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Pre-Party/Backstage Glute Pump


Attention Ladies:

For many years, men have been using trickery in order to instantly appear more muscular and immediately boost sex-appeal. Our secret weapon is da pump (in Arnold’s voice). Before we hit the beach, or a pool party, or even a night-club in a tight-fitting shirt, you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll be cranking out 50 push-ups behind-the-scenes prior to making our grand entrance. Women are no strangers to trickery – many ladies have utilized push-up/padded bras, corsets, and various other means for many years in order to boost your looks and self-confidence at a special event. However, what if you must make an appearance in a bikini? This is where men held the advantage with our pumping strategies – we discovered how to look good when we had to strip down. The most savvy males have certain exercises they use to pump the pecs, tri’s, bi’s, delts, and lats prior to a big event or a photoshoot. Now, most women aren’t concerned about pumping up their upper body muscles; they simply want their glutes to appear full and plumped. Well, the time has finally arrived. Ladies, you too can now utilize the pump for your benefit.

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Do More than “Just Squat”

Squats are great. But does anyone really "just squat"?

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and some meathead on Facebook advising a lifter to “just squat” when he sees a picture or video of a woman performing a glute exercise he isn’t familiar with. I refer to these meatheads as “just squat” bros. Is their advice sound? Should women discontinue all of their other glute exercises and focus solely on the squat? In this article, I’m going to explain why the “just squat” mantra is horrendous advice for those who are trying to maximize glute development.

Squats are great. But does anyone really “just squat”?

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Sasha’s Glute Transformation Story

Sasha’s Glute Transformation Story
by Sasha Ann

I have been bodybuilding for almost 2 years now and I love it! Although I’ve come a long way in that period of time, it took a lot of hard work, dedication, failures and successes. When I first started training at my local gym, I was only familiar with the “sculpting” and “toning” workouts that were seen in fitness magazines. My diet consisted of processed foods that were advertised as “low-fat” or “healthy” frozen meals. I was working out consistently, doing aimless amounts of cardio and afraid to lift heavy in fear of looking too muscular.

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The Standing Band Hip Thrust

Here is the standing band hip thrust. It’s sort of like a cable pull-through, with more stability but less constant tension (with bands, the tension is mostly at end-range).

I don’t feel that the standing band hip thrust is as effective as a supine band hip thrust for the glutes due to the knee position (bent legs will involve more glutes and less hammy, whereas straight legs will involve more hammy and less glutes) and the lesser stability (with the supine version, your upper back is resting on a bench). However, it’s certainly more convenient and easier to set up. In addition, the standing pattern might help better groove barbell hip thrust improvements into squat and deadlift variation mechanics.

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