personal trainers have in positively impacting their clients’ lives. Great job Bruce & Nicole, you’re both inspiring!

Nicole Stevens was not a sprinter or runner…

Her journey began in December 2010 when she was a sophomore in high school. Her dad brought her to me because she was constantly hurting her low back and shoulders from cheerleading (she was a base).

We always worked on proper form not only with lifting but with her body movements as well, since I know that practice makes permanent.

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Are All Hip Extension Exercises Created Equal?

Hip Extension Exercises

Earlier this year I got a paper published in the SCJ titled, Are All Hip Extension Exercises Created Equal (click to download). I’m very proud of this paper and feel that it’s some of my best work to date (I had the help of a few amazing co-authors on the article as well).

The article showcases the hip-extension torque-angle curves during the good morning, 45 degree hyper, and horizontal back extension exercises and then discusses the practical applications.

Make sure you watch Brofessor Bret speak all the way up until the end of the video!

Heavy Sled Towing Trumps Light Sled Towing for Acceleration

Every once in a while a study comes along and alters my understanding of biomechanics and sports science. Effects of weighted sled towing with heavy versus light load on sprint acceleration ability by Kawamori et al. was published ahead of print earlier this year in March. It’s an excellent study that supports what many strength coaches have been saying for quite some time (and refutes what many track & field coaches have been saying) – that heavier sled towing is effective in improving acceleration ability. In the past, many T&F coaches believed that using sled loads of greater than 10% of bodymass (or loads that reduced speed by greater than 10%) would alter sprint mechanics too much and negatively impact speed.

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