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How do I Keep my Glutes While on Vacation? A Simple Bodyweight Glute Workout


“Hi Bret, I love your blog. I’m going to be going on a week long vacation in September and I don’t want to lose my glutes during that time. I won’t have access to a gym or any equipment. What can I do to prevent loss of glute size? Thank you in advance. My glutes have never looked better since implementing your training by the way, I put an inch on my glutes since last month and lost an inch around my waist! Linda

Hi Linda! Nice work, keep it up!

You won’t lose your glutes in one week, it doesn’t work that way. Sometimes people take a week off and come back stronger, depending on their training and physiology. So don’t feel compelled to exercise every day while on vacation.

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How to Attain a Slender Look (like Jessica Alba & Zoe Saldana)

“hi bret. i luv your blog and read it everyday. the reason why I’m emailing you is to ask you if I should train differently than how you recommend. you see, i have a lot of respect for all the strong, muscular, and ripped ladies, but i personally don’t want to look that way. i want a slender physique, like jessica alba or zoe saldana. please help! thanks, kristine

Hi Kristine, this is an excellent question and one that I commonly receive. In the S&C community, this is a touchy topic.

On the one hand, we’ve made great strides in getting women to:

  • Not fear heavy weights,
  • Conquer eating disorders,
  • Realize that they can look great at a variety of body weights as long as they’re fit,
  • Not rely solely on scale weight for measures of progress, and
  • Focus on performance

Women can indeed attain amazing physiques by lifting heavy weights and eating well without starving themselves. I should know – I’ve trained dozens of these types!

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Growing glutes without growing the legs

Hi Bret, 

I had a question if you could help me out. I’ve been hitting legs/glutes a lot but I feel that my legs are getting bigger and I want my glutes to and not my legs. Squatting really makes my legs bulk up. I already have big muscular legs so I wanted to ask if you had any tips for growing the glutes without adding much more mass to legs. Should I forget about lifting too heavy and go for moderate weight and higher reps? Will that still add mass to my glutes?



Hi Kristi!

I get this question a lot so it’s time I address it.

I’m going to make two assumptions. First, that you are of ideal weight and indeed have too muscular of legs for your liking. Many women find that when they reach desired levels of leanness (body composition), they love their muscular development and don’t feel that they’re too muscular in the legs no matter how strong they get. And second, that you are referring to the entire leg musculature – the quads, hams, and adductors. I’ve trained several women who did not want their quads and adductors to get larger, but it’s more rare to have women who dislike their hamstring development on account of them being too muscular.

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Should Force, Power, and RFD Outputs be Primary Considerations for Exercise Selection?

Hi Bret, here’s an ABC (Ask Bret Contreras) question for you. Coaches for strength, speed, and power sports often argue about which lifts are best. Typically, they base their opinion off of force, power, and rate-of-force development (RFD) measurements. Are these the end-all-be-all for exercise selection, or is there more to the story? Love your blog by the way! – Nathan

Hi Nathan – I’m glad you asked this question as it’s an important one. Too many coaches laser-in on these data at the exclusion of other important biomechanical data. Examining force, power, and RFD are indeed important, but there are problems with using these data exclusively.

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