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Always Be Thrusting

Hi Bret, I’m so discouraged. I just checked the dimensions of the hip thruster and I just don’t have enough space in my tiny San Francisco apartment. I belong to a small gym that only has a smith machine (no barbells). Can I still get awesome results with a smith machine for hip thrusts? Thanks, Maria

Hi Maria,

First off, the Hip Thruster can be rolled underneath a bed (with just the back pad sticking out) stacked in a closet, or stacked against a wall on the balcony, so you might be okay in that regard.

But please don’t sweat this. Just make sure you’re doing some sort of hip thrusting. Please click on:

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The Band Kneeling Hip Thrust

Band Kneeling Hip Thrusts

A few months ago I showed the band standing hip thrust, and I’ve also showed the kneeling barbell squat in a prior article. I first learned about the kneeling hip thrust from physical therapist Mike Reinold, but I assumed it was a wimpy rehabilitation exercise so I never tried it. Another reason that contributed to me not trying it was that I felt that it would be suboptimal compared to a supine hip thrust. I still believe this, but variety and versatility are always a good thing, so it’s a useful exercise to have in your arsenal.

I recently decided to give it a whirl and I was surprised to find that I love it. You can get some really good levels of glute activation at end range hip extension with this variation, and I think it’s more effective in terms of activating the glutes than both kneeling squats and band standing hip thrusts. Watch the video below, give them a try, and see what you think!

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Quadruped Leg Swings

Quadruped leg swings are good to perform either at the beginning of the workout for glute activation purposes or at the end of the workout for extra time under tension and metabolic stress. I’m able to get a huge burn in my glutes with these, but just like every other glute exercise, not everyone feels them primarily in the glutes. Make sure you’re moving mostly at the hips and not so much in the lumbopelvic region (I explain this in the video). Some people benefit from squeezing the abs (bracing the core) and glutes at the top of the movement, but this isn’t necessary for everyone. There are many ways to do quadruped leg swings, including:

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Kick-Ass Kim

In the beginning of May, I posted a video of my Mom (age 62) performing her weekly workout HERE. The video was very well-received, and it seems that older women get inspired from watching training videos such as these. Therefore, I decided to film some footage of my stepmom Kim (age 60) performing a recent workout. Kim used to train with me at my gym Lifts back in the day, but she hasn’t trained hard since them. She’s now been training with me twice per week for three months and her strength has already far surpassed what she could do several years ago. She’s setting PR’s every week, which is very fun to witness as a trainer.

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