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Some Good Reads…

Just wanted to post a quick blog showing some good reads.

1. First up is a journal article I recently published with the Strength & Conditioning Journal. It requires a subscription to the NSCA, so for you CSCS’s and CPT’s please check it out. It’s really well written and contains detailed instructions, pics, and even a video link.

Barbell Hip Thrust: Exercise Technique

2. Next up is a very good article written by Jason Ferruggia. I’ve always been a fan of Jason’s writings. He’s a no nonsense guy who clearly thinks about strength training all the time. Glad I’m not the only one!

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Good Reads for the Week

Here are some good reads for the week! Tomorrow I’m going to try to put up a blog on rotary training for badasses. Hopefully I’ll have time. I filmed the videos, but I’ve been absolutely swamped working on a review paper. Can’t wait to be finished!

Chris Beardsley on flexibility. This is a great series by Chris. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out! I’m a big fan of Chris’ blog.

Matt Perryman talks about fitness. Matt needs to blog more often…he always comes out with great stuff.

Dan John shares the “Big Five” of getting big

 Regression and Simplicity - Keys to Progress in Strength & Conditioning – by Anthony Donskov (this is a paysite –

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Good Reads for the Week

Here are some good reads for the week. Tomorrow or Friday I’ll be back with a Random Thoughts blog and I’m also going to try to put up a blog on Spinal Stability.

1. Article of the Week: Robert Dos Remedios Gives Some Great Advice on How to Become a Big Name Trainer or Coach

2. Eric Cressey – 11 Ways to Make an Exercise Harder

3. Patrick Ward – Hypertonic vs. Tight Muscles

4. Valerie Waters Interviews Yours Truly – How to Get Your Best Butt Ever

5. Gray Cook Provides an Intro and a Bunch of Videos from Ed Thomas

6. Chris Beardsley Lists the Top Ten Bret Contreras Articles

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Good Reads for the Week

Well I thought it was going to come down to around 25 articles this week but there ended up being more. I whittled it down a bit but I have a hard time doing so as I like to hear different perspectives and I like to post a variety of articles. Anyway props to my friend Mark Young. He went out of his way to provide us with some great free material. Here you go!!!

Bret Contreras Articles

1. Big Arms with Tony Gentilcore and Brad Schoenfeld on T-Nation.

Article of the Week

1. Wow! Is Fat Loss all About the Calories and Nothing Else? This Article has Created Quite a Stir in the Fitness Industry. See Below for Several Responses to the Article. My Thoughts? If you want to lose weight, drop your calories. Don’t focus on cardio, focus on not eating so much. If you want to look your best, eat relatively healthy and do resistance training. Strength gives your body muscular shape!

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