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Good Reads

Here are some good reads for the week. Tomorrow I’ll post a blog about some new glute activation drills you can include in your warm-up. Cheers!

1. Tim Tebow Performing Single Leg Hip Thrusts

This is a great video from Stack Magazine. Some strong glutes right here!

2. Experiments With Intermittent Fasting by John Berardi

I haven’t gotten to read through all of this yet but a bunch of my colleagues liked it so I’m assuming it’s good stuff. John is someone I really look up to so I’m sure it’s a great read. Click here.

3. Ten Tips on Reading Research by Jade Teta

Jeff pretty much stole most of my thoughts on this topic and saved me from having to write a future blogpost on this topic as I can just link his article here.

4. Isolated Muscle Strains – Are There Always Underlying Causes? by Shon Grosse

I enjoyed this post by Shon as he’s a good friend of mine and is very well-versed in S&C and Physical Therapy methods. In training folks you’ll see this issue come up from time to time and it’s good to hear what a good physical therapist does to attempt to correct the situation.

5. Are You an Addict by Martin Rooney

I’m a big fan or Martin Rooney and in this post he breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly in terms of health and fitness.

6. Darkthrone or Metallica: Which Training Are You? by Jim Wendler

I love Jim Wendler’s mindset. Here are some of Jim’s rules as it pertains to lifting weights.

7. Straightforward Knee Rehab by Anthony Mychal

I think that Anthony laid out a pretty good plan for folks who suffer from knee pain in this article.

8. Reading Research: Advances in the Understanding of Throwing Injuries of the Shoulder

I’m a big fan of Chris Beardsley’s blog as he always puts out good stuff. Here’s a post he wrote on shoulder stability and pathology.

9. These are a Few of My Favorite Things by Tony Gentilcore

I love reading other coaches’ lists in terms of favorite movements/exercises. Tony’s list is here.

10. Samurai Strength Episode 4: Hip Thrusts for Olympic Weightlifting

My buddy Nick Horton does an amazing job of explaining the hip thrust here. Actually I’ll embed his video below.

Some Good Reads…

Just wanted to post a quick blog showing some good reads.

1. First up is a journal article I recently published with the Strength & Conditioning Journal. It requires a subscription to the NSCA, so for you CSCS’s and CPT’s please check it out. It’s really well written and contains detailed instructions, pics, and even a video link.

Barbell Hip Thrust: Exercise Technique

2. Next up is a very good article written by Jason Ferruggia. I’ve always been a fan of Jason’s writings. He’s a no nonsense guy who clearly thinks about strength training all the time. Glad I’m not the only one!

Top 20 Bodyweight Exercises for Building Muscle and Strength

3. Next up is an article that contains one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. Martin Rooney is one of the most talented men I’ve ever met. There’s a link below to a recent article of his but I’m embedding the Youtube video from the article because I don’t want you to miss it. Viva la resistance!!!

Which Side are You On?

4. Tony Gentilcore is the funniest blogger on the net. Here’s an awesome post about deadlifting. For the record I totally agree. I saw way more results when I stopped doing so much volume for deadlifts and started doing heavy singles.

A Quick Ahha Moment

5. Martin Berkhan from LeanGains wrote one of the funniest posts I’ve ever read. Simply put, most people don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Check it out below.


And for those of you craving Jamie Eason pictures, don’t think I forgot about her!

Good Reads for the Week

Here are some good reads for the week! Tomorrow I’m going to try to put up a blog on rotary training for badasses. Hopefully I’ll have time. I filmed the videos, but I’ve been absolutely swamped working on a review paper. Can’t wait to be finished!

Chris Beardsley on flexibility. This is a great series by Chris. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out! I’m a big fan of Chris’ blog.

Matt Perryman talks about fitness. Matt needs to blog more often…he always comes out with great stuff.

Dan John shares the “Big Five” of getting big

 Regression and Simplicity – Keys to Progress in Strength & Conditioning – by Anthony Donskov (this is a paysite –

Ben Bruno gives us the videos of the week. Ben’s blog is already one of my favorites!

 Gadgets and Toys by Vern Gambetta – I liked this one – not what you think.

 Is Sprinting Frequency or Length Reliant? Mike Young shares a cool new study.

New study – The Science of Muscle Hypertrophy: Making Dietary Protein Count

New study – Maximizing Hypertrophy: Possible Contribution of Stretching in the Interset Rest Period

 Tom Martin breaks Ed Coan’s longstanding record and deadlifts 771 lbs at the 181.5 weight-class. That’s well over 4X his bodyweight. This guy is a strong SOB, and he’s also a sprinter!

Here’s a video of a 300 lb’er busting out bodyweight exercises like it ain’t no thang. Crazy!

Cool new study – side dominance doesn’t affect the symmetry of bilateral barbell lifts

 Tony Gentilcore turns 34 years old and therefore shares his 34 favorite things

 Ben Bruno offers some stuff worth checking out

Tracy Fober posts an awesome video – Olga rules!

Cool exercise I stumbled upon – The Bueler 

Ten Tips for Good Trainers by Smitty from the Diesel Crew

David Lasnier on Single Leg Progressions

Fantastic Hamstring Movements by Bret Contreras and Ben Bruno – TNation article

Timothy Ferris Does the Hip Thrust – I’ve never tried it hinging this low on the back. I’m intrigued and will test this out tomorrow.

Greek Pole Vaulter Erika Prezerakou! Aye Caramba! Some Serious Booty!

That’s all folks!

Good Reads for the Week

Here are some good reads for the week. Tomorrow or Friday I’ll be back with a Random Thoughts blog and I’m also going to try to put up a blog on Spinal Stability.

1. Article of the Week: Robert Dos Remedios Gives Some Great Advice on How to Become a Big Name Trainer or Coach

2. Eric Cressey – 11 Ways to Make an Exercise Harder

3. Patrick Ward – Hypertonic vs. Tight Muscles

4. Valerie Waters Interviews Yours Truly – How to Get Your Best Butt Ever

5. Gray Cook Provides an Intro and a Bunch of Videos from Ed Thomas

6. Chris Beardsley Lists the Top Ten Bret Contreras Articles

7. Carlos Buzzichelli on Periodization

8. Nick Tumminello on Functional Training

9. Ben Bruno Does an Airdyne Tabata Interval

10. Smitty and the Diesel Crew Show Us the Dragon Flag

11. Mike Scott – One Question, Many Answers

12. Mike Reinhold – 3 Keys to Shoulder Impingement

13. Leigh Peele – 55 Gift Ideas

14. Mike Robertson – Random Thoughts

15. Tony Gentilcore on Deadlifting

That’s All for This Week! Happy Thanksgiving Everybody. I’ll Leave You With Something for Which I’m Very Thankful: