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Eight Considerations for Weight Room Training

The following is an excellent guest article by physical therapist and former strength coach Rob Panariello. 

Eight Considerations for Weight Room Training

Robert A. Panariello MS, PT, ATC, CSCS
Professional Physical Therapy
Professional Athletic Performance Center
New York, New York

Throughout my 35 year career in the related professional fields of Sports Rehabilitation and Strength and Conditioning (S&C) I have been witness to hundreds of presentations, have read thousands of books/research articles/blogs and had an abundant number of conversations with regard to weight room training and program design. Although all of this information has been enlightening, the lessons from my friends and mentors Hall of Fame S&C Coaches Al Vermeil, Johnny Parker, Al Miller, Don Chu, elite coaches Charlie Francis, Derek Hansen, former Olympic Weightlifter and Weightlifting Coach Gregorio Goldstein, and former Olympic Weightlifter and present day Olympic Weightlifting Coach Stan Bailey have all provided me with instruction, lessons and information that in my opinion, is second to none. It should be noted that this dialog is based on the application of weight room principles and training to enhance the physical qualities that are necessary to improve their athleticism for optimal athletic performance. The S&C program design should not intend to create weightlifters, powerlifters or bodybuilders of the athlete unless they partake in these specific competitive sports.

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Building Multi-Directional Strength and Power

My friend Eric Cressey of Cressey Performance is currently offering $50 off of his High Performance Handbook program until the end of the week. In an effort to help promote his excellent training resource, I asked him to write me a badass guest blog. He definitely didn’t disappoint! I hope you enjoy Eric’s article and videos. 

Building Multi-Directional Strength and Power
By: Eric Cressey

Sagittal-plane dominant exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and chin-ups get all the love in the world of strength training, but the truth is that both everyday activities and all levels of athletics require individuals to be strong and powerful in both the frontal and transverse planes, too. This knowledge gave rise to a central tenet of the functional training era: multi-planar training.

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How I Became A National Level Olympic Weightlifter In A Year


Biography: Erin Parker is the founder of Spitfire Athlete, a women’s strength training app that teaches you how to lift weights, and that stands for the pursuit of greatness & badassery. Spitfire Athlete is made by two female engineers who are also competitive weightlifters. Erin is a software engineer, Stanford graduate, and 48kg olympic weightlifter.

Download Spitfire Athlete:





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Muscles Cannot Change Size Without Changing Shape

Let me lay down the groundwork for this guest article from Andrew Vigotsky. On March 3rd, I posted THIS thread on Facebook. It’s a before/after pic of Casey Bergh, which I used to illustrate my point that muscles can indeed change shape. Many fitness professionals chimed in, stating that muscles don’t change shape, they just grow. Before I entered the S&C scene, I was a high school Algebra and Geometry teacher, so I know my mathematics. I kept stating repeatedly throughout the thread that muscles don’t just grow proportionately larger, and that since the fixed endpoints don’t grow as much as the muscle belly, the shape must necessarily change. In addition, some regions grow more than other regions depending on which portion of the muscle is most highly activated, but that’s not as important.

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