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Serious Glute Development for Serious Lifters

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On Thanksgiving, I posted a blog that contained the picture below.

It’s one of my favorite pictures. I didn’t know who the woman in the picture was at the time, but she and her husband actually commented on my Facebook page, and she shared the article herself on her page. Her name is Kristina Krstic, and her husband Nemanja Krstic snapped the picture. They are personal trainers in Abu Dhabi, which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Guess what she was thankful for?

Kristina (click HERE for her Instagram) was thankful for the hip thrust. I should have known that she loved her hip thrusts! Below is a picture of her hip thrusting.

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Bret’s Booty-Blasting Protocol

You guys gotta try this protocol. I’ve been hip thrusting for over 8 years now (October 10, 2006 was the night I first conjured up the idea of doing loaded, full range hip thrusts), and I’ve tried all sorts of protocols.

I’ve done high reps sets, medium rep sets, low rep sets, rest-pause reps, constant tension reps, pause reps, isoholds, explosive reps, eccentric-accentuated reps, one-and-a-half reps, drop sets, single leg, marching, from the floor, shoulders elevated, feet elevated, shoulders-and-feet-elevated, with posterior pelvic tilt, bodyweight, dumbbell, barbell, band, bar plus band, bar plus chain, band around the knees, and machine (click HERE to see all of the hip thrust methods).

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Strength Creates Curves


Shelley has been a Get Glutes member for over a year and a half. When she first started, she wasn’t very happy with her physique.

Can you imagine how she would have felt if someone informed her that in a year and a half, she would gain 4-5 more pounds of body weight? She would have been pissed off for sure. As it turns out, that’s exactly what happened. And what if she’d been told that she would work her butt off in the gym for 18 straight months, but then been shown the following graph that charted her changes in measurements?

Again, she would have been highly discouraged. But this is exactly how it went down. Shelley busted her butt in the weight room for 18 months, and the weight on the scale didn’t budge (it actually went up 4-5 lbs), and her measurements didn’t change to much degree.

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The Effect of Daily Glute Activation Workouts on Maximal Strength Retention

Solely training the glutes has an interesting effect on maximal strength retention. Nine years ago, strength coach Charles Poliquin relayed an anecdote where an Olympic lifter with knee problems increased his snatch strength by only performing lumberjacks (a glute exercise that is similar to a kettlebell swing, shown below) in THIS T-Nation article.

Last year, I mentioned HERE how my client Sammie hadn’t touched a weight in six months except for regularly performing 185-lb hip thrusts (fairly light for her), and upon her first workout back she managed to set PRs in her squat and deadlift (175 lb squat and 225 lb deadlift). Last year, I also mentioned HERE how hip thrusts led to the maintenance of glute size with my girlfriend Diana despite dropping out squats, deadlifts, and other movements. Recently, I wrote about daily glute activation workouts HERE. Over the past few months, my girlfriend Diana has relied on high rep, high density glute training multiple times per week since she hasn’t had access to a gym.

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