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Strength & Conditioning Programming Flow Chart

I drew this out today to help people determine how they should train. It’s a strength & conditioning programming flowchart. Tomorrow I’ll explain some of it including what maintenance mode entails.

Strength Training Flow Chart

Heavy Sled Towing Trumps Light Sled Towing for Acceleration

Every once in a while a study comes along and alters my understanding of biomechanics and sports science. Effects of weighted sled towing with heavy versus light load on sprint acceleration ability by Kawamori et al. was published ahead of print earlier this year in March. It’s an excellent study that supports what many strength coaches have been saying for quite some time (and refutes what many track & field coaches have been saying) – that heavier sled towing is effective in improving acceleration ability. In the past, many T&F coaches believed that using sled loads of greater than 10% of bodymass (or loads that reduced speed by greater than 10%) would alter sprint mechanics too much and negatively impact speed.

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Reverse Hyper Sprints: The Best Speed Exercise You’re Not Doing

I thought up this exercise several years ago and included it in my glute eBook, but I never showed a video of them. I feel that biomechanically, this is one of the most similar ways to load the sprint pattern for horizontal power. Sure there are a whole-lotta muscles that are highly activated in a sprint, but the hip extensors appear to be the “rate limiting step” in terms of maximal speed production.

Moreover, the more forward the orientation of forces, meaning the greater the ratio of horizontal forces to vertical forces, the faster the sprinter. Finally, the better developed the velocity-side of the horizontal power equation, the faster the sprinter.

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How I Broke a Stubborn Record

Today’s article is a guest post from Will Vatcher. I found it quite interesting as I’d never seen anyone train specifically for a broad jump record. If you recall, Will interviewed Natalia Verkhoshansky HERE several weeks ago. 

For the 1st time in 3 years, I recently broke my broad jump record. For the 1st time since last year I also smashed my weighted broad jump record too. These had both stalled previously. I would like to share with you how I did this.

I have always played a lot of football (I’m English but I mean soccer) so I’ve always been used to a lot of sprinting and jumping on the pitch. I started doing broad jumps on a weekly basis in 2010. After several weeks I managed a 242cm jump. I would also do other jumps such as jumping while holding dumbbells in my hands. For a while I kept increasing my jumps. Then not only did I hit a plateau with them, I could only ever seem to achieve 237cm from then on. I tried breaking down the jumps by using percentages. No use.

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