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Creatine: A Versatile Supplement

Creatine is one of the few supplements that has stood the test of time. I can recall first taking it when I was in high school over 20 years ago. I’m pretty sure it’s the most well-research supplement in the literature, with thousands upon thousands of articles on the topic. HERE is a Wikipedia link to creatine in case you’d like to learn the basics. Over the years, I’ve stumbled across some interesting research on creatine. I decided to compile some of these study abstracts together into an article. When sifting through the entire body of research, it seems that creatine does not enhance testosterone or growth hormone output (one study showed increased growth hormone, but several others have shown no effect), does not work as well in the elderly as it does with younger subjects, does not reduce muscle damage (one study showed that it did, but several others showed that it did not), does not improve the plasma-lipid ratio during aerobic training, and does not alter insulin sensitivity.

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To Bulk and Cut or Not to Bulk and Cut

Chris Hemsworth bulked up right

If you’ve been reading fitness information for the past several decades, then surely you’ve been informed that bulking and cutting leads to better progress over the long run than staying the same weight or making gradual changes. But is this really the best strategy? Should every lifter therefore always be in either a bulking or cutting phase? In this article, I hope to convince you that many lifters should avoid bulking and cutting cycling and be content to stay the same weight while improving body composition, or be content to make very gradual changes over time.

Chris Hemsworth bulked up properly

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Common Training Myths

Reverse Dieting

Below is a guest blog by my favorite young female fitness writer – Sohee Lee. She recently created a resource with Dr. Layne Norton called Reverse Dieting. I use the same methods with my clients that Sohee and Layne recommend and can vouch for their effectiveness. The product is on sale for two more days so make sure you check it out.

Common Training Myths
By Sohee Lee

1. You have to confuse your muscles.

If you’ve ever bought into the hype about muscles getting confused, pay attention.

Think about it. Do your pecs ever really say:

Hey, this is a new exercise. What’s going on? What’s this called – the decline pushup? Oh, okay, cool. Wasn’t quite sure what was going on for a second there.

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5 Things Every Fitness Enthusiast Can Learn From Paleo (Even If You Don’t Favor the Diet)

By Eirik Garnas

Paleolithic nutrition is one of the most highly debated topics in the health & fitness community! On the one hand, “the paleo diet” was the most googled diet last year, and millions of people worldwide now swear by a paleolithic, hunter-gatherer type diet as a way to stay lean and healthy. However, not everyone is so enthusiastic about the prospect of eating like our caveman ancestors, and as the paleo movement has gained increased mainstream attention, more and more sceptics have voiced their reservations and criticism of the paleo philosophy. As history has shown, this is the typical observable effect that occurs when anything “new” gains more foothold among the public. Also, since many of the principles of the paleo diet goes against most of the conventional wisdom people hold about nutrition, there’s no suprise that there’s so much controversy. Food and diet are very emotional topics for many, and for some strange reason, some folks seem to be upset that so many people now choose a dietary strategy that is based around eating nutrient-dense whole foods and ditching grains, refined vegetable oils, refined sugar, and “junk food”.

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