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Random Thoughts


Greetings fitness friends! I haven’t done one of these random posts for a while, so here it goes:

1. Gluteus Maximus Science

Want to Geek out on gluteus maximus science? Click on THIS link to quench your thirst!

2. Instagram – The Real Deal

I want my people to follow my Instagram Page for several reasons.

First, because any time I come up with anything creative or unique, I post it there first.

Second, to observe how my clients gain strength and regularly set PRs. Showing up to the gym is easy. Gaining steady strength month in and month out is not. But this is a big factor in terms of what separates the poor responders from the best responders.

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Random Thoughts


Hi fitness friends! I want to share some random stuff with you.

New Well Travelled Wellness Podcast

The guys at Well Travelled Wellness (Jake and Rowand) recently interviewed me. Click on the following link to listen to it.

Podcast With Bret Contreras


  • Does hip extension training improve performance?
  • The best exercises to increase glute strength
  • How important is glute training for sports?
  • The difference between USA & UK/AUS/NZ PhD Programmes
  • Flaws in the Strength and Conditioning research literature
  • How to produce increasing horizontal force
  • Applications of postactivation potentiation (PAP) research

With shout outs to speed researchers JB Morin, Matt Brughelli, and Jurdan Mendiguchia.

New T-Nation Article

A few weeks ago, I had a new article posted on T-Nation pertaining to deadlifts. I’d like for y’all to check it out. HERE are all my TNation articles by the way, and here is the new one: 9 Best Deadlift Tips

New FitnessRX for Women Online Article

A few days ago, I had a new article posted on FitnessRX for Women Online. HERE are all my articles (only 2 so far but it’ll be ongoing), and the new one is here: Do Light Weights Tone and Heavy Weights Bulk?

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Random Thoughts


How’s it going fitness peeps? I’ve got some great articles, videos, rants, and before/after pictures for you to check out. Just keeping you in the know!

Good Articles

Here are some great recent articles to read, written by various colleagues.

Scientific Articles

Chris Beardsley

Chris has written some great scientific articles in the past month. Several months ago he focused on hypertrophy, then he moved on to strength, and now he’s examining power. Here are the last six blogposts:

  1. Resistance Training and Power
  2. Ballistics and Power
  3. Injury Rates in Strength Sports
  4. Range of Motion on Strength Gains
  5. Rest Periods on Strength Gains
  6. Training to Failure on Strength Gains

Other Scientific Articles

We’re getting fatter due to less exercise, not more calories. See HERE.

Are you tired of pseudoscience? HERE are 10 claims that the authors would like to see go away forever.

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Random Thoughts

Arnold Dancing

How’s it going fitness peeps? I’ve got some great articles, videos, rants, and before/after pictures for you to check out. Just keeping you in the know!

Quick Announcement

I have a surprise announcement. My fiancee Diana and I just bought a house in Phoenix! Here are some pics below.

It’s one block away from my twin brother Joel and his wife Angie. It has a 4-car garage, which I’ve obviously converted into a gym/lab. As soon as I’m finished setting it up, I’ll film a video of the new lab. It’s going to kick some serious ass. I absolutely hate moving, but I love this new place. Needless to say, I’ve been very busy, which explains my absence on social media lately and my reliance on guest articles. I’ll be back to full speed very soon though.

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