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How to Kick Ass Like Meg!


Kellie Davis

I’m very excited to post this guest blog from Kellie Davis where she interviews her client Meg about her recent success. You’re gonna love this. Congratulations Meg, you rock!

When you initially contacted me, what were your goals and how quickly did you feel you could reach them?

Initially, I contacted you for the sole reason of competing in a figure competition. I had put it in my mind at my last birthday (December) that I wanted to accomplish this before my next birthday. I had given contest prep a stab before on my own and knew I needed some help. Foolishly, I figured I could get a coach, do a 12-week prep, and be on my merry way with a competition 3 months later. Ha! (Looking back on that now as I write this I’m laughing at my initial timeline) My only exposure to contest prep was the oh so notorious plan of eating at a calorie deficit for 12 weeks, doing an hour of cardio at the crack of dawn everyday followed by intense weight training sessions 5 days a week. I just assumed this was the norm so that is why I initially thought I could get lean and mean and build beautiful muscle with the snap of a finger.

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An Interview With Eric Cressey


Today I’ve got a great interview from Eric Cressey on powerlifting, deadlifting, the dynamic effort method, baseball-specific power, foam rolling, staying current with research, and his new High Performance Handbook. I hope you enjoy the interview!

1. Hi Eric! I’m glad to have you on here for an interview. I’ve always held you in very high esteem as you represent to me what all good strength coaches should embody – you walk the walk as a lifter, you walk the walk as a trainer, and you walk the walk as a reader. What are your current best lifts? 

Thanks for having me, Bret.

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Three Hours of Conversation With Dr. Stu McGill

Last week, I posted an article that described my visit to Waterloo, home of The University of Waterloo where Dr. Stu McGill’s spine biomechanics laboratory resides. Click HERE to read the article.

Due to the impressive response in the comments section, I asked Dr. McGill if he’d be kind enough to discuss the things mentioned in the article in an interview, and he obliged.

I warned him ahead of time that we’d need a few hours to get through everything, and luckily he was okay with it. I suggest dividing the interview up into three one-hour segments and listening on multiple days so you can catch all of it.

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Iron Game Legends: Robby Robinson Talks Training

Today’s article is a guest post from Brad Kelly (see bio below). It’s an interview with former bodybuilder Robbie Robinson. I’m a big student of the Iron Game, and I think it’s important to learn from past legends in addition to keeping current in strength and hypertrophy research. I hope you enjoy the interview!

Recently I had the privilege to speak with one of the most accomplished and admired bodybuilders of all time “Mr Lifestyle” Robby Robinson. Not only did he compete at the absolute highest level of bodybuilding from 1975 up until 2000 where he won over 20 titles including Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and   Mr. Olympia, but also he is still active in the game today inspiring and helping trainees worldwide. Robby is a true hero the sport needs, and world class representation of what bodybuilding is about. Here is what Robby had to say on the most important factors of training (Along with proper nutrition).

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